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June 08 2005

New SciFi Channel movie starring Nicholas Brendon. Alien Fire just started shooting in Hamilton, Ontario. NB plays the lead, a fire fighter who combats (duh) fiery aliens.

William Shatner was once attached to direct, but apparently not anymore.

There is a rather spoilery casting call notice about the film here if you want more information about NB's role.

That's nifty. Glad he's getting work! Ok, so it sounds kinda cheesy but so is a lot of SciFi's stuff, always been a huge fan of the "B" movie!

A little OT: The casting call notice link was an interesting read, kinda neat to see what types of people they look at for different roles.
omg, YAY! Bad movie, fire fighter, aliens, Nicholas Brendon! Sign me up!
They should do a cross over sequel with Mansquito.
They could call it "Xansquito."
Unholy. His new TV series, Kitchen Confidential. And now Alien Fire. It's been a good year for NB. Hope every one of these projects is a success.
I was always a fan of Manimal.
Being that the production is in conjuction with sci-fi--even if it is dripping with concession stand nacho cheese--it should still be a fun romp!
I am a big Sci Fi Channel geek and enjoy their B movies. So I am very excited! :D Plus I will watch absolutely anything with Nick in it.
Xanimal, bkittygdog? *still giggling over 'Xansquito'*

TaraR, I totally enjoy their movies on occasion, knowing of course beforehand they might just be considered "B". Can't wait 'til a lazy Sunday with Mothera marathons.

Sign me up for Alien Fire.
One word about Nick as a firefighter....YUM!!!!

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