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June 08 2005

Joss confirms screenings on the 23rd. On the "National day of Mourning" there will indeed be more Serenity screenings. 35 of them. List of cities (including two in Canada) at

He says"That a nice number? 35? It's a meaningful number. A prime number, if you don't have a seven. There are 35 crows sitting behind Tippie Hedren in the jungle gym sequence in The Birds (total lie). Lord Byron was 35 when he wrote "The Trouble With Tribbles" (embarrassing lie). Well, here's one thing. That's how many cities the next preview is going to be showing in.

Thirty five cities! That's over two fifths of all the cities in America! (Not a lie: I really just don't understand maps.) Thirty-five crazy Browncoat parties! June 23rd, usually a day of national mourning, is now a day of happy! As usual, the websperts will fill (the dare I say 35 left who haven’t figured this out already of) you in on little details like where, but that sounds not only like a good time – it sounds like a challenge. Can we really fill these theaters up? Without using monkeys, or any kind of devious, tricky, seat filling monkeys? Or monkeys? It's daunting. I know at least one of these cities has a population of eight and only got electricity last year (I think it's Chicago. That's how it looked on the map.)

Well, if you're reading this, and you haven't got a chance to see the flick yet, and you're not a monkey, I hope one of the cities is yours, or near yours. I'll be visiting at least one of them, 'cause I miss y'all, and besides, who better to be with on that particular day of national mourning?

Leave me to my pain!

National Day of Mourning? Huh?
Los Angeles is sold out already???

Well, there goes another opportunity to see the BDM...
It's Joss' birthday. I'm surprised he'll be going to one of these (probably the one in Riverside). I expected him to be having his own private party. I guess we should feel honored that he would choose to spend his birthday with a bunch of Browncoats, watching his movie. Hell, I bet there's no place he'd rather be. I love you, Joss! Please come to Portland.

ETA: There are now two screenings in Canada. Toronto and Vancouver. Good luck, Canadian Whedonesquers! I bet Vancouver gets a visit from Jewel. :)

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I'm not going a second time, child care an issue, but its fun to see everyone get all fired up!

Where's the list of cities?

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Shiny! I love today, what a great day today is!
The Paramount Theatre here in Vancouver is just a few shorts blocks away from me, I walk by it everyday (it's a gorgeous new venue, IMHO) and I remember last summer when it was still under construction, with a big sign plastered along the wall "Opening Spring 2005", thinking to myself 'oh my Joss do I hope it's open in time for Serenity!' I got my wish! Hooray! Canadian Browncoats unite!

Here are the cities.
Willowy, the list of cities can be found at Can't Stop the Signal.

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Why is LA the only one sold out? Boo. Who has two extra tickets to LA? :)
it's not quite Los Angeles. It's Riverside.
Dedicated flans found it well before this announcement bonzob, and bought up the tickets. Congrats to those that got them!
Why isn't Houston sold out? It was the first to start selling tickets. Thanks for the good wishes, ElectricSpacegirl.
I think Joss probably wants to travel to distant climes for his birthday. Like, Toronto?
My oldest boy lives in Houston, he got tickets days ago (Yay, Alec!). I'm thinking they held some back when they realized they were selling them too early.
I would like some shrimp.
Gah! Orlando and NY as in the city gets no love. Who wants to drive to Jersey or upstate really?

Wow, too much screenings.
By the time the movie will be released, a lot of people would have seen it :p

(I don´t know if that is the right sentence, sorry for my english).
Ahhh!!! I am at trying to get tickets for the Hartford screening. How do I do it? It says release date in sept, and nothing about the june 23 screening. Someone please help!!! I need these tickets.
AAAAAAAAH. Theres a screening! Here in Charlotte! But I don't know how to do it, I gotta get tix before its sold out. GAwd!
I'm beginning to think I'll be the only WHEDONesque visitor who hasn't seen the rough cut by the time the film comes out... :(
Tickets aren't on sale yet. They might go on sale at midnight tonight or tomorrow morning.
When I click on the link at I get this

"Sorry, there are currently no showtimes available for this theater for the selected date."

So does that mean the theather hasn't put it up yet or something? And does anyone know how much the ticket prices are? Or are they different for each theather.

Edited. Thanks ElectricSpaceGirl. This has given me the ultimate happy but I'll have the depression of this century if I miss this.

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Wooooh! I do not have words for how excited I am for this. I was so disappointed when Salt Lake City wasn't on the first list, and now it is. Excellent.
Angel theVampire, don't be concerned. This is a very unusual thing that is happening. Joss is showing this to us, knowing that we will go again and again, and that we will spread the word as every good Browncoat knows is his/her duty. It's really brilliant. And if it works, which it will, watch for other studios to follow suit.
C'mon NYchick, I hope you're joking. It's right across the river. You were joking right?
If I get tickets, I'm bringing along 2 friends, one of whom has never seen anything Whedonesque but loves S-F and the other who is working (not the right word!) her way through my Buffy/Angel DVDs. We will fill those seats with no need for monkeys.
im picking up extra tix for the local firefly group in case some of them miss out.

eta: big thanks to the inimitable barest_smidgen for the email notification

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I love that my hometown of Albany, NY, is on the new list. I do find it odd however, and wonder if they aren't now pushing into markets that will be an even bigger challenge in terms of selling advance screeing tickets.

Now, I do believe that Albany, well, kind of sucks. And it hasn't changed in ten years. But do me a favor, my old hometown: Sell this sucker out.
::le sigh:: One day there will be a screening in San Antonio...
I'd like to see it early, but I want to wait until it's as done as possible. I've been to a few rough cut screenings through internships, and it always feels not quite as enjoyable as seeing the final cut. For me, there's something really special about the first time you see a movie that you don't get back rewatching it.

So, I hope there's some screenings in like August where Joss drops us all a hint that we're basically seeing the final version, with the score done and everything.
*quote* C'mon NYchick, I hope you're joking. It's right across the river. You were joking right? *quote*

*tiny voice*

But... but the river and and... the paytolls, and ah, oh yeah, no car. Whatever happen to Manhattan. Manhattan is of the good. A hip hop and a train away.

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Gadzooks! All the Canadian whining paid off! Thank God! I mean, thank Joss! (Thank you so much Joss, Uni execs, anyone, EVERYONE! We were feeling left out up here!)
Celluloid Novelist, I understand your comment, but honestly I'm kind of diggin the fact that we get a little bit of input. I know this is Joss's vision, and of course I wouldn't want it any other way, but when you have Universal people standing outside with blackberries at the ready, punching in your comments, and you fill out a comment card, you know they are asking for SOME fan input, no matter how small. What effect it will have, if any, remains to be seen.

I find this whole process immeasurably interesting, and the fangirl in me is smug and proud that I got to see it before the official release. Gives me more time to spread the good word.
btw grats to the Canadians on the pair of screeners, about time :) I promise not to make any references to hockey or Rush or mounties in this post.
OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, please someone, PLEASE is there anyone that could get a hold of two tickets for me for the Toronto screening and I'd be able to pay them in cash? I'm credit card-less. :(
Wow, last round I was hoping for Toronto or something in upstate NY... Now I have a choice Albany or Toronto... I think I'm leaning Albany to give the Canadian Browncoat contingent more chance at tickets ;-)
It's also about the fan group experience. There's nothing like watching Serenity in an auditorium full of Browncoats, with "Hero of Canton" sing-a-alongs and the occasional special guest to give us a Q&A session. Not to mentoin the fun you have of looking at all the fan-made Firefly t-shirts, buttons, and artwork. It's a party. That's the best reason to go. Well, along with seeing Serenity early, that is.

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CrazyMutha - You SO have to come up North. We rock, buddy, and not only that, we might get a visit by a fellow Canadian actor?!?!
It's probably gonna come down to whoever goes on sale first... I'd like to go to Toronto, I just know it's gonna sell out like 3 seconds after they go on sale!!!
lekiare, what about the Austin showing? I went up there for the first screening--the theater is less than an hour and a half from San An. So worth it!
Willowy: At at least some of the second round screenings, there were no comments solicited. He also stated before the second round that this is the final cut. No more changes, other than finish effects, score, color timing, etc. This is purely for the fans to enjoy. And I'm damn happy.

Art by committee? I'd rather read fanfic, thanks. (And I do read fanfic. I love good fanfic. But I want to see Joss's vision. Not Joss + a million fans' vision.)

[ edited by KernelM on 2005-06-09 05:03 ]
CrazyMutha- Well, yes, TO will likely sell out quickly, but if you stay awake for a while longer, there is talk that TO will go on sale at 12 EST.
Do we have a confirmation about what time the tickets go on sale? I am hearing different times in different places

And, does anyone know if I buy tickets (for Minneapolis) and then am unable to get the day off work, how difficult is it to transfer them to someone else?
Talk from whom... Did someone speak to a person at the theater??
I still can't go! This time around we were going to try if there was another one (my husband and I). Leave the kiddies and the dog at home (oldest is 18). We were going to rent a hotel room for the night because it's a 2 1/2 hour drive to Boston from my house. We are having a graduation party for my daughter on the 25th and we just won't have the money to do this too. Even if we did, my husband tried to get the night off so we'd be able to run around and get things done for our daughters party and he couldn't so even if there was no party, we still wouldn't have been able to go.

Everytime one of these have come up we've had something happen. The last time was our pump on our well broke so no money then either! I guess the PTB really, really want me to wait for September! But PTB - if you're listening, if there is another one of these, would you please let it be on a night that we actually have money and my husband can get off (and please no more home disasters like our well breaking and having no water for three days!!).
NJ and Albany are so tempting but I don't think I can make either showing. Curse my lack of transportation!
But yay for showing some love for NY (upstate even!)
CrazyMutha - Apparently 12 EST is the time being bandied around on different chats right now. However, I think that everything is speculation until the clock actually chimes.
I'm probably smack between Albany and Boston and can't do either! It figures!! It's still exciting though and even though I can't go I feel like I'm such a part of it! Joss is so good to us!!
man, I just wanted to sleep tonight!!! I have to be to work at 7 AM EST. I guess I can wait until midnight and see if anything happens... I'm sure tickets will go on sale the second I go to sleep...
OK, NYchick I've lived in Manhattan. I get it, though I have also spent a lot of years commuting. So, I'll tell you what. If we both manage to get tickets I'll make a deal with you. If there is no mass transport back to the City from Elizabeth when the show ends, I will give you a lift up to the Path train in Hoboken (if that still runs all night) or the bus stop right by the Lincoln Tunnel. (If we end up at the bus stop I'll wait with you for the bus. That is harder with a train.) That way you don't have to worry about not getting home.
Is anyone here going to the charlotte screening? If so could you email me at I would appreciate it alot!
KernelM, I think you know that "art by committee" wasn't anywhere near what I was talking about. I simply got a little rush from someone affiliated with the movie taking comments from the fans. I admittedly thought there would be minimal effect, if any at all, and stated that I wouldn't want Serenity to be anything but Joss's vision.

Come ON! I doubt there's anyone more devoutly devoted to Him on this board than I am, and you know that I meant no disrespect. Quit it.
CrazyMutha - If you want to go to TO and the tickets are not on sale ny the time you go to bed, I'll pick some up for you. How many? Two?
Is any other whedonesquers planning on going to the St. Louis Screening? and can somebody who went to one of the previous screenings tell me how long the film is roughly?
I actually would need four... If thats a problem it's no big deal... my email is Drop me an email, we can figger something out.
film is 2 hours Gorilla
Anyone want to help a poor fellow in Toronto out?
I also can choose between TO and Albany, but I'm thinking Albany (they're the same distance from here) because there's no delay to get over the border and also because if we're really tired I can ask my boyfriend's parents to let me stay there.

Just hope my best friend and boy friend can go, otherwise I'll have extra tickets.

Thank you mmcookies!!!!!!
Just hope my best friend and boy friend can go, otherwise I'll have extra tickets.

You won't have trouble getting them to other needy Browncoats if that happens. Just be nice and only sell them at cost. ;)
Well of course I'd sell them at cost, I don't want to go to that special hell :-p

Well, I'll be buying them and just hope for the best. I SOOOOO hope they can go, I don't wanna go alone. Wonder I could take my cat?

Only 14 minutes.....

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Whoo hoo! The $20 risk I took the other night paid off (bought tix for Riverside without actually knowing if it was Serenity). Now to figure out a way to get there from San Diego.
So, how much are tickets (or is that dependant on the theater)?
Probably right around $10 (give or take)... You're planning on Albany William??
thank you zeitgeist.

And WilliamTheBloody, tickets will probably run you around 9 dollars a pop.
Yeah, Albany.
Sorry Toronto, I'd probably miss dinner anyway.

Is it a big deal to transfer tickets to someone else if I have to?
Movie Tickets dot com just went down due to "technical difficulties" Anyone else having the same problem?
To get the tickets, you need the credit card used to buy them. So it would be hard to transfer them unless you trust them with your credit card.

