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June 09 2005

Fast National Ratings for the premiere of 'The Inside'. Zap2it says the show debuted to a 3.2/5. Mediaweek says it "kicked-off with a modest (and fourth-place) 3.8/ 6 in the overnights".

It's been that bloody long since we've done a ratings thread here. Any road, we're not doing a ratings thread for the show every week. But I think people will be interested to see how a show which has Minear, Espenson, Fury and Edlund on board did last night ratings wise. I mean thats kinda like the TV equivalent of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

Personally, I think Fox did not promote this show well. There were very few interviews with the cast or crew and the website is lack lustre.

It was beat by the Dancing with Stars, Law and Order rerun and the reruns of Yes Dear and King of Queens. I can see the first two but beat by Yes Dear?? I wouldnt be suprised if Fox pulled the show before the its 13 run is over. Poor Tim.
If i didn't come on this site and very few average americans, even those who know and like whedonverse shows, come on sites like this i would have had no clue this show was even going to be on. It wasn't reviewed by the NYT, which is the only arts section i read regularly, and i didn't see any promotional stuff for it at all. I saw a brief mention of it in Entertainment Weekly's roundup of new summer shows, though it wasn't mentioned at all in their "what to watch" weekly section.
All of which is to say - I'm not surprised it got off to a lackluster start ratings-wise.

I agree that it doesn't bode well for the show's future. The mixed critical response also doens't help sometimes great reviews can help convinvce a network to keep a show on longer and try to find it an audience, but i think bad ratings plus mixed reviews will make it an uphill battle.

I hope i'm wrong. I still haven't seen it - i was out last night, though i taped the show to watch later.
i watched. I think cop shows are boring but this was pretty good!
here's a review half way down,1002,276|95696|1|,00.html
I forgot it was on until the last ten minutes, which I did watch. Granted, I don't have a neilson box, so my watching or not probably didn't matter. Anyway, it looked good - the little bit that I saw. It does need to be promoted better.
I don't have a nielson box either. How does one get one?
Minear said that there would be a very blatant Angel reference in the pilot. So what was it?
i didn't see any promotional stuff for it at all.

FOX had several promos going for it for the last few weeks.

Minear said that there would be a very blatant Angel reference in the pilot. So what was it?

There was a security guard who worked for 'Wolfram Security'.
charisma from what I can remember, Nielson approach you. It's random selection or something like that.
Security guard who worked for 'Wolfram Security'...I missed that one. I "TiVo-ed" the show so I can go back and look.

I quite enjoyed The Inside. It was very dark and rugged but I thought you got to know the characters fairly well in 45 minutes. Some of the dialog was kind of "Whedonish" it some places.
It is in no way a substitut for ANGEL but it beats a lot of other shows on TV right now.
I watched the episode and was impressed, especially with the ending. The "oops, I did that backwards" or words to that effect coupled with, "we got the bad guy, looks like there won't be a trial" lines were worth watching the entire show for! I think it's very dark and the characters should be extremely compelling....a show that's worth the effort to watch, therefore I expect Fox to pull the plug quickly and replace it with something like "America's Best Belcher"
I really liked it as well. I missed the first 15 minutes, but still enjoyed the characters. The end was a little predictable, but I enjoyed the chance it gave to develop the motives and suspicions of the main players. Very good to see Adam Baldwin and Katie Finneran.

Just gearing myself up for getting my hopes dashed again.
I don't usually like cop shows, and this one is looking to be gorier than most. I can't decide if I'll stick with it or not - of course Fox will probably make that decision for me sooner rather than later.

Katie Finneran had nothing to do this time - I hope she gets meatier stuff in future eps. I missed the Wolfram Security reference - I thought the Angel reference was the quick cut, subliminal image transitions which I always thought were cool.
Minear said that there would be a very blatant Angel reference in the pilot. So what was it?
Actually I believe the reference was to a young blood woman getting ready to enter her apartment being startled by her landlord who was waiting at her door. After being startled the young woman said "Lurk much?"

Also I liked it. It was a pilot episode so there were some mis-steps and some occassional jumps in logic, but I think the potential was really there. I really like all of the characters, and I think there's much potential for growth. I thought the premise was good, and particularly liked the fate of the agent that Rebecca Locke replaces. I like the exchange between Rebecca and the apparent male lead in the elevator where he posited that Web looked for something in each of his employees that he himself lacked. I think that's some a typically wonderful Minear-esque quality for a character to have.

