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June 08 2005

Message from James Marsters about Detroit. He also mentions the currently schedule convention appearance may be his last ones for awhile.

If you want to see some photos from his concert in Detroit goto Flickr Whedonesque Photos

“I need to focus on the acting”

Yippee! Woo Hoo!
I think this is a good move by him. Focas on other projects and characters will prevent him from being typcast and preserve future roles.

He also mentions writing for a new album, which is sure to take up alot of time, and once he stops conventions may be a big source of income.
By the time he does his last Con appearance Summer will be over, so naturally these are going to be the last for awhile. He auditioned like crazy during pilot season and even got some offers, but had to turn them down because they would require him to move out of Los Angeles. He, like the other Buffyverse actors, usually attend the Cons during that time of year when there aren't many acting jobs available, so taking a few weekends to do an appearance and make his fans happy isn't likely to conflict with anything. Plus, they have an out clause that allows them to cancel a Con appearance if they do get a job. I suspect that its getting around that time when opportunities to audition are picking up again. I hope he finds something good. I miss seeing him on TV.
"I suspect that its getting around that time when opportunities to audition are picking up again. I hope he finds something good. I miss seeing him on TV."

Me too.

Also, it may be about "perceptions." Telling us he's going to"focus" on his acting is stating publically that he's doing so and not just coasting. Without that statement, and with only a couple of roles as of late (very few compared to some other 'verse actors), it might "APPEAR" that he's riding the Con train. We know that's probably not true but we don't get to see every audition or part he's been trying for or turning down (though those would be interesting to see!) It lets everyone know he's got his priorities in line.

You're right killinj, by the time he finishes up with the Cons, "con season" will be pretty well over with anyway, for awhile. The fact he still has several to go, makes me think even more that this is about switching OUR focus on what he's doing. That and the fact I like that he tends to make some comment after each event, always continuing to acknowledge his fans.

I think it's a good public statement, shows his humbleness about his singing then refocuses us on his acting. Not speculating but I suspect he said, "I'd like to say this..." and a PR person went, "Well, here's how to say it right."

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I think he's letting his fans know in advance that he will be backing away from cons next year and why. Very good move. Part of me wonders if he was keeping this last year open for the maybe-it-can-happen Spike thing--he's so loyal to the verse and to to his fans he may have been doing just that--if that's the case, I'm very pleased to see he is redirecting his energy. Energy and focus is the come hither beckoning gesture for future projects. He could be a master...a master level performer, and an actor needs to work to get there and stay there.

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