ETA: Unless you pick them up at the theater before the day of the screening.

[ edited by einral on 2005-06-09 05:57 ]
FYI--It appears the Albany theater does not support online ticketing. They sell exclusively by phone through 1-800-FANDANGO. How that will work with this advance preview, I don't know. But just thought I'd let you Albany folks know.
Well, that stinks. Guess if my guests can't go the tickets will be wasted, since as nice as you all are, I'm not about to give my CC to a stranger :-(
I understand them doing it to prevent the evil guys who'd sell them on Ebay or such, but still....
Genia, instead of having problems with the site specifically, I'm having issues with my computer. I keep getting runtime errors depending on the sites I go to. Whedonesque doesn't kill my browser, but a few other sites including do.

It'll really suck if I'm unable to get tickets to the Toronto show due to technical difficulties.

...still hitting refresh. No luck yet.
Kris - If it isn't your own computer keeping you down, it is the "enthusiastic" fans buying the tickets faster than _I_ can get them!
WilliamTheBloody, If you end with extra tickets the night of the show there will be plenty of Browncoats looking for extra tickets. There were many at the Denver screening, but we didn't have any extras.
Arrrg. The phone # says there's no Special Advance Preview playing in Albany. HELP!!!
yeah, it won't until it shows up on the website... then you'll have to call to purchase... weird, I know!!!
Arrrg. The phone # says there's no Special Advance Preview playing in Albany. HELP!!!

They probably won't have it listed until they are actually on sale.
I almost liked it better when we were ahead of cantstopthesignal... it's killing me knowing a show is near me and not being able to buy!!!
Of course if you are going to the showing at that theater yourself, you can pick up all the tickets with your credit card and give them out to the people who you bought them for. They will, after all be there too. The tricky part would be finding each other while making sure everyone got into the theater in time to get good seats and no one is stuck just waiting around for people outside of the theater. There is still trust involved.
So, anyone getting any love on the midnight theory?
I thought they went on sale at Midnight? It's 8 minutes after....
no one knows for sure... all guesses... like when everyone thought this round would go on sale Monday...
Washington DC just went on sale! Got 2 tickets! :)
The Houston, Hartford(CT), D.C., and LA showings are the only ones to have started selling tickets as of this posting.

[ edited by 400lb_Gorilla on 2005-06-09 06:13 ]
Another Browncoat begger here re: Riverside screening. I'm an L.A. boy stuck in Orange County...and this would have been the first time since fate brought me out here I would have been happy to be closer to Riverside!Anyone with a ticket to spare gets not only my $10.00 but alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, maybe even one of those fried onion thingies since it's Joss's birthday!
Whoa, did the DC screening just sell out in about three minutes or is it just me? That sucks.
So, anyone getting any love on the midnight theory?
Nope, nothing yet. I'm flipping back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto, partly out of curiosity but mostly hopefulness for my fellow Canadian Browncoats in T.O. (or is it just T-dot? I have trouble keeping track...) - it's gonna be a long night! I quess I don't really *need* to eat, or, ahem, visit 'the other office', or get ready for work and light travel tomorrow, no way, not for me!
Hmm... someone on another board says they spoke with the manager at Crossgates (the theater in Albany) and he knew nothing about tickets for this.

I hope he's just a dolt (the manager, not the poster, hehe). They wouldn't get it wrong on, would they?

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2005-06-09 06:15 ]
bobster, you just know I've got your back. ;) e-mail me.

[ edited by SoddingNancyTribe on 2005-06-09 06:57 ]
I am really bummed out! I got onto Fandango and got as far as putting my credit card info for DC tickets and when it I pressed the confirmation button it said it couldn't process my order and now they're all sold out. This is insane as I was continually refreshing when it came up. Argghhhhhhh! Anybody got two (or 1) extra tickets for DC?????

[ edited by spikeangellover on 2005-06-09 06:19 ]
Awwww, someone must have bought in extreme bulk in DC. Does anyone have an extra ticket or two? I will pay with money and love!

Edited to Add: Oh, spikeangellover, I had the exact same thing. It is so sad.

[ edited by PwincessCupcake on 2005-06-09 06:21 ]
DC opened and sold out in less than 15 minutes.
Also, note re: Crossgates that the tickets aren't selling by calling the theater, but by calling Fandango's 800 number.
Seriously, like 5 minutes and it was done... Someone must have bought a ton of tix...
Yeah, I'm trying to call Fandango but it's coming back that there's nothing for "Special Advanced Preview"

What else should I look under?
Wow, DC is sold out already?! And I actually got tickets? Well, if my friend that I'm planning on taking can't make it, then I'll let you DC people know, I promise. :)
Are the ticket sales exclusive to Fandango and or can you simply head to the theatre to buy them? Also, does allow you to order over the phone? I can't find any info addressing that, not in their FAQ anywhere...

If for whatever reason they don't become available online in some areas, I'm wondering if you can simply go down to the theatre and buy them at the box office.

How many seats in your average theatre? I'm trying to decide whether it'd be worth the risk for me to go to bed and wake up in the morning to make a trip to the Paramount in Toronto to buy tickets...Wondering if there really are 100+ diehard Browncoats in Toronto waiting to buy these as eagerly as I am...

[ edited by Kris on 2005-06-09 06:26 ]
Does Frandango phone give any other options to search for other than title? Theater and date, maybe? If nothing comes up for that (if you can search/list that way), then I assume they aren't on sale yet.
Kris - Yes. There are more than a hundred rabid TO fans. No doubt.
Gives by theater (not by date), *sigh*

I hope I don't miss the sale. Well, I have to go to bed (it's 12:30 here already) and I need to go in to the office in the morning.
I think they did not put phone numbers on Can't stop the signal due to the volume of calls the first time. Rabid fans in Toronto? Let's just say we have to keep wiping the foam away. The Canadian Browncoats are buying extra tickets to sell to those who can't get to the computer for whatever reason. I may be one of those people if it doesn't wait until the morning to sell!
Sigh, I am so done with this game. If they do this again I am discourging anyone from buying and just wait for the regular movie. We are not helping Joss, we are helping a multi-billion dollar corporation (Universal) by playing along with this nonsense.
TLO - Helping that multi-billion dollar corporation DOES help Joss and it helps us get the Big Damn Sequel. Plus this nonsense gets the signal out... which isn't to say I don't understand the frustration.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-09 06:42 ]
Seriously, it seems they are getting a little better. But how hard is it to coordinate the upload of the site and to attach a note indicating what time we can expect tickets to go on sale... it should be the same time across the board giving everyone equal chance and opportunity to buy...

[ edited by CrazyMutha29 on 2005-06-09 06:42 ]
CrazyMutha - I am with you. Seriously, everything is remote these days. Someone in LA could have all the sites up and ready for purchase at the same time. Why play these games? Are WE the monkeys this time?
Okay, ew. Whoever bought all the DC tickets is totally Alliance.

I'm already compulsively checking eBay (nothing yet), and it's pointless because I won't even be able to afford tickets at those prices. I feel nauseated.
Has anyone checked for Chicago yet?

I can never find where to buy the tickets without a link from someone else.
TLO, I feel your pain, but this really is a good thing. It creates the Serenity buzz and that helps Joss! I'm staying up until 12:30am Central time. Maybe Chicago will go on sale soon! PwincessCupcake, you are so right...whoever bought all the DC tickets...TOTALLY Allicane!
Wow, every time I check this site theres another 30 posts! I kind of feel like part of the excitement, even though being on the other side of the world. And September is less far away every day :) just gotta keep remembering that...

here you go, ShelaghC. Just keep refreshing!
Thanks, Harm. That's where I am.

Good to know it's the right place!
MovieTickets did not have any cities up until later in the morning for all the previous screenings.
Did any new cities go live at 12:00 Central?
I'm clicking for Mpls, but I've gotta work in the morning... I'm just gonna have to hope they don't go up until tomorrow!
FYI, more than one person on the 'Versal board has pointed out that the individual theaters select when tickets for thigns go on sale, not some central authority.

That simply isn't in the control of 'Versal, Fandango, MovieTickets, let alone Joss.
TLO, this is true...but Spiderman 2 just came on, and I'm not tired. Might as well keep refreshing...just in case. For the Love of Joss.
hellziggy, I believe DC went up about 5 minutes after midnight. I was too interested in getting tickets rather than checking the time, lol, so I could be mistaken. :)
Cincinnati finally isn't ignored and gets something good! *happy dances*

[ edited by Lunakitty on 2005-06-09 07:19 ]
Fandango and should put a limit on how many tickets one person can buy - or on how many tickets can be charged to one credit card. That's just idealistic me speaking. Don't know if limits like that are legally tenable. But if a couple of folks really did buy out DC in extreme bulk, I hope that they're not scalpers. I hope they were buying on behalf of a few large browncoat groups.

I heard from someone who called the DC theater box office after the tickets sold out that they were gone in 7 minutes. Seven minutes! Insane. But seriously folks, the direct ticket links have been out there for days. There were hundreds of DC fans refreshing and ready to buy at a moment's notice. Perhaps it's not surprising that a 250-300 seat theater sold out so quickly. I wonder how quickly othere places will sell out.
spikeangellover, PwincessCupcake and others, I really do feel your pain. That is simply awful to be shut out like that, what with all the build-up over the past few weeks and especially the last few days! Makes me nervous for when (if ever) tickets for Vancouver go on sale.

FYI, more than one person on the 'Versal board has pointed out that the individual theaters select when tickets for thigns go on sale, not some central authority.

That simply isn't in the control of 'Versal, Fandango, MovieTickets, let alone Joss.

theonetruebix, I stopped by the Paramount on my home from work today and the manager I spoke to did confirm a screening on the 23rd (couldn't say outright which film but I showed him my Serenity button and he chuckled in a very knowing way...) and that tickets were to go on sale at 12:01am or sometime after. Hopefully he or a co-worker is the one loading that info into their in-house system or whatever at that time - I gotta sleep sometime!
Does anyone know what time Chicago started selling for the previous screening?
Boston tickets went up.
L.A., Houston, D.C. and Boston are now sold out
Thats insane. I am so worried Charlotte will sell out in minutes.
Holy smokes, that's fast.
Doesn't anyone sleep anymore (says the guy refreshing fandango)?
Doesn't anyone sleep anymore (says the guy refreshing fandango)?

eddy, nope I don't think so! I remember sleep, I remember it fondly; if this keeps up it may be a good long while until we are reunited...
Pfft, sleep, that's what catnaps are for. *chants* f5... f5... f5... f5... f5... f5...
I know that movietickets started selling the Chicago tickets to the May 5 screening around 2:00am. How do I know this? Because I was too damn broke to buy more than a couple of tickets and went through horrible moral contortions over whether or not to wake my friends so they could score tickets of their own.

And it certainly took longer than seven damn minutes to sell out. More like seven hours. Shit, this sucks. I'm not operating any heavy machinery tomorrow; I don't need the sleep. I have a little more money, too, so no moral confusion. I'm certainly not going to buy hundreds of tickets and screw the living bejesus out of people, which is what appears to be happening.

Or, optimistically, this whole viral marketing is working ... which would be nice, I guess. I think the former possibility is more likely, alas.
I'm giving up shortly. I just wish I had a clue what time Chicago might go live.
I wonder if there will be more guest appearances? Obviously there are not enough actors to go around... *dreams of Sean Maher in Cincinnati anyways*
Sleep? That's what caffeine is for!
I'm still trying to decide if I should try for Seattle tickets. I missed out the last two times, and I think I have a better chance this time (since I'm home and awake) but my husband's telling me that he thinks I shouldn't go because seeing an unfinished version would take away from the film. I think the screenings sound really exciting, but at the same time I wonder if it would be better if I waited. Does anyone who saw the last screening have any input on how much like a "real" movie it already seems? It sounds like the effects are almost done, but is the lack of a soundtrack weird or noticeable? Do you think it would be better at all if I "save myself" for the finished product?
Well - pooey. I'm only half an hour from Riverside, and it's all sold outy. But I'm now an official Browncoat (#36,661 - name=Cobblet) and I submitted a rather shiny icon, so I feel better now. *frown*
ithilien, it's about 99% finished. Seriously. :) If you can get tickets, go.
I have not for one moment regretted seeing the 'unfinished' reels. It needs color correction and some effects weren't final, ditto much music, but if it can be in that state and still be the best film I've seen since... *crickets*... then you know its worth it :)
ithilien, I loved the screening version I saw (May 26th) but I very much noticed the lack of finish to the film quality - tone, color, brightness. There were a few scenes where people's faces looked really dark to me and I had trouble distinguishing subtle facial expressions. I also really noticed the lack of a real score. There was placeholder music but it didn't seem to have the full volume and sweep and grandeur of a finished, "real" score. So if you don't get tickets? Don't worry. The shiny finished film is only a few months away. If you get tickets? I think you'll probably love what you see. I did, despite the "unfinished" quality. Either way, you'll win. Really.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2005-06-09 08:11 ]
ithilien - Opinions clearly differ on this, but I recommend going now. This feels like a virtually complete film. Some grainy scenes, lighting that could be improved, and only one spot I noticed where a special effect needs to be inserted.

