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January 16 2003

S7x01 "Lessons" aired in the UK this week.. Brits on the board, take it away!

I saw before at a convention last year but watching it on the telly last night was very enjoyable. After the angst and depression of season 6 , Lessons was, to quote SMG, 'quippy Buffy'.

Four highlights for me.

The Giles and Willow scene. How cool did ASH look on a horse? But anyway the tenderness Giles felt for Willow was great and well done to the writers for a sensible approach to Willow and magic.

Xander wearing a suit when he got out of the car. New Xander, responsible Xander, I can only hope the writers carry through with this for the rest of the season and don't portray him as a comic side kick.

Buffy opening the door in the basement and seeing Spike for the first time in ages. This scene, predictably at the convention got a huge cheer along with "what's with his hair?". And kudos to James and the writers for portraying a different side to Spike. One we had not seen before, insane Spike wrought with a soul inside him. Was Angel like that at the beginning?

And finally, "the greatest hits of BtVS" moment at the end. One entity changing into every major evil the show has seen and tormenting Spike. Now one of my favourite ever Buffy scenes.

Lessons was a great episode and a brilliant premiere. It felt good to watch it and there was a wonderful feeling of early Buffy season nostalagia about it. I've seen the next few episodes but I'll not comment on them as I don't want to spoil it for people but lets just say, this season goes from strength to strength.

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