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June 09 2005

A Set Report From Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie which still, as of yet, has no name (it was formerly known as 'Revolver'). Anyhow, it's potentially spoilerish but interesting reading and there's some stuff about Southland Tales as well.

I loved the fact that she teased Quint with the Southland Tales graphic novel :) I'm looking forward to this film but definitely looking forward to ST more.
I look forward to both of these movies. She sounds like she is having a ball on the set.
I'm with you guys. I'm really looking forward to both movies. Thanks for the link. Cute story.
Me too. Looking forward to both movies.
I really hate the comments of AICN. I know I shouldn`t read them

People like to bash everything, and everyone.
Agreed, Angel TheVampire! They are not about spreading the love. Why, why, spread bile everywhere?
Looking forward to anything with SMG in though, this one looks interesting. I like it when you get a bit of personality in a story like this, not just 'ooh wow it's so-and-so'. SMG came through with bit of sass there, I feel!
Is anyone else having trouble with aicn? The page just keeps reloading, saying only "This is a temporary redirect until DNS settles." I tried it last night, and again now, same thing.
Angel TheVampire, it only takes one look at AICN's talkbacks to make one appreciate the more thoughtful and adult level of discourse on Whedonesque.

buffbuff, I kept getting that same message a few days ago, but not anymore. How odd.

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