This version of this movie, at this stage of competion, made me laugh, cry, hold my breath, gasp, and cheer. My viewing pleasure doesn't seem to have been diminished.

There is also nothing like the feeling when you are in the theater surrounded by other fans. Singing, laughing, talking about eps, enjoying those who dress up. There's nothing like it.
As a film enthusiast, I think it will be very interesting to see the differences between the two versions.
Regarding it being rough, as someone facinated by filmmaking and trying to learn, I personally want to see it unfinished to understand and compare...

I also bought a new digital camera just to take crowd and celeb snaps so I better get tickets or there will be hell to pay ;-)
ithilien: It's nearly finished. The missing music is only obvious to me in one scene, and honestly, I don't even notice the missing FX. Couldn't even tell you where they are. The picture quality and lighting are weird, and that's the most glaring aspect for me, but it certainly doesn't distract from the story. So no, I don't think it would be better to save yourself. Personally, I think it'll be interesting to see how the finished product compares.

On a different note, I called the AMC theatre in San Francisco, and they said they didn't have any information on the screening yet, and to check back on Friday. FRIDAY. I don't know that I buy that though. *still refreshing*
ithilien, ditto to what phlebotinin and others have said. There is something particularly heart-swelling and throat-lumping about seeing the BDM, though not fully dressed up, in a theater full of shiny, happy, Browncoats. I will never forget that feeling. Good luck with whatever you decide.
I've added the Can't Stop the Signal link to the subject line. I am right in thinking that only some tickets are available for purchase at the moment?
Angela's right about the amazing feeling of being in a theater surrounded by flans. You won't get that come September/October. Well, you'll probably experience a taste of that September 30th if you live in an area with plenty of Browncoats. But it won't be like the screenings. I retract what I said. Go if you can. And yes, the movie was extraordinary despite the fact that it's not quite the final product. It's not like it's an early rough cut. It's a damn, damn DAMN fine movie. Go!

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2005-06-09 08:19 ]
Simon, your impression is correct.
Any of you lovely people staying up tonight to wait out the Norfolk showing? If so, can I arrange for someone to get me two tickets for Norfolk when it opens up? I will pay you back, obviously, and I'll buy you a popcorn and soda! And candy!

(P.S. TLO--I'm not sure you'll be able to take the camera into the theater. It's not allowed at most theaters. They don't usually check, but security will be tighter at these screenings, and doubly so if castmembers are there.)
Oh I don't mean into the theater itself, surely I can take it into the lobby for photos? I'm not crazy enough to take it into the room with the screen, but outside must be okay?
Should be fine, TaraLivesOn.
Oh yeah! Whoops, I wasn't thinking about that. You'll have to hand your camera over to the theater manager though.
Well, TLO, since you'll want to get in line early enough to get a seat that won't give you: (a) a nosebleed (2) a broken neck or (III) progressive bifocal induced nausea, there'll be plenty of time for milling about and enjoying the pre-screening vibe. Lots of cameras were in evidence....just make sure you leave time to go bring yours out to the car before they let you in or you'll have to leave the line and miss out on decent seating.
Will they confiscate cell phones with built-in cameras? (Not that I would use it inside the theater, but I don't want trust my phone to a theater manager or lose seat-grabbing time wondering if it is okay to have on me or not).
Ah, good tips, thanxs!
Heads up to west coast folks, 15 minutes to midnight...
Ah, good tips, thanxs!
Heads up to west coast folks, 15 minutes to midnight...

I love the time zone thing. It's about quarter to eight in the morning here. Anyhow, we'll do our usual couple of threads on the 23rd so people can post their reviews. 35 cities? And nice to see Canada getting some of the action. I'm assuming that is the last round of screenings. Anyhow, I hope y'all get a chance to purchase tickets.
I doubt its the last round. Universal now has 35 movie prints which cost $1000-$2000 each to make. I'd bet they will do one more, especially since all the cities seem to be selling out in 10-20 minutes after posting...
TaraLivesOn - You're awesome with the links. My computer just errored me out of the link I had to the June 23rd date for the Sacramento showing. Do you have that handy? I think you put it in Flicr and it's having a "massage".

Or anyone else of course. :)
Sacramento does have the links now
Thanks so much TLO - I was just coming back to say I found it. :)
Gah, still waiting on Salt Lake City...

I'm terribly worried I'll fall asleep and then wake up to see them sold out.
Lunakitty, no cell phones were banned that I know of. (camera equipped or otherwise) Instead, we were led in a "Take your phone out and make sure it is TURNED OFF! or you'll be asked to leave" exercise by one of the theater muscle.

So. Very. Tired. But obsessed.
Thanks m'cookies, good to know. :]

*growly* C'mon Cincy, move yr bloomin' toosh! *getting cranky having to wait*
I am still waiting for Chicago! How much longer...?
Just a quick public thanks to SNT! My back is gotten good.
Come onnn--Toronto!

Watch, I'll wait up all night, call the theatre when they open and they'll say something like, "Oh we're waiting until closer to the 23rd to allow sales".
Maybe we should print up t-shirts for the box office staff at the theaters "I survived Whedon flans". Either that or bring them a flower arrangement to enjoy the night of/day after the screenings.
Seriously, is anyone going to Norfolk? Because I need to go to sleep. All you need to do is add two to the number of tickets you had previously intended to buy! Pleeeease?
Seattle's up! Got my 4 tickets. Whoever told us about URLy, you are the greatest person ever.

[ edited by Okkay on 2005-06-09 10:02 ]
SEATTLE IS NOW SOLD OUT !!! (three minutes flat)

Fandango is now closed until morning according to their front page (Browncoats:2 Internets:0)

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-06-09 10:10 ]
The Sac link just went down. Getting Page not found now. Fandango problems? Or can I be hopeful and think they're working on it now and it's going to come up any second?
Seattle sold out while I was awaiting my purchase confirmation. I had URLy too, but alas, I didn't make it. Took less than four minutes to sell out. How many went to scalpers, I gotta wonder.
Fandango says they are UPGRADING THEIR SERVICE AND TO VISIT THEM IN THE MORNING. WTF?! I'm exhausted here for nothing.
Sunova... I am spontaneously inspired to moments of great hatred unto May something vaguely unpleasant happen to them in the near future.

Did suddenly revert back to May 26 for anyone else?
Still says June 23rd on my end.
TaraLivesOn, do you think Fandango might have just gone kaboom? In other words, could Seattle be "not" sold out?

No I distinctly saw it sellout, I was watching out of curiosity to see how long it would take.
It was sold out for at least a few minutes before they went under.

This is a mixed blessing since theater managers can't update either, anyone waiting on Fandango can get some sleep until morning.
"Morning" is such a vague term, though. That's what I find unsettling.

Ah well. Best grab some sleep and take my chances. We'll see how it goes.
I want desperately to go to the screening in Charlotte... Can anyone post (or does anyone even HAVE) a working link to buy tickets?
I go to sleep and everythings calm....I wake up in the morning and everythings kabluey!

Good luck to everyone....I'm excited for you, if not currently a little english green monster, with a cup on tea at her morning work station!

Go Browncoats GO!

*wonders how many pressies Joss will get come the 23rd!*
Eeek, it's baaacck. Fandango is up...
I see that! Still no tickets yet though... GRRRR! :|

Just wanted to take back what I said earlier about having to physically bring the credit card you purchased tickets with to the theater. Apparently, some theaters allow you to print out a page with a barcode on it that will serve as a ticket to the screening. I didn't have this option for the 5/5 SF screening or this new one in Riverside.
Hmmm... Fandango still doesn't have any listing for Charlotte... Does it usually take a long time?
This about says it all eh?

It's up to the theater managers/workers. At this point it might be safe to say nothing more until they come in for their first movie Thursday. Then again they could preset it. Who knows...?

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-06-09 12:32 ]
TLO - you are right - that picutre just about says it all.
OK. This sucks. I have to go to work this morning! I've been keeping my eye out for the Bensalem, PA screening for over a week. If tickets sell out while I'm at work, I'm going to have to kill beg people here to save some for me!
Oh well, looks like I won't be going this time. My best friend can't get the day off of work (she works at a High School and that next morning is the last day of exams, if we went she'd get NO sleep all night because of driving). So I guess it'll have to be some other time since I'm not going to drive there and back in the middle of the night alone.

Hope all that go have fun!!
WilliamTheBloody - We WOULD have fun if they ever went on sale! Gadzooks! I am so tired of hitting the refresh button and seeing nothing but a banner for the Honeymooners and Batman Begins.
I know what you mean... Although Batman Begins is a damn good movie!
Daburcor - I have no doubt that Batman Begins is a good movie. I plan on seeing it next week. However, I am not missing out on all this sleep for Batman. I just wish that we could get some kind of ballpark time when they would go on sale. This just sitting here and uselessly refreshing is just getting tiring.
Any Toronto people bought tickets yet? I am looking at June 23 and am only seeing Batman.
I feel sorry for all the people who have to get to work soon and spent most of the night refreshing in vain.
redfern- I am looking at the same Batman that you are. And I have been refreshing for two and half hours now.
Thanks Genia, just hoping we are in the right place...
Looking at this, I'm almost relieved that there aren't any advance screenings in Melbourne. Of course, I would be scrambling if there were..
I know what you mean non sequitur! I'm really looking forward to any UK screenings....but I'm not looking forward to trying to get hold of tickets!

Chins up Browncoats! Keep at it!
Wrong continent, again! Grrr Argh...
Yeah, UK screenings needed asap :) I'll be more specific, Manchester screening needed (though I'll happily travel elsewhere in the UK in not)
Nothing for Chicago yet.

London, Mancester, Bristol (hint), Edinburgh ummmmm Birmingham?

Joss? you listening? Oh JOOOSSEEYYYY!
Albany is up. You can purchase tickets at despite the fandango link at
Hey all! How many of you are still awake?? lol... Just wondering, does anyone have ANY information as to when tickets will go up for the NYC (NJ) screening??? I'm missing school for these tickets, I really don't know how I was able to convince my parents to let me miss school, and then to drive to the theater which is like an hour away from me... I'm the only Browncoat in the family, lol, and after all the hours I talk about Firefly/Serenity my parents still have no idea what I'm talking about!!! ugh!! I wish I had a more Joss-oriented family lol!!!! It will be 28 hours that I've been awake, and I'm here in a Starbucks (thank god for wireless internet and caffine!)... I want my Serenity!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good morning, CrazyMutha. Tired yet?
I'm waiting for Atlanta. Are you all having the same issue, where you go to the links on Fandango and they just aren't on-sale there yet?
Just got up, so glad Chicago isn't on sale yet.
Any Indianapolis peeps? So far, it doesn't seem that the Indy tix have gone on sale... *crosses fingers*
M'kay, I got 3 hours of sleep--where are those Ohio tickets? *glares at the f5 button* Ah refresh button, we meet again...
Got my Hartford tickets! I was actually starting to worry all those people saying the grey link meant it was sold out were right...

Anyway, huge relief.
I got about 3 hours of sleep, also, plus I let my class out early today. Still no sign of that ticket-ordering form. :(
mmmcookies, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately I've got no one to go with. Although, trust me, if my parents were closer, I'd be dragging my dad to recruit him, whether he liked it or not :-D

Still debating though.... Toronto Browncoats, did you say you're getting extra tickets?

I'm having an inner battle between the responsible me saying how it's not a good idea for a woman to travel alone to a city far away late at night, and the Buffy in me saying "HAH, I can take on anything, Toronto (or Albany) here I come"! (Don't tell my mom I said that last bit -- I may be grown up, but she seems to forget LOL)
What page do you sit on and refresh? I am new to Fandango, and I don't want to miss out because I was in the wrong place!!!
I've been refreshing the page for the theater and the page for searching for "Special Advance Preview" searching out the zip code of the appropriate theater. It doesn't even say it's showing there yet, and the theater gave me the run-around.
Just talked to a fellow at the NYC theater. He said he was working on getting the tickets up for sale right now. I asked him if that meant they would be up any minute and he said "It takes longer than that." He also said his phone has not stopped ringing. Big surprise.
TLO - Did Hartford and Providence just come on line?
Yup within the past 15 minutes. Not all movietickets cities are online though.
NYC is UP NOW!!!!!!! just bought 3 tix!!! hurry up before theyre gone!
angellove, I'm waiting for them as well. Curious to see the Browncoat turn out in Indianapolis. All I know is that it's going to save me a 3 hour drive to Chicago!
NYC/Elizabeth are up. I got four so I may have three extras if my friends can't/won't go...which is very likely.
...and now NYC/Elizabeth is sold out. Whew! I cannot believe I got tickets.
Kerec!!! oooh! Another Indy! I am gonna get two tix and convince someone to go with me, but I don't know anyone else who is a Jossian... It would be really cool for me to meet some other flans/fans!! :) btw, I am in Bloomington, so Chicago is 4-5 hours, and Cincinnati is 2 or so... but I am familiar with Indy more than I am Cincy. :)
What are people putting in as their search criteria? I've been watching my theatre for hours/days, and still nothing.
Nebula, type in "Special Advance Preview" under the "Advanced Search" function on the movie ticket selling site. There's usually a drop down menu to select the correct date.
Have they not started selling Toronto tickets? Or did they start and sell out? Or am I not looking in the right place?
I just clicked on my fandango link from cantstopthesignal and am hitting the refresh button. nothing for Indy so far.
There's five or six of us in the Indy/Martinsville area. Going to be very nice to do this on my 'home turf'. POST WHEN THEY GO ON SALE!!!!!
Houston is sold out. If anyone has an extra ticket, send me an email (on the profile).

