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June 08 2005

A Tru Calling Season 2 plot arc explained by one of the writers. The storyline that Doris Egan describes is very powerful. And no, you won't be seeing the finale on Fox. The network told TV Guide's Ausiello "Tru Calling has aired for the last time".

Other good posts by her about Tru Calling (I really would recommend reading them).

For Tru Calling fans - part one

For Tru Calling fans - part two

Not sure I like this arch. If it had been Luc maybe, but it almost sounds like she would have to murder him. HMMM.

If done right, that could have been gold.
That's really interesting. So sad its over. Stupid fox couldn't even give us closure. No, instead lets put on the horribly scripting show about 2 blonde bimbos pretending to be dumber than they already are. stupid fox.
I have to say these articles that show what might've been sound more promising than anything I actually saw on the show. They should've gone with this in S1 already. It might still be on the air. They should've introduced Jack way earlier in the first season and at least started to hint at the cosmic conflict behind all this.

That's what bugged me. The entire mythology of the show's concept was never explored and the characters never even wondered about it. Not even after Jack showed up with a different pov. It was just 'case of the week' without any depth or growing mystery. Maybe the network demanded the 'stand alone episode' format but it's a mistake. They always want that to get new viewers and they never realize that you lose your old viewers if a show is really just rerunning the same ep every week in a slightly different form without any continuing arc factors or even soap elements.

All this stuff could've been intriguing if they'd done something with it a little sooner. Pity.
That sounds really good, not what I was expecting either. It really is a shame that this show took nearly a whole season to find a decent ongoing storyline.

Jack almost was introduced much earlier, as originally Luc was supposed to be the bad version of Tru, but they decided not to go with that.
Ghost Spike - From my understanding, they wanted to go with that but the network nixed it because they liked Luc too much. The ultimate passive-agressive revenge? Kill Luc. =D

And damn, I loved that show. From the first episode.
You wonder how much of any of these would have happened the way Fox was controlling everything that happened on the show. Fox wanted all murder-of-the-week episodes, no continuing arcs and no mythology episodes. So no matter what concepts the writers had, it was going to be hard for them to actually get them on the screen. The other issue is that every one of the writers had their own concepts.

What Doris Egan has posted has varied drastically from what exec prod Dawn Parouse has said about Tru's powers. So either everything changed between Season 1 and 2, or there were differing opinions among the writers. Doris came in at the end of Season 1, then Jane Espenson and Richard Hatem came in in Season 2. Doug Petrie left after episode 12.

Also, you wonder how much like what happened with Fox's control of Tru Calling has been happening to The Inside. So much of TC could have been better if Fox hadn't forced the writers to make it a contrived, stereotypical, predictable show in the beginning. And that seems to be the problem with The Inside.

Ultimately I think Fox's problem with TC (or Wonderfalls or Firefly or any other sci-fi show) is that fans on here love these concepts. But the fans of Fox's reality shows don't, and they're the ones watching Fox now. Right after TC premiered, I posted a lengthy quasi-science essay on the Fox TC forum about how I thought Tru's powers work based on from theories about time travel proposed by Einstein, Carl Sagan, and Stephen Hawking. The only replies I received was other Tru fans blasting me that TC wasn't a sci-fi show and that Tru doesn't travel in time. They clearly didn't want any explanation of Tru's powers or any discussion of the nature of time or even fate. Doris Egan's posts would have devastated them. Fox wants to appeal to those types of people, not us.

So no matter what the TC writers came up with, Tru & Luc as a cute couple or Jason Priestly bringing in the 90210 fans to watch is going to win out over interesting concepts and stories.
And that seems to be the problem with The Inside. - FaithFan

Well, I can't speak to the Tru Calling issue, as I never watched it. But I worry about random preconceptions about The Inside tainting it before it's even started.

If you've seen one or more episodes, FaithFan, than I apologize for assuming you have not. I'm firmly in the wait and see category though.

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