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June 08 2005

Release date set for Nathan Fillion's new movie "Slither". Universal confirms that the movie will be out Jan 6th 2006 (and not Halloween 2005 as originally thought).

Ooh, thats a horrible release date. But I'll probably end up seeing it.
Early Jan. is a box office graveyard. Universal is burying the movie.
Yup. The ultimate vote of cinematic no-confidence (short of not releasing it all).
I thought that is what everyone said about Serenity? I'm just saying.
Could be a good move - if Serenity's as big as we all hope it will be there'll be hordes of Nathan's fans turning out in January. Also, if Slither turns out to be woeful it can't damage Serenity's numbers if it's released 3 months later.

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