LunaKitty: That's what I've been doing, but no luck so far. I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking a possibility that it might be listed elsewhere.
Nebula, type in "Special Advance Preview" under the "Advanced Search" function on the movie ticket selling site. There's usually a drop down menu to select the correct date.

Lunakitty | June 09, 16:52 CET

Is that on Fandango or Movietickets too?
I don't see a date option if I use that for Movietickets. (Chicago)
Gotcha. :) Have you tried calling the theater itself or checking up with your local browncoats chapter? They might have a direct sale link ready to go or know somehing from a theater manager? Good luck!
ShelaghC, that's for movietickets. Maybe it unlocked that option since i chose the theater as a "favourite"? Not sure why I am able to look ahead...

ie: If you go here: Click Me! you will see a zip code search as well as a date drop down box (hopefully).

[ edited by Lunakitty on 2005-06-09 17:00 ]

[ edited by Lunakitty on 2005-06-09 17:01 ]
I still can't believe Seattle sold out in 3-4 frikkin' minutes while I waiting for my purchase to be confirmed. Oh, I see, if I want to get tix from someone in NEBRASKA (don't know computer talk for sarcasm font in this fatigued state) I could bid on' em on EBay. That seems wrong.

WilliamTheBloody, you're welcome - I hope you get to go. There's bound to be someone from here or the Browncoat board you can team up with.
OY! I'm getting really really tired of waiting. . . . and the theater managers are getting really really tired of talking to my husband. . . Come ON Denver, we've recruited even MORE people to take to this one. . .
I think they're just trying to torture us at the Bensalem, PA theatre. Either that, or they want to keep all the tickets to themselves....
Try just typing "advance" for the search. It's not common enough to be in any actual titles, and Fandango is turning up two results: Special Advance Screening as well as Special Advance Preview.
ShelaghC, that's for movietickets. Maybe it unlocked that option since i chose the theater as a "favourite"? Not sure why I am able to look ahead...

Lunakitty | June 09, 16:59 CET

I can choose the month and year, but not date. I set up for favorite theatres just now.
One day I will make a movie called "Special Advance Preview" and mess with everybodys' minds ;-)
TLO, Bwahahaha. Excellleent!

ShelaghC, *crosses fingers for you*
Phiily is sold out! At least I got mine!
okay, i've got a friend in indy who's trying for tickets. AND SHE IS NOT A BROWNCOAT. not yet. :)

did we break the browncoat site??? it's not loading here.

we are so mighty.
TLO, that made me laugh out loud. Chicago, hurry up!!!!
I've got nice (other) plans on the 23rd, but just in case i can manipulate someone into changing them, I'm gonna go for it. Serenity screening, Part I was a wild ride. Now i'm making with the self-control and am ready to watch without yelling at the screen.

Tickets for my theatre in Philadelphia (riiight, like 'Bensalem' is Philly...that's like saying peach wine cooler is fruit) aren't on sale yet. Instead of the insanely convoluted refreshing of the movietickets site, which is popping all sorts of unsavories onto my work machine, i'm walking out by the elevators and haunting their customer service reps by redialing every couple minutes. (I'm whipping out my bag of different voices/accents each time, you know, just to mix things up a bit, but i don't think i'm fooling anyone. All that, by way of saying -- if the site's giving you some lip, just make with the toll-free dialing...)
Is it just me, or is Fandango getting shafted and MovieTickets getting all the fun? Atlanta's still not up...
Phiily is sold out! At least I got mine!
ShelaghC, I'm not sure why you're not getting dates. I don't have a favorite theater picked on MovieTickets, but I can just go to the site for the AMC East theatre, and then choose a date from the little bar that says "showing on."
To get to the AMC site, just click on the link on the Can't Stop the Signal page. From there, look at the bar just to the right of the city name - usually it comes up for today's date. Put it to Thursday June 23 instead.
Right now, when you do that it comes up as "Showtimes are not available for this theater on that date," but when tix do go online, it should show it.
Anusien: looks that way.

*refreshes Austin*
Fandango had it's moments last night and early this morning.
I am trying for Indy tickets, and I am not a Browncoat... does that matter????? *uh oh*
Oh barest, you do know how to work the system, girl!
Holy shit!!!
I need Atlanta tix, I need Atlanta tix,
got card ready, can't find anything on the site with the link!!!!
Can get a few extra at the moment,
LOL @ TaraLivesON

Toronto: Not that this is very helpful, but I went through the Paramount's automated answering service just to make sure Serenity wasn't listed in their list of regular movies or their Special Events. It isn't, of course. And I really hate that you can't get a direct line to a live person. I guess you have to actually go to the theatre and speak to the clerk at the box office or the manager to get info for more specific questions.

Now the dilemma is...Do I drive down to Toronto and try to purchase them at the Paramount (or at the very least, get an answer about when they'll be on sale) or do I sit here and continue refreshing so as not to risk missing out? Anyone here live in downtown Toronto who isn't working today and could make a little side-trip to the Paramount?

Okay, just called's customer service as well. The guy on the phone was helpful, but I don't think he did anything more than check the website to confirm that it wasn't available yet. They're expecting it to go up any time today though. All their calls they've been receiving have been about Serenity.

[ edited by Kris on 2005-06-09 17:22 ]
I call myself a Whedonite more than anything else.

Come on Fandango! I believe in you!
LOL TaraLivesON

Hey, Toronto Browncoats, can someone get me 2 tickets? (I'm sure if I can't use them both we can find a deserving fan)

Lemme know how to contact you.
Kerec, my email: if you find out anything before I do!!! :) Also, more of a Whedonite... love anything that man does! Wouldn't it be funny if HE showed up at the Indy theater... in INDIANA!!! *snickers*

please... joss?
Barest_smidgen, I hear you on the annoying refreshing of the MovieTickets site with all the popups (although, did philly sell out while you were writing that??). For that reason, I'm just occasionally refreshing this site instead, figuring i'll find out about Chicago just as quckly that way :-).
However, since I've also seen it once already, i'll not be too disappointed if i can't go – someone else should have a turn. I thought i might bring my boyfriend with me this time to see what he thought, but we can easily wait till september.
Do I just keep refreshing the page?
Killinj, I'll pick one up for you if I can get it...
Others seem to think they aren't on sale yet,
won't post it again, but anyone else besides Anusien feel that way?
Oh, Harm -- sadly, no. Oh, boo hiss. In the time it took me to type my silly waste-o-a-post above, i missed the boat. (The ship?) And Taniqua, my customer service rep? Not so much amused by my brogue. See what happens when you make with the smarty-pants-i-know-how-to-beat-the-system-i-can-kill-you-with-my-brain crap? I'm insufferable, and i hate me...
A friend just called the Austin theater and got this wacky story: tickets go on sale as soon as the manager types the info into the system. The one in Austin, according to her staff, is not planning to do this until she gets in TOMORROW at 7 a.m.
OK I've got to let go. I've got to leave the magic writing box of the internets and go out to the job. Hope I don't step out in front of a bus or something. (Nah, I'm a trained professional)

Please? If Seattle comes up with another last gasp, or if someone has extras, could I have two? Thanks.

And thanks for the heads up call, samatwitch! Hope you got yours!
angellove, I'll do what I can!
April, did you click on your Atlanta link from ? It looks to me like the tickets haven't gone live there yet. Call a theater manager to see if you can get a straight answer on when they will go up? Good luck!
April: I'm calling the theater again.
Atlanta Update:
They'll be put on sale at 11:30 EST, Fandango takes a few minutes to update and they'll go on sale between 11:30 and 11:45.
Denver is sold out :-( I was refreshing every few minutes and when it came live, I put in an order and it didn't make it. That was fast.

Denver sold out in less than 15 minutes. When I called customer service to see if my order went through that was at ~22 minutes after the hour. He said the show was sold out 9 minutes before my order came in. Yikes!

[ edited by dcubed on 2005-06-09 17:28 ]
thanks Lunakitty! will switch computers now cauze im on dialup
THANKS anusien
I'll get a handful for Atlanta if possible;
please do the same, we can trade/buy whatever.
I am so glad there is finally a screening in Southern Calif...but I really take issue with calling Riverside..Los Angeles...people always call Orange County and Riverside County...Los Angeles....they are 3 separate counties...It so much gets on my nerves.......grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Just had to vent
YAY for everyone that got tickets..I was gonna get Riverside tickets but I decided not to because I have a play to go that night..Since I have seen it twice already I decided I could wait.......I hope all the other browncoats enjoy the movie.

MPLS is available

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-09 17:26 ]
Not the happenin' hot spot of the site, but Kansas City's online.
Oh, I forgot one other thing. Heard tell they're planning on limiting the number you can buy in Atlanta to 4 per person.
Anyone know if "Senior/Child" prices apply to these tickets, or is it Adult tickets for sale only?
Oh, so sorry, barest!!! I hope I have better luck with Chicago. Hubby is trying to get me off the internet so we can get on the road to go to Watonga, OK to see grandmothers...not very excited about this!
Hey, dcubed, if I can't get a babysitter that night, there's a very very slim possibility we'd have an extra ticket. Slim. But *if* it happens, we'll let you know.
Serenity needs a movie poster...
OK, fellow browncoats,I gotta get on the road...if anyone can score me 2 Chicago tickets I would really appreciate it! Email me at! I would love you forever!
Oh, sheesh, Harm -- sounds like maniacal speed-dialing on the way to Watonga (Watonga??) is in order. Crossing my fingers and little toes for you...
SillyD, Hey, they called Elizabeth, NJ, NYC. At least Riverside is in the same state. They just want people to know what area it is right away. So what is the excuse for still calling them the NY Giants after all the years they have been based in NJ...

Lunakitty, the Senior/Child option was given as a choice for the NJ theater, but I went for the adult tickets.

Awwww, sorry Barest, but at least you already saw it once.
Someone from my local browncoats group called the Cincinnati manager-- "I just called the manager, and he said they won't go on sale until "next week, probably Monday."

Ahhhhh, he'd best be mistaken. *fire ignites in eyes* Can they withhold like this? *is going to cry*
fyi MPLS tix seem to be gone as of 4 mins ago
GrrrAargh, thanks for the offer. I just couldn't go without the rest of the family and I'm pretty sure my sweetie wouldn't go without me :-)

I met ruthless1 at the last Denver screening. She might be interested in an extra ticket.

In any case, send me an e-mail (see my profile).

Again, thanks for the offer!
Has Charlotte gone on sale yet? I just returned from a place to get money for the screening(almost driving myself to a heat stroke, its bloody steaming hot out here. God!) and it says there are no tickets. Did I miss it or have they not gone on sale yet? If they have not gone on sale yet then can anyone do me a favor and purchase a extra ticket for me. You can meet with me today and I'll pay you in cash for the ticket. I believe all the running back and forth I am doing today is going to cost me a chance to purchase tickets so if you live in CHARLOTTE, NC please help me out. Thank you.

And if the tickets already sold out, can I please purchase a extra ticket from you.
I just talked with the manager at the Chicago theatre.

The link is due to go live at 11:00AM CDT according to him.
St. Louis is up.
Grrrrr...Philly sold out in like milliseconds. If anyone has extras, please let me know!
Toronto is LIVE!!!
Apparently Columbus is possibly up under the wrong name: It says "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" but it is the only advance 10 pm showing listed and someone on the local browncoat chapter's wife just picked them up. Mebbe double check with a theater manager to confirm? It sounds weird, but weird things have been happening with these ticket sites.

Edit: They corrected the name! Columbus is up!!! :)

*glares at Cincinnati/Newport AMC theater* Cincinnati can't get *anything* right!!! :(

[ edited by Lunakitty on 2005-06-09 17:50 ]
11:47 no update for Atlanta yet.
I know, but my watch doesn't show 11:45 yet (but my PC does). I'm calling at noon. I want lunch, but I can't leave my desk.
OMG!!! Toronto is up. I got 2 tickets!!!

