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January 17 2003

(SPOILER) Casting call for BtVS 7x15. I've never seen this site before so I don't know about the authenticity of the following:

"Three African males, 55 to 80 years old needed. Must speak fluent Swahili. These very old African men wearing cowls created the first slayer with their dark magiks. Buffy travels through a portal back in time to find the origins of the very first slayer and confronts these men in Episode 15."

It fits with the synposis for epi 15 so it's probably true. But what I wondering are these three men the original Watchers' Council or something else instead.
Tensai has confirmed this info over at the Spoiler Slayer site. Also, Amy at FilmJerk is known for being a reputable source of info.
According to the legend of the series, The First Slayer was the result of a spell cast by "priests" of a village being attacked by the earliest vampires. I would imagine these elderly gentlemen actors are going to represent those priests. (exact source escapes me, but I'm relatively certain I'm right.)

FACT: From the episode "Restless" we learned through Giles that The First Slayer never had a Watcher. We can also surmise from her appearance in that episode, that The First Slayer was African in origin. That she was among the first homo sapiens. Historians argue this however. Some believe humanity was forged in the "Fertile Crescent" Cradle of Civilization surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Others say humanity was forged in the Northern part of Africa.

SPECULATION (not based on spoilage but is potentially spoilery): These priests may or may not have functioned in a capacity similar to The Watcher's Council. They were the elders of their village and before she was turned into The First Slayer, the village girl would have looked up to them as community leaders. My guess is that they created The First Slayer but didn't have the ability to directly control her actions. They pretty much left her on her own. These priests took the evil power from one of their village's assailants, and somehow converted it into the Slayer energies that made The First Slayer. I believe what Buffy's gonna learn in episode 15 is something Dracula tried to tell her years ago in the episode "Before Dawn" - that her powers stem from the same evil that makes vampires fluorish. In other words, The First Slayer was made by the powers of The First Evil, which will explain why the FE is so darn ticked off, and wants that power back.

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