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I normally don't like this kind of show, but I could see the 'verse influence. I really liked it. That must mean it will get cancelled soon.
Minear said that there would be a very blatant Angel reference in the pilot. So what was it?
Actually I believe the reference was to a young blood woman getting ready to enter her apartment being startled by her landlord who was waiting at her door. After being startled the young woman said "Lurk much?"

Sorry, that's a Buffy reference. Sneaky, that Minear!
The Angel reference was Wolfram Security, as posted in the other thread.
Did Tim verify that that was the reference? Did he also mention that the reference would be blatant? I'm pretty big on Buffy and Angel trivia and I certainly didn't pay attention to the security guard. Doesn't really seem blatant to me.
*rolls eyes*

Whatever! That was the reference.

I knew you'd take it the wrong way. I'm just trying to discuss.
Easy there people, I don't want anyone getting riled up in this thread.
I enjoyed the ep. Would like to really give it a chance, hopefully FOX will as well. I liked the little twist ending with the setup and the "oops." I think they did a pretty good job of setting up the personalities, giving you a glimpse of the loyalties and possible frictions later on down the line. Really liked Baldwin's character. Pretty much liked them all except the secondary woman (can't remember her name). Maybe that's part of it, never got too much of a sense of "who" she is.

Didn't catch any "references" and don't mind if I miss them. With that many buffy verse folks involved though I've no doubt we'll see much more "buffy speak" like "Lurk much" and other probably unintentional similarities.

I'm hopeful this show can stand on it's own if given half a chance.

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Ringworm, in the thread posted on the 8th entitled "Six reasons to watch "The Inside" Herc talks about the Angel reference.

The actual reference is in hidden text.

I enjoyed the show. No one delivers sarcasm better than Adam Baldwin, and Peter Coyote delivers that dry humor that I love so much. "Oops, I got that backwards". lol
Thanks! I avoided that article when it was posted since I was avoiding spoilers. I didn't notice the patch with his employer's name on it, but that is definately an Angel reference :).
Wasn't the Wolfram thing on the killer's shirt? I thought that was the reference.
I gotta say, I love Adam Baldwin's characters. He is a freakin' legend.
I was interested in the ermm not sure what the technical term is for the scene transitions is, so I will call them interstitials (if you don't like, that I suggest you invent your own word :)), the padding between scenes that act as transitions... They had an Angelish feel with the time speed up and flashing lights and all. Certainly gave me pause for a smile.
Me too, zeitgeist! Ahhh...the good ole' days. I'm so tired of cop shows with the "murder of the week" with no character arcs. I see this being exactly what I need...dark characters with some historic pasts. I could use a little more humor, but I am sure Tim will cover that with Adam's character in upcoming episodes. As acp stated, I would have never heard of this show if it wasn't for this site. Fox has done a TERRIBLE job with advertising. I hate to say it, but if word doesn't get out that this is a great show, it's a goner!
Do you think they will rerun it?
It would make sense to rerun the premiere. It would make sense to treat a new series as well as ABC treated their two big dramas this past season (Lost and Desperate Housewives), maybe wisely stick the repeats on Saturday nights as they did. The Fox network isn't always keen on making sense though. The smartest thing they've done in ages was premiere the most recent season of 24 (which I haven't seen yet, trying hard to avoid spoilers) in January and run it all without interruption until May. They gave it substantially more advertising than The Inside and even doubled up on episodes (I believe for the premiere and finale nights). I haven't seen much evidence of the execs having adequate brains aside from that.
Fox really should step up their they even belive in advertising?? :-)
I didn't catch the Angel reference either... and was feeling really bad about it. I feel better since others missed it too! The transitions felt very Angel, and the pan of the city at night felt exactly like the pan used in several Angel eps, but mostly in City Of.

I am kind of on the fence with this show. Love Minear and Espenson and Fury, so I will stick around... but it still felt very predictable and procedural cop drama. But, since I plan on giving DB's show a chance this fall, I might as well get used to it. :)
I don't have a lot of time for TV and, I hate to say, I decided to stop after about 20 minutes or so in -- based mainly on the lead actress, who seemed to be totally out of her depth. I may check back in a few weeks to see if she's improved. One weak actor doesn't usually ruin a show for me, but if the show appears to be built around that character...
I enjoyed it, loved the "oops" line at the end and I am already interested in the main characters but am concerned for the shows future. I agree Fox isn't advertising it much and I am seeing lots of ads for another cop show with Karen Sedgewick (guessing on how to spell her name) called "The Closer"

Yes the transitions were very Angel like and made me smile, as did some of AB's line which reminded me of Jayne.
Kyra. She's also Mrs. Kevin Bacon.

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