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2005-06-09 17:50 ]
Toronto's up!

Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto

Sorry, I never do annoying stuff like that, just wanted to make sure those who wanted to know got informed.

And WilliamTheBloody beat me to it.

[ edited by Kris on 2005-06-09 17:50 ]
Guess this means I have to go back to work now, huh?
Shoot, now I have to go back to applying the entirety of my brain to working (like that ever happens).
Oh, hubby will have to wait if it is going up at 11am! Thanks, ShelaghC!
can't find tampa sneaks or serenity i need bad closer than atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Come on Chicago! Pleasepleaseplease.
Tampa tickets are HERE

Note that AMC waives the service fee if you enter your moviewatcher card but you might not want to take the time to find it if you dont have it handy.

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-06-09 17:59 ]
Oh, i'm so thrilled for everyone who has scored tickets, especially our long suffering mates to the north. (They wear their browncoats more months out of the year than we do, it's been said.) Really ecstatic for all of you. Truly. It's great. Couldn't be happier. *grumble. grouse. scowl.* ; )

And, well, as it's so true that evil things have plans, i'll be getting back them about now. Well done, friends.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2005-06-09 18:02 ]
good luck to all, thanks TLO for the direct links, I'm sure they helped many a browncoat score their Serenity fix today :)
Man, I can't believe it took me so long to get through the booking system that Toronto sold out while I was processing. Bummer.
Does anyone know if Phoenix has gone on sale yet? And if not, does anyone know a time when they might go up? I'm in DC, but I'm looking out for a good friend of mine. This is torture. I'm pretty sure my right hand hates me.

[ edited by vamRIPire on 2005-06-09 18:06 ]
omg omg omg omg omg
I GOT TAMPA TIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm rereading my confirmation in disbelief.
Will be taking at least one non-fan, my bf.
TaraDi: Last time, somebody bought 120 tickets at the Bensalem theatre. I think they did it to make a killing on Ebay. I think they may have done it again, and maybe bought more this time, because the show sold out in the time it took me to order my tickets.

I may have a couple of extra tickets in the end (I'll know by the end of the weekend). Check back with me at and if I still have them, I'll let you have them for what I paid.

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Cincinnati: Called the Newport theater---They are pushing for tickets to be up within an hour!!! He said they just received the e-mail last night about it, and i guess they are just slow to draw. :p
Still nothing for Chicago?!!!!!
Hey dcubed and grrrAargh - I'll be in LA then. I think I will drag my good Joss lovin' buddy over to Riverside and see if we can score some tickets. At the showing on May 26rd my friend and I had 7 extra tickets that we sold for face value here in Denver. I am hoping that this good karma will pay off in LA. GrrrAargh - if you can't go I am sure someone from MileHiBrowncoats will take it - I had about 35 messages this morning of people looking for tix. I just hope that people don't support scalpers. That is just wrong wrong wrong in my book. And I can't imagine that Joss would think too much of it. I know it's my old Grateful Dead "do not scalp tickets" days coming back to haunt me - but scalpers just kill the community feeling.
I'll end my rant now. Have fun in Denver!
Argh! I went to bed at 12.30 then Seattle comes up? DAG NAB IT! Do you think the predatory scalpers were hitting them too?

Update: Yep, some little entrepreneur in Nebraska seems to have snarfed a few and is selling them on ebay for a buy it now of $100. Nice.

[ edited by Mort on 2005-06-09 18:15 ]
Nebula, I wouldn't touch their karma with a 40 foot pole. *shudder*
To anyone curious, Newport, Kentucky is a suburb of Cincinatti.
Still no Chicago, though my friend called and the manager said it should be any time now.
April: if you can get by the box office, that would be better. Glitch in the system, selling in the box office despite they said it would only sell on Fandango, etc. The Atlanta theater is fucked up.
OK, I'm going! Hubby is giving me the evil eye. I have to go to stupid Watonga, Oklahoma! Not the way I would like to spend my vacation! Seriously, I would love to have a pair for Chicago. If anyone would get me a pair, that would be great! You can email me, it's on my profile! Thanks!
Considering how fast the shows are selling out, I'm fairly sure predatory scalpers are buying them up. There should really be a limit as to how many can be ordered by one person.
ShelaghC, still nothing for Indy yet either...
Chicago is live via phone.


Option 2, then 4
Month, date
Option 3 for Rivereast 21

I picked up three tickets if anyone comes up dry.

[ edited by ShelaghC on 2005-06-09 18:12 ]
by the time I found out Toronto was available, it was sold out...
Anusien, email me at
compulsively checking for indy, for my friend. and above, re: non-browncoat - i meant, she's not even a whedon fan. she puts up w/ my love of whedon. and i'm convincing her that seeing Serenity early is a good thing. she'll take her guy, and he's a Batman FANATIC. they'll all be happy. :)

if they can get tickets.
Chicago is up!! I got mine! Plus extra, if anybody needs 'em.
Chicago is now live on the Movietickets site!

[ edited by ShelaghC on 2005-06-09 18:17 ]
Pittsburgh (West Homestead) is now selling at Fandango. I just got two tix.
Indy is NOT SELLING ON FANDANGO!!!! Must get them in person! I have NO way of getting to Indy today, so if ANYONE can get me two tickets, I can get you money!!!
ella, make sure to check with the Toronto Browncoats. They were apparently going to buy up a bunch of tickets to make sure lots of non-scalpers would get some. Sign up for their mailing list, or at the very least contact one of the organizers there.

I'm glad I didn't go down to Toronto to try my luck at the theatre or go out to do errands. I'm still a little unbelieving that I managed to get three tickets (if my sister's boyfriend can't go for whatever reason, I guess I'll at least be making someone else happy in a couple weeks).

I can't believe it sold out that fast...
I sleep for a few hours, wake up, and still not SLC? Gah... I may have to breakdown and call them...
Chicago is sold out :-(
that was amazingly fast - i stopped refreshing for about 4 minutes to make a phone call, and by the time i did it wasn't available already...
Chicago is sold out :-(

acp | June 09, 18:19 CET

Holy crap - I'm glad I got in by the phone!
Man those things go fast.
Gorram ... I got my chicago tickets through the web form.

Heebus. I should go out RIGHT NOW and buy a lottery ticket or something.
Scalpers or no, It must look great to Universal that these screenings are selling out within negative milliseconds. A nice Happy Early Birthday to Joss! :D
I think I lucked out by catching the phone line about three minutes before the site went live.

I'm shiny! Anyone want to rub me for luck?
I got my Pittsburgh tix- and they aren't sold out yet.
Yep, some little entrepreneur in Nebraska seems to have snarfed a few and is selling them on ebay for a buy it now of $100. Nice.

That makes me furious. A person in *Nebraska* scarfing up *Seattle* tickets and making a tidy profit? "Can't stop the signal," my ass. Can't stop the greed, apparently. Where's the browncoat community love? If there's another screening I really hope that theaters/fandango/Universal will put a cap on how many tickets a person can buy. This behavior is making me seethe on behalf of Seattle folks and others who lost out elsewhere.
Anusien, you were incredibly sweet to help me with the Atlanta fiasco. I'm holding two tix for you, if you can make it to Tampa. Screw work! We can get you back to your desk by morning. I have to go to class in a sec, and I don't want to double post, but I can't check msgs til later.

ETA: I couldn't find an email address for ya.

[ edited by April on 2005-06-09 18:32 ]
Shelagh, please rub off some of that luck on me!

If they don't go up within the next 15 mins... *whimper* I guess I
can try ordering by cell phone on my way in to work. Tempted to Paypal someone to get them for me. What to do what to do... Is it fairly easy to order by phone?

I'm rereading my confirmation in disbelief.
Will be taking at least one non-fan, my bf.

April | June 09, 18:03 CET

Yeah, I refused to shut down the confirmation screen until I got my email. My best friend can't go -- and she's the one who introduced my to the Whendon Universe in the first place. I kinda feel bad seeing this without her, but maybe they'll do another go-around of these *crosses fingers*

If my boyfriend can't go, I'll let'cha all know that I have an extra ticket to TO.

I wonder why is not up-to-date with the sell-outs?

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2005-06-09 18:35 ]
What's the situation with Atlanta? Are they selling at the box office? Will they go on Fandango at all?
Yay, Canadian fans! I'm so happy for all of you who got tickets. I had a sneaking suspicion that Canadian cities would be on the official magic list this time - I'm glad I was right. Now they need to do some non-North America screenings for our international brethren and sistren (nod to YoSaffBridge.)

TaraLivesOn, have you gotten a ticket? I'm rooting for you majorly. You've been so extraordinarily helpful to all of us in this screening and the last....
Tampa still not sold out.
The phone order system didn't give me a confirmation number. So I called the theatre and the manager said I'm all set.


I have some local friends I said I'd offer any extras to first. If they say no, I'll post here with the offer.
Oh I am all set, thanks.
Just strangely disappointed in some warped way that Tampa has not sold out yet.

For those that missed out elsewhere, I guess this is the answer... you can also try this (want it now)

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-06-09 18:43 ]
MattM, Anusien reported Atlanta was screwed up, not online but selling at the box office.
Tampa open, it's oh, I guess 8 hours south...
I am so sad. And tired. Stayed up til after 3 am to try to get tickets in Chicago. Then was online at 11 am today and STILL did not get the two tickets I wanted so very badly. And some people in Chicago are going to see it for the second or third time? Life just isn't fair. :(
It seems Providence still has some on sale. That's where I ended up getting mine, since Boston sold out. (Getting into and out of the Providence Place Mall is really easy. I'd recommend it if you are anywhere near and are still looking for tickets.)
Well, the scalpers sure are active. I am just appalled at what people will do for an extra buck! There's someone selling two pairs of DC tickets on ebay which already have 7 bids ($51.00) and 3 bids ($36.00) but don't close until June 19th. Can you imagine how high the price will go on them (there is no buy it now option)?

And that guy from Nebraska didn't just pick up Seattle tickets. He's now got Boston and Kansas City up for sale. I guess this is why I'm not rich; I couldn't imagine doing this!

I'm just so glad I have my friends watching out for me (thanks phleb!)

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Scalpers suck.

On a more positive note, THIS is why Whedonesque is my homepage and I log on every day after waking up.
Gods, I love you guys. Immensely.

[ edited by April on 2005-06-09 18:49 ]
Norfolk, VA is sold out and I'm going to be deployed for the Sept. 30 opening. Grr, a certain "sky bully" does not want me to see this movie. Too bad for her because I will prevail!
Holly cow. Have y'all seen the size of the Tampa theater?
I could get lost for days... still image
(grew up in a town with a 2 screen theater and don't get out much so american overkill facinates me)

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-06-09 19:00 ]
wrecks, my friend has a couple extra tix if you'd like to buy them from him.
I have a friend headed to the theater in Indy for me... but if that doesn't work out, I just may hound the Chicago and Cincy peoples!
Charlotte still isn't up yet? Wtf? I would call the theather but I already bugged them last night and the lady commented that I was the 15th person to ask her about Serenity. I don't want to feed the threatening rif we had a few months ago.
TaraLivesOn, Woah. Think the Tampa theater will be like THAT?
Are you going to Tampa???
I'll probably be wearing a little "April" nametag on my back. I'm such a geek that way.
Sorry mods for the multiple posts, but I'm a tad manic at the moment.
And totally and completely unprepared for my class in one hour. I still have to shower and I didn't do the readings. Oh well.

[ edited by April on 2005-06-09 18:54 ]
San Fran is Live!
ruthless1, good luck in LA... and have fun...

GrrrArrrg, have fun at the show!
Just picked up my Indianapolis Tickets (sold only at the theater). As of 11:30am there were still tickets.

I did pick up four extra seats. Not to scalp, but to give away to Indiana fans who can't make it to the theater. I'll post more details shortly.

Best of luck to everyone still searching the black.
WHY is this taking so long to process my order?

If I lose these, I will cry.
If any of you wonderful Whedonesquer's could pick up 3 extra Cincinnati tickets when they go on sale, I would appreciate it greatly.
So I just called the theather and they said the Charlotte tickets will go on sale at 1:00 thats in 2 minutes!
Yes, Serefina716, I would very much like to buy them!
Shall I give you my contact info? (Sorry, so new to
posting here, although have lurked since forever.)
SF, SOLD OUT. I don't suppose anyone nabbed two extra...? I wasn't fast enough.
If I manage to get a ticket(and contrary to what he said, they still aren't up yet. Or is there some secert way of getting the listing to show?) then I will buy a extra ticket. I will give it to anyone who is willing to um, help me get there :) I don't own a car. Eh. If no one budges then eh, I don't know what the hell I'll do. But I have to do something.
Shakespeare... I may be VERY interested if you are offering.
I never even saw SF on sale (the showtime was grayed out for me). Are you sure it was on sale?
Uh oh, Portland up, already sold out, but you don't find out until processing. Same error as last time, or really sold out, I wonder?
Spikecam21, that sucks in so so many ways. Anyone here with a Norfolk ticket? Come on, cough it up for Spikecam21.
NOOO!!! SLC is already sold out? They weren't even up a few minutes ago! That sucks...
orphea, SF was on sale but it just went that quickly. I got as far as attempting to pay but I was too late.
Sacramento is up, but saying that it's sold out at the final page. It did this on the first screening, too, and after a little while tickets were available. So here's hoping. *crosses fingers*
Re: Portland. I checked at 10:00 and they weren't up. Then at 10:10 they were sold out, but not until processing. Hopefully an error and not true!

Did *anybody* actually get PDX tix?

[ edited by teel77 on 2005-06-09 19:16 ]
Cincinnati is live!

If anyone can, PLEASE get 3 extra tickets for me!
What the hell? I've been refreshing all morning, and I never saw SF on sale either!
I feel so impotent here, not having a credit card and just staring at the buy ticket link for Portland, longing to click on it and enter information. Man, I wish I had a credit card. I need 2 or 3 Portland tickets, so my brother can go on his birthday. I don't know how lucky I'll get this time.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-06-09 19:21 ]
The first attempt at Sac got sold out - but I don't think it is - and now "Can't Find Server". So those overnight updates went well, didn't they. Big help.
I suggest any of you Browncoats that are ticketless go check out the physical theater location. I could just be grumpy because of my experiences with Regal in Atlanta, but they said that not all the tickets would be sold on Fandango; only about half of them would. I just got in my car and drove down there. This is of course after I was for the second screening that they wouldn't be sold in person, only on Fandango.

Speaking of which, I'm going to try to pimp it out to my friends, but if that doesn't work, I'll have an extra Atlanta ticket I can sell at cost. However, as of 12:30 for Atlanta only about half the tickets were sold. It is up on Fandango though.
Anusien, check my above posts and see if you know any Browncoats a little further South. Going to school now.
Man I hope they put up the listing soon, I have to be somewhere by 4 p.m. Damn Fandango!
Not to defend predatory scalpers, but to whomever was griping about the lack of a "Buy it Now" option on several of the ebay listings, that's not how "Buy it Now" works. You can list a "Buy it Now" price when you create the option, but the moment someone actually bids on the item (ie, decides not to use the "Buy it Now," risking that they can bid for it cheaper), the "Buy it Now" option disappears.
Grrrrr, Argh & double damn! Portland is sold out already. Ack!!!!
johnmusicbox, I have a message for you from someone. A person named Miranda emailed me saying she will buy tickets for you. Contact her at dyl16 at yahoo dot com.
Serefina716, please let your friend know he/she can email me at martha at sherwinbeach dot com -

forever grateful!

[ edited by wrecks on 2005-06-09 19:30 ]
Color me naive, but people are scalping these on ebay? I don't know why I'm shocked, but that is so non-browncoatian.
Scratch my previous complaint- I have tickets! Woot!
Personally, I'd be more surprised if there wasn't scalping going on. But then I'm bitter and cynical. And frankly irritated at Fandango at the moment, but that would be another, only minorly related issue.
Shakespeare, if you can't help angellove, I may have an extra ticket to spare, maybe. BTW, nice meeting you. Do we know if the theater sold out yet?
I don't understand how the scalpers are planning on getting tickets to people. I mean, in SF anyway, you have to show up with the credit card used to purchase and physically slide it in this little machine to get your tickets. Are scalpers planning on doing that? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The only theaters many of them are scalping at are the ones that let you print your tickets online. Or their local theaters.
Ug, I keep getting the "Sold Out" message in Sacramento.
Ah. Then I'm guessing scalpers aren't responsible for SF selling out in milliseconds, then? Part of me is hoping that movietickets just shut off purchasing for a little bit and that there really are some more tickets available. Yes, I realize how pathetic I sound.
I'm kind of guessing/hoping that SF was bought out by the SF Browncoats rather than scalpers - when I went to the May 5th screening, I got the impression they'd bought a fairly big amount of the seats.
fr0g - Glad to know you're working on it. I've been trying to get 1 for you - it's all I feel comfortable buying with my friend's cc when I can't ask her.
Is scalping in this context illegal? Can complaints be made to ebay? If the ebay scalpers have to take their auctions down and can't profit, maybe that will eliminate the incentive to scalp next time around.
If anyone sees tix for Sacramento go up on ebay, or can say whether they bought some, I would appreciate it. I don't think it's actually sold out, but I'd rather not waste my time if it is.

Thanks in advance.
Angela -- thanks. I really appreciate that. But it's probably best not to get that extra ticket for me. If I just come away from this with one ticket, my wife will kill me.
Gotcha. I figured if I had one for you, you may have better odds getting just one more elsewhere, as opposed to two.

Good luck.
The Indianapolis tickets are now on sale on Fandango and are still available.
Ebay is constructed so that you can't set up an illegal scalping auction. All the ticket sales that go on there are legal.
I haven't read up on the laws/policies of it much, but isn't it only illegal if it's illegal to scalp in the state where the seller resides? Or the event is taking place? Or something, I'm woefully ignorant. But I seem to recall seeing that in some instances, what they're doing is not, in fact, illegal.
Well, I just called the SF theatre, and it is in fact sold out. 10 minutes. Except that I was refreshing the page, and never saw them go on sale, so I'm not exactly sure what happened. If anyone has extras, orphea and I would appreciate 4. :)
Austin theater staffers SUCK, at least in terms of being, y'know, ACCURATE. Tix went on sale sometime after I left for lunch and are already gone.

This would be so much easier if we didn't need things like food, sleep, and the occasional trip to the bathroom.
Right, eBay is made of special polymers that resist illegality :) Sorry, my sarcastic side coming out... wait, do I have a nonsarcastic side? eBay's ticket policy:

eBay permits resale of tickets to entertainment events (including sporting events, concerts, and plays) to the fullest extent permitted by law. Ticket sellers are responsible for ensuring that transactions do not violate any applicable law. For information on specific state guidelines, please see "Additional Information" below.

So, to summarize: it varies by locality and we aren't going to take responsibility for enforcing it. edit: Although apparently they do location checks, which is good, cause people never, you know, lie.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-09 20:05 ]
Thanks gingeriffic, but I was just double checking my dates and I might not even be in the states for the 24th (planning long term is so difficult in this line of work). I am going to have to be a hermit until I can see it so I stay spoiler free!
I think Portland and Sacramento are both Fandango issues, not actual sell-outs (yet). No one on either board has posted that they were actually able to get them, and it seems like someone would have if they had actually been available. Keep hoping (and refreshing!)
Here's a link to ebay's ticket policies. If you click on "Show More Info" at the bottom, you can look at the state by state breakdown of laws. You physically can't set up an auction that breaks these laws.
I'm sure the scalpers would say what they're doing is legal. But if it's not clear cut, sometimes the only way to really find out if something is illegal is to take the person to court and see what a judge decides.

I'm igorant about stuff like this too. But I do have a friend who is a lawyer. Maybe it's worth asking her.

But I do take your point, MatM. I'm sure ebay has done their homework on this kind of thing.
Is there anything preventing a bunch of us from creating fake Ebay accounts, and repeatedly bidding/winning and then not paying? I REALLY want to get these guys and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do based on Ebay's policies.
Was scrolling leisurely through this thread at work to see if more friends had ticket bounty, and i laughed into my water bottle when i saw the top of this post:
Right, eBay is made of special polymers that resist illegality

Scrolling further revealed: zeitgeist. Figures. ;)
Yeah, whodathunkit, eh barest_smidgen? :) would do something that is technically illegal to stop something that is technically not?
MattM -- they are just venting and I feel for them. They are feeling the 'eye for an eye' that comes with knowing someone is making a killing screwing their friends.
PDX, we have successful ticket sales.
Portland is LIVE. someone bought 5 tix. Go! And get me a couple. :)
I think Sacramento is really sold out. Now you can't even click on the showtime anymore.
PDX is sold out. :(
I'm not saying I don't understand being upset that you didn't get tickets. And I personally would have tried to limit ticket sales to 4 per transaction to eliminate ticket-broker type people. But those screenings were going to sell out in a very short amount of time regardless. People selling on the secondary market make it possible for other people who aren't as dedicated/obsessive as to stay up all night checking Fandango to see these screenings. You may feel that some of those people are less deserving. And that's valid. But it's also just an opinion.

And, again, this isn't a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We're not talking about tickets to a Beatles Reunion here. It's a movie that will be out in a few months anyway. Hard for me to get too angry about it, I guess. Of course, I saw it on 5/5, so take that with a grain of salt.

After watching a greedy individual purchase 20 tickets to scalp on eBay (oh yes, he will be going to that special hell), I decided that it was high time to spread some goodwill. So, I'm giving away six tickets (3 sets of 2) to the Indianapolis, IN screening.

I'll post this in it's own thread, lest it get buried here, but for now just follow this link to enter:

Serenity Ticket Giveaway

Pass on the Goodwill. Best of luck. Keep Flying!
MattM -- point taken, but these people 'making it possible for others' are making it possible at a profit and are one big reason the less obsessive didn't get the tickets to begin with.
IT'S FIXED fr0g - GO! Got mine!
Pass on the Goodwill. Best of luck. Keep Flying!

Shakespeare | June 09, 20:27 CET

You give Browncoats a good name!

(My spares are already going to a worthy cause.)
If anyone has a couple extra Portland tix, email me at electricspacegirl at gmail dot com. PlEASE PLEASE PLEASE! So my brother can see Serenity on his birthday. I'm willing to buy 2 tickets. Somebody? Anybody? *sobs*
Miami is still selling

Here's Las Vegas -- selling too

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2005-06-09 20:41 ]
Shakspeare, since you indicated that you wanted this posted, and you are not allowed to post to your own site, I took it upon myself to do it for you. Hope that was alright...
Yep, longest Whedonesque thread ever.
Angela -- You're awesome! I got mine now too. I had totally given up but just decided to check back here on a whim.
And now the remaining:

Charlotte NC is now up

Nothing yet for Vancouver BC, or Pheonix

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2005-06-09 20:48 ]
TLO, I'm with you. How anyone with a username like that could do this to other fans. Since the reserve hasn't been met yet and there's several more days, this person is going to make a killing. I have nothing against free enterprise, but this is just wrong. If these people would just leave it alone, free enterprise would work properly, the tickets would still sell out at their fair market value (which is ticket price) and noone would get gouged by someone who has not added any value to the ticket. None of you can convince me that this is okay.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.
I'm so glad fr0g! I've been sitting on my hands, hoping you were purchasing yours. :)
I noticed that the Fandango page for Portland went live and was instantanously sold out this morning. This is, of course, more or less impossible. After trying a few times to purchase tickets -- hoping that it was a system glitch -- I decided to play a long shot: I actually drove to the Century Eastport and bought four tickets from a real live human.

She informed me that sometimes the actual ticket availability upload is slower than the page that says they're available. This is a dirty trick.

She also told me someone had come in and bought twenty tickets. I'm guessing that was for scalping purposes. And that so boils my blood that I will, in the near future, be holding a contest at to GIVE AWAY at least two of my tickets.

Anyway. As of about 10:45 a.m., they were still selling them at Eastport. I have no idea if it's too late now.

[ edited by HudsonVC on 2005-06-10 17:51 ]
I just bought my ticket! Whoo hoo! would do something that is technically illegal to stop something that is technically not?

That's why I'm asking... if it's illegal I won't do it... I'm more thinking of doing something slightly unethical to stop something I think is a little more unethical. Yeah, two wrongs don't make a right, but I'm pissed and I actually GOT tickets. I can't imagine how those who didn't get tickets, who haven't gotten tickets for any of the 3 screenings, feel.
Well, an ebay bid is supposedly a binding contract. So, while it's possible you won't get into trouble, it is technically a breach of contract.
Nevermind that by doing that you're preventing someone who does want to go and is bidding (even though they're feeding the evil that is the scalper) from going.
Phoenix is finally up! Yes!
Now Phoenix is up, which means just Vancouver left.

Miami I think there's still some left

Las Vegas sold out
Charlotte sold out

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2005-06-09 20:56 ]
I think the reason people get away with profiting from amoral, semi-legal things like scalping tickets is that nobody ever challenges them. Ebay’s policy is probably correct and what the scalpers are doing is probably legal. But to me, it’s worth the time it will take to do a little research and find out if this is actually true.

If this is true, I’ll even go one further and say the scalpers have a right to scalp (if they can live with themselves). But by the same logic, I have a right to sit around and fume about it – and, if I’m able, to come up with a way of legally screwing them over in the same way they’re legally screwing us over.
Congrats to everybody who got tickets. I am happy for you... And sad that here in London, we don't even have a chance to miss out on buying them! Oh woe - where are the British screenings? I guess that there are valid reasons, but it seems so unfair. I'll stop complaining now - sorry.
Well they finally added Canada, so at least they're branching out..?
wow. I've been offline since i realized Chicago sold out. I can't believe this thread is almost up to 450 comments!
Say what you will about the scalpers (who i'm sure will be on ebay in full force, making a killing, quite soon), but I'm sure at least a bit of the crazy fast sell-out times were due to fans like those here eagerly refreshing their browsers for hours on end, and buying tix as soon as the theater came on line.

As for the scalpers - there is always that special place in hell. I don't know if I support Okkay's idea, but i'd see nothing wrong with people peppering them with emails telling them just what they think of their opportunism.
MattM, if the "principle of dirty hands" applies, and I think in MOST states there are rules against scalping, a scalper would be a moron to take you to court for breach of contract.

As for *my* ticket, I'd never sell it. I love Serenity waaaaay too much. My husband and I almost bought 2 sets of tickets. Now I wish we had. . . so we could sell them for face value. Or E-bay them for face value. Now wouldn't that be fun. . .
I got 2 tickets in Vancouver by going to the theatre. They told me they were having problems uploading the info onto the website.
Yes, Jet Wolf, you are right and that gives me some hope that they might branch out just that little bit further.
GrrAargh - Very few states have prohibitive anti-scalping laws. There's a breakdown of the states that do on the ebay page. Many states, however, have laws about how close to a venue you can be when you're selling tickets, but that doesn't really have any bearing on ebay. And I never said that a scalper might take you to court, simply that it was a breach of contract. If someone chooses to breach that contract, that's their choice, but it is what it is.

And I feel the same way. I had two tickets for the 5/5 screening. At that point, there was no word that there would be any more, and tickets were going on ebay for as high as $300 each. My girlfriend and I decided not to sell. But I don't fault those who made a different decision.
I've got a friend who's in a "maybe" state on his ticket- he'll have to drive several hours, and he's not sure he'll have the money for it. But even if he can't make it, I'm selling it for face value at the show. No point in getting rich off my fellow Browncoats for it.

Mal would kick someone's ass for something like that.
Well to add to the wanting of cities in the UK list: You gotta have Southampton in there! You just gotta! Particuarly because I live there!
Phoenix is sold out. Took maybe 15 minutes. Slackers.

Edit: Oops. I have to correct this aspersion. The theater manager reports they sold out in 5 minutes.

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Thanks for posting the free ticket offer Newcj. I posted it here, and then noticed the 'Do not post your own stuff' guidlines for news and didn't put it up on the home page.

The fine people that run this board mentioned in their guidlines that people would find it (and thanks to you it's front and center). Thanks :)
Elizabeth sold out between the time I was in school, when they were not yet on sale, and the time I got home.

I'm crushed. The first one anywhere near me, and I missed it. Thanks in no small part, I'm sure, to scalpers.

Sigh. Back to counting down the days. I think I'm done even thinking about future screenings - getting your hopes up just isn't worth the heartache, especially for someone like me, who can never manage to be in the right place at the right time.
Anyone have Toronto extras?
Anyone have Toronto extras?

Yeah. Anybody? Pretty pleeeeease? :(
Vancouver tickets seem to be sold out too now (based on the website info).
Wow, over 450 comments? And the 'versal boards are down.
Daromaius, Do not give up hope. I do not know how many of my friends will be able to go. I may have an extra ticket or someone else here may. Also check the official board because there was someone there who was going to try to buy extras for needy Browncoats.
Is that all the cities sold out now?
I'll second something a few others have suggested -- go by the theater tonight. For the 5/5 screening, it supposedly sold out at around noon. People were turned away from line, but there were rumors that more tickets might be released at 6. I went by at 5:45 and bought four.

It might be a long shot, but if it pays off...
The only city left that's not sold out is Miami, or so the site says.
Miami is still selling.
Apparently SF is 100% sold out, according to people who went to the theater in person, just so nobody here wastes a trip. I really wanted two tickets, but now it looks like I'm left relying on the kindness of other...flans? flen? get them.

The scalper issue is definitely disheartening, but I can't help hoping it all balances out with the fans who bought extra to lend a helping hand to others.
I'm almost certain I'm going to have a few Albany extras. I am, of course, going to be willing to sell those at face value (around $11), to some needy browncoats. My email is Let me know if you're interested. I'm not yet sure how many extra I'll have, but it'll, at the very least, be four tickets.
Just a quick question -- for those who believe that the supposed prevalence of scalpers is what caused the tickets to sell out so quickly (or at least a major factor), couldn't the same be said about those who bought extras they knew they wouldn't need? Regardless of whether they intend to give them away or sell them at cost, they theoretically prevented the ticketing process from working like some believe it "should."

I realize this leaves the question of profit aside, but that doesn't seem to be what some people here are upset about. I'm just trying to probe the logic.
"I realize this leaves the question of profit aside, but that doesn't seem to be what some people here are upset about. I'm just trying to probe the logic. "

In my case, I purchased a couple of extra tickets, giving first priority to family and friends who are not already fans of the Whedonverse and haven't seen it. If there are any left over, those will go to people here who were not able to get them - and only for the price I paid (I have a couple of people from here waiting in the wings). I hated seeing people being gouged for their tickets the last time around, so the more you take away from the scalpers and give back to the fans/potential fans, the better.

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Oh boo. Thanks for the info, MattM. I just figured scalping laws would be more specific than just a proximity issue. Too bad about that.

But you raise a good point with your last post. . .
MattM, you're reading many of us 100% wrong if you think that the question of profit isn't what we're upset about. That's *exactly* what I'm upset about. As for people buying extras to pass on to friends/friendly area browncoats at cost, I would much rather see someone do this than someone buy a bunch of tickets to make a profit off of on eBay. At least then there is less scalper action. There are those who view this scalping behavior in purely pragmatic terms - as just capitalism doing its thing - or as a moral issue on which that they come down on the side of scalpers. Or both. Others, like me, have another moral viewpoint: that preying on fellow browncoats' fervent desire to see Serenity is nasty. If you want to push this further and argue that those who buy extras to give away at cost means that said buyers are "profiting" in some more esoteric sense and thus I'm being illogical, go ahead. It won't sway me. And I doubt it'd sway a lot of others here.

I do, however, think that a good part of the reason the tickets sold out so fast is that everyone and their brother and their brother's brother was online and and ready to buy. The links have been up for ages, plus the official Serenity fan site now has nearly 37,000 members! No, I'm not surprised at all that 35 theaters selling tickets for screens with maybe 250-350 seats on average sold out so fast.
I second Phleb's comments, that the profit motive makes a big difference. Regarding buying extras for, say, other Whedonesquers or friends who weren't online at the time or even without knowing exactly who you were buying them for, i can see an excellent motive – you know that its going to sell out quickly no matter what, and this is a way to let some people who weren't online for the 5 or 10 or even 60 minutes a link was up go see it, without having to resort to ebay scalpers. Knowing such scalpers *are* out there gives an even better motive to buy extras.

I know how appreciative I was when Zeitgeist gave me his extra to the first screening - granted, he bought it for a friend who was later unable to go, but even if he had just bought a few extras to offer to whedonesquers living in chicago, i think that would have been worthy. If i had gotten the chance to buy tickets this time i was planning on buying a couple extras to offer to people like Harmalicious or others in Chicago who weren't able to.

Buying extras purely to make enormous profits is a whole different ball game.

ETA: Just to make it clear: What I (and i believe at least a few others on this board) were upset about wasn't the tickets selling out so quickly – which can frankly be seen as something for Joss and Universal to be really proud of, and which might help as an attention-drawing point for Serenity. It was the fact that, based on the tickets going up on E-Bay, some people were buying them only with profit in mind.

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The profit issue is certainly the dealbreaker for me. One group sells the tickets at no profit, one sells them hideously overpriced to exploit fans.

A lot of people upthread complained that online ticket sellers should be able to set limits and such so they knew that the tickets were going to the people they "should". If that's not possible, it makes sense that a few fans tried to make sure tickets found a good home at face value. They wouldn't have felt inclined to buy extra in the first place, if scalpers hadn't been selling them on eBay for the last screenings.

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Phlebotinin, I was going by the comments of many that went something like, "Thanks to the scalpers, I wasn't able to get tickets." Apart from being probably factually incorrect (I think that last time like 100 tickets or so made it on to ebay--a pretty insignificant number, given the number of seats), it seems that the same logic could be applied to people buying tickets they don't need for some sort of future use.

Basically, what it comes down to is this: if you buy tickets for some future use, you are taking it upon yourself to set standards for who is going to get the ticket. Maybe you have a random drawing. Maybe you say, "First one to respond" gets them. Maybe you have an essay contest. Maybe you sell them. Regardless, you have taken the ticket out of the intended distribution method. Issues of profit aside (and if that is your main issue, fine, I'm not addressing you), there really isn't much difference.

And, again, I think sales should be limited to 4 tickets per person. That way, neither one can happen (in any sort of mass quantities). (S)He who gets tickets, gets tickets.
Leaving aside the question of profit leaves aside what most people are objecting to. I actually started this post and ended up getting dragged off to work type activity... Suffice it to say I agree with Phleb and acp. The question of profit is central to what we're upset about. And this time, from what I've observed, a lot of people were driven to buy in blocks for fellow browncoats for fear of scalpers beating them to it. Did this have the net effect of contributing to the quick sellout and thus altered distribution? Sure. Do they get to browncoats without a cost of $50 this way? Yes. So it is by FAR the lesser of the two evils.

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Yep - I too am hoping some nice Seattle browncoat or whedonesquer finds they have a nice spare to give a poor, down and out, er, overpaid IT guy :-)
What bothers me is that people are buying tickets in bulk and reselling them to fans for more than they paid (pretty much the definition of scalping). They’re adding no value to the product whatsoever.

A second issue I have is that scalpers are increasing the price of tickets made available to us (the fans) in part out of appreciation for our support in keeping Firefly alive after it was canceled.

There’s nothing wrong with people who buy extra tickets for their friends, and resell their tickets for face value once they discover their friends can’t make it to the movie. I don’t see much point in buying tickets for the sole purpose of reselling them at face value. You might as well leave those tickets on Fandango where everyone knows about them and has the same opportunity to buy them.

I don’t know how many tickets scalpers are buying up, but the fact that some people are doing things like buying blocks of 15 seats and selling them on Ebay is enough to make me angry.
And today was when my copy of Finding Serenity came in the mail. Funny, in a way...
Miami is now sold out. That's a wrap.
MattM, I think people who stayed up all night and wore their refresh finger to the bone and couldn't get tickets because they were sold out in a minute or two are just frustrated and venting. I think they should be allowed to just vent for a bit. What they're feeling is understandable. People really, really REALLY want to see this movie even though, yes, it is coming out in three months and change. That's why scalpers are doing what they're doing. People feel strongly about this. I say, let folks spew and get it out.

As for scalpers, perhaps they were responsible for more of a percentage of tickets selling out this time than last time. Time (and eBay postings) will partially tell. From what we know now, which isn't much since we're not fandango and assorted PTB, it seems academic to discuss this much further. Unless many people really want to discuss it, of course. I'll bow out of further discussions myself. Except I will say this: I agree that a ticket buying limit would be a good idea. I doubt it'll happen, though.

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Uh oh, you know what this means? The thread may die before 500... yeah, I know completely pointless post... /bad me
OMG! I had a heart attack when I came home from school today, finding out that there was a screening in Toronto. I check it out, and all the tickets are already gone! WTF!?!? I knew school was good for nothing.... *pout* So close, and yet so far...

I don't get the idea of "adding value" to something. If I found, say, a comic book in a shop or at a yard sale that the owner was selling for a price that was a fraction of its value, then would my snapping it up and reselling it for a profit be immoral?
MattM -- thats not really the same thing in any meaningful way. Rather than bang out six paragraphs on why I am bowing out of this as well. Grats again to all who will be enjoying the Serenity love come 6/23 (or 23/6 as some say).

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AD: Lonely Jossian seeks ticket(s) for Indianapolis screening... ;)
Just checked ebay (out of curiousity) and there are people selling 15 tickets at a time. That is scalping for profit. And it is profiting that doesn't benefit Serenity, Joss or anyone else. It just benefits the scalpers. I doubt very very much Joss or Universal would appreciate it. These showings were to spread the word about Serenity and to NOT make extra money for little capitalist entrepeneurs. These buyers are not "fans" - they are business people making money. To which again I will say - may your karma catch up to you soon (at least before my dogma bites you in the ass!) (Just kidding - there will be biting going on at anytime)
Zeitgeist and Phelbotinin: Fair enough. I'll bow out myself, with a hearty "Enjoy the show" to everybody that got tickets.
Cool: cheers, MattM :)
The serenity tickets are a fraction of its value??
can I edit my comment? It's supposed to be "there will be NO biting going on at anytime"
that is just embarrassing.
sheesh (are we closer to 500 yet?)
And also - everyone please have fun at the screenings. And just show up and hope for tix - even if you don't get tix you can hang with cool fans.
ruthless1 - I was just chuckling at your biting comment and now I hear its not the case... oh, well :)
Since the world doesn't revolve to my whim, I can at least note a silver lining on the scalper cloud. It's one more drop in the buzz ocean. Maybe a non-initiate will see the offering and start wondering why a movie ticket woould be so valued. Maybe lead to another ticket or two in September.
I will say one more thing, then I'm done -- I think those who saw the last two screenings drive up huge prices on ebay and tried to get in on this round are going to be disappointed. With a few of the larger new screening locations excepted, I think the number of people willing to pay more than 4 or 5 times the ticket price has pretty much been tapped. I think most of the tickets on ebay will go for under $40-$45 each. Still a profit, but probably not what the bulk buyers were hoping for.

And, quite honestly, unless you have an extreme moral repulsion to scalpers, if you can afford it, I don't think $30-$35 is too much to pay to see the movie this early. If I hadn't already seen it, I'd probably drop that.

[ edited by MattM on 2005-06-10 00:21 ]
MattM - some good points.
MattM, I think you've brought up several good points in your posts. I’m always impressed with how people on this site can have legitimate disagreements without it degenerating into a flame war.

I think it depends on you’re perspective: What one person considers amoral, someone else might be just fine with.

I'd like to think I'd tell the guy at your yard sale that his comic books is worth a lot of money. But even if I snapped it up and resold it for a profit, that would still be different than what the scalpers are doing. In your example, most of the people who would want to buy the comic book don't know about it and wouldn't have the chance to buy it at the yard sale. I guess the value you’d be adding in this case would be putting in the effort it took you to go to the yard sale and then advertise the comic book to a larger audience.

You could argue that scalpers are doing the same thing by buying tickets and selling them to rich people who were sleeping or at work when the tickets went on sale. But for me, that crosses the line, because in this case (unlike at your yard sale) you have many other people staying up late trying to buy those same tickets. In fact, I’d guess that the people who eventually care enough about seeing Serenity to buy tickets from a scalper for $100 per seat are some of the same people who were trying to buy tickets from Fandango, but couldn’t because a scalper bought up a big block of tickets.
But wait, you can't leave it there. We haven't reached 500 posts yet. I mean, I'm sure you have more to say. mmmm ... what about the lemurs?
In fact, I’d guess that the people who eventually care enough about seeing Serenity to buy tickets from a scalper for $100 per seat are some of the same people who were trying to buy tickets from Fandango, but couldn’t because a scalper bought up a big block of tickets.

Or because good-hearted fans bought blocks to give away to people who frequented message boards...

Okay, now that my argument has come full circle, I really am done. Thanks for the compliments, gang. Cheers!
Ah well, all sold out. Knew I couldn't make it down to Dallas anyway. When I first saw this post this morning, I was afraid for a moment. What if 35 was too many, what with all the others, what if they didn't all sell out. It would look bad for our guy. I guess that was a little silly of me, I got weak. Yea BDM!
Wow. I started the longest thread ever? (so far!) Wow.
I'm one of the people looking after the "anyone got an extra ticket for Toronto" question on our Canadian Browncoats yahoo group. Need to be a member to post. And if you do, be sure to say you are a Whedonesquer. We've gotten a couple of people who are joining just to score tickets. I don't want to see any end up on ebay - especially since I owe the fact that I'm going to someone who bought one for me.
Toronto gets Serenity. *happy sigh*
Well, I'm back to the magic talking internets box, in one piece. I wasn't sleeping at 3 minutes after 1AM this morning when I hit the Seattle Fandango purchase button on the last stage of my my order, only to have the dreaded words "This performance is sold out" hit me over the head. In the tongue of my ancient hippie tribe, "Bummer"

I know, I know, I've already seen the BDM, but I was bringing more recruits, and if I had extra tickets for some reason, they were going at face value to fellow flans from this board. Trust me.

I'm glad for Joss' success and all who will get to see this screening. But I'm sad for all us suckas who lost so much sleep to no avail.

500 yet?

[ edited by m'cookies on 2005-06-10 00:57 ]
MattM - This is a dead conversation at this point - everyone has made their point, I just wanted to say that I do hear what you're saying. I understand the motivation behind buying blocks of tickets to give away at cost to those on the message boards, sheltering people from the inflated cost of the scalped tickets. And it's a nice one, but I've thought from the beginning that the end result is the same - less available in pairs for those who put in the hours just waiting to take the boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/best friend, etc.

It's going to be a clusterfuck no matter what. So, I'm not criticising anyone. Even the scalpers are providing tickets to those who have no time to be on the boards, don't want to put in the effort, and/or don't want to write essays, etc., to attempt to win one from a Browncoat who bought a batch. I'm not saying give them (the scalpers) a medal or anything - but all of this is inevitable.

Ticket limits would be nice - but enterprising Browncoats could get around it. I've got visions of Browncoats teams, at the ready on their computers, with a set of pagers, so the first one to get tickets can push one button to signal the others, each buying the maximum allowed # of tickets.

In the end, we're all going to get to see the movie, though I understand the heartbreak of missing out on these, but there's just no completely effective solution.
Really, the only effective solution is the patience to wait until September.
Or fly over to the UK if those rumoured screenings are happening in August.
I commented earlier that I have Albany tickets available. My email server has been down since around noon today so any emails any of you might have sent to me expressing interest in tickets was lost in the ether of cyberspace. My email again is I'm not sure yet how many I will have available. I need to see how many of my remaining friends will be able to make it first, but I can almost assure you it will be at least four tickets available. Email me if interested. Tickets will be sold at cost (~$11).
I don't remember anyone was arguing that selling tickets for a profit was moral. Capitalistic yes, but not moral. As always, it is a pleasure to read this site.

I was hoping for #499, but Simon got it.

I stand corrected. I did get #499. Cool.

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Well it's been one hell of a thread and I can't wait to read everyone's reviews on June 23rd.

Heh. 500th comment. Now there's something you don't see every day.
It actually looks like Simon got 500!

ETA: Now why didn't I see that second Simon sentence?

Ticketitis, maybe....

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Zeitgeist, I can't help but recall your words in regards to scalpers--"profiteering wank monkey". Still makes me laugh!
Wow, over 500 posts!?

I cannot believe that I am just now hearing about this! I live in Riverside and the Jurupa Theatre is the only theatre we go to to see movies. That's what I get for not keeping up with all you wonderful Whedonesquers... I've been away way too long.
I'm proud of little Salt Lake City for selling out so fast.
Well, I for one think scalpers suck, but when you look for a miracle and find a free one, it's pretty cool.
MattM, I have to say I do find your logic impressive. You did make a couple points I hadn't considered.

But scalpers still suck. So, if any remote Deep Southerner is looking for a ticket, I have two extra for Tampa which I immediately snapped up for other Browncoats who didn't get them. Tampa actually didn't sell out as fast as others. It's nothing like the other massive cities where they sell out faster.

So, you want two FREE tix to Tampa?
"Maybe you have an essay contest."
Not a bad idea. Drop me an email at and tell me in one short sweet paragraph why you're deserving. If I get multiple responses, I'll draw names.

I actually offered two to a fellow loyal Whedonesquer/Browncoat newbie in my town and she has to work... but urged me to find another Browncoat. Make your day, make my day, and my screw you to scalpers is a freebie.

I'm always broke but $16.00 so a Browncoat can be happy and a scalper can't profit ain't a thing to me.
anybody with extra TORONTO tickets I am willing to pay 3X+ the value of the ticket just for one!!

Email me if you got one!!!
Rip2 - go to and check out thier message board. I think that you might even be able to find a ticket that someone would be willing to sell for only cost.
Anyone know if electricspacegirl got Portland tickets? She was trying so hard... esg, were you successful?
Totally need one in the midwest.
Closest to me would be illionois, and that's still a long way away.
Oh how I hate being born in the midwest.
Omaha sucks.
"profiteering wank monkey". Still makes me laugh!

/grin for the reminder- forgot that I had said that. I occasionally make with the funny in the big threads. I'll just put that one right alongside the ' Right, eBay is made of special polymers that resist illegality :)' comment. Luckily, MattM saw the humor in that ;)
God, am I depressed? Not only because I didn't get tickets, but because I spent the day in Watonga, OK. It is the most backwards, depressing town.

SHELAGHC and SEREFINA716, still have extras? I'll take 2 or hell, I'll go by myself! I'm obviously out of town right now, but I can now get on line and check my email at my mother in law's house (Chickasha, OK...not quite as depressing as Watonga)

ACP, you are very sweet for thinking of me. I also agree with your comments on the oh so considerate scalpers.
There you are Harmalicious. I felt so bad when the Chicago tickets went on sale minutes after you signed off to go on your trip. I hope someone got tickets for you. (fingers crossed)
"Rip2 - go to and check out thier message board. I think that you might even be able to find a ticket that someone would be willing to sell for only cost."

Signed up for a membership.. Do you know how long it takes for approval?
ok, ummm, hello Whedonesquers! I go away from a fairly quiet board 2 days ago to....this!!! My God is this the longest thread ever on this board?? I am shocked!!! It wasn't that long ago that when a thread made it to 64 messages that it was impressive. Now, Joss with all his pre-movie hype is getting the Whedonesquers worked up into some kind of fevered frenzy. He's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy. God love him.
Thanks, everything is crossed...waiting to hear back from a couple of people. How bad does my timing suck?
He's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy.

I'm Brian of Nazareth, and so's my wife!

Harm -- best of luck with the Serenity-having.
I had to go to work about 20 mins before Cincy went live (go figure! *facepalm*); Thank goodness for order-buy-phone, I was able to secure my tickets from my cell phone *huge sigh of relief followed by ecstatic "whooOOoo" noises*. I was almost too excited to hit the right keys on my phone, haha. Couldn't believe I was actually hearing them announce the "Special Advance Preview" screening.

Thank you to all my fellow Browncoats the helped me stay entertained (albeit a bit unecessarily) though the night and past morning. *salute*
This has to be the longest thread with the most replys in the history of Whedonesque!!! Or at least for as long as I've been here.
Yeah, ShotgunWes, just look up for Simon confirmation.
OMG, when I last was able to look at this thread, there were about 200 replies. What a difference a few hours make!

Congrats to everyone who got tickets. What diligence and devotion (and fast refresh/redial button-pushing)! And curses to the Ebay scalpers. Beyond that, I just had to post to be a part of history on this board!
Guess it *will* be a "day of mourning," for me, at least. Missed the first two screenings while I was overseas. As for this one - guess I'm not a fast enough typer. :(
Looking forward to everyone's thoughts on the movie after this latest screening, and I hope everyone will contact the press in the host cities to get some media buzz.
*sigh* Next time. I will. Get tickets.
For what little it's worth, I'm giving away at least two tickets in Portland, albeit with a contest attached:

The Six-Word 'Serenity' Contest

If this violates the self-link policy, I apologize.
Holy crap. True story: I had nightmares about E-bay last night. *shudder* Everyone around me was trying to get rich quick without working much...
obsessed, check around and let people know what city you need tickets for. Someone may end up with an extra ticket.
I still need one more Portland ticket. HudsonVC, that contest is hard. I just woke up and I can't think straight. I'm trying though.
esg, I read a comment on the Brown Board that said Portland was showing sold out, and this person called the theater and they said they hadn't even sold one single ticket yet. This was yesterday so I'm sure most have gone by now, but it may be worth your time to give that theater a ring.
Heck, esg, I'll even make the trip to Portland once more with feeling to see the BDM with you again. Grab me a couple of spares!

Feeble attempt at humor.
Hey, m'cookies, help me win that contest, and you can come!
If this violates the self-link policy, I apologize.

Guys, just to be clear ('cos this has come up a few times in this one thread):

as the about section explains, "Linking to your own stuff in the comments is acceptable, if relevant to the discussion." It's self-links on the front page that are not allowed.
Toronto Whedonesquers - there are no more tickets! We would love to have you join the Candadian Browncoats but if you are doing so to score tickets, there's no point. Sorry.
Just contacted my local newspaper's entertainment columnist, gushing about Joss and begging to do a guest review.
One in Michigan would have been nice. *tear*
note: LAS VEGAS IS *STILL* *NOT* SOLD OUT as of noon Friday. You might want to consider saving yourself from ebay with a trip to Vegas.
Recap of the 35 cities, just in case anyone goes back to research this, as I just did:

Albany, NY
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Cincinnati, OH (Newport, KY)

Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Denver, CO
Hartford, CT

Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles CA (Riverside, CA)

Memphis, TN
Miami, FL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY (Elizabethtown, NJ)
Norfolk, VA

Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR

Providence, RI
Sacramento, CA
St. Louis, MO
Salt Lake City, UT
San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA
Tampa, FL
Toronto, ON
Vancouver, BC
Washington, DC

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