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June 09 2005

Adam Busch's band teams up with KANE to add more boost to the Bash in July. These 2 bands come together to offer the fans a night to remember. Common Rotation is joining the line-up for the biggest celebration of Angel/Buffy fandom this year. Together in concert for the first time on July 30th at the Key Club in LA.

The concert is in conjunction with the Angel Booster Bash which is happening July 29-31. Tickets are available at the Booster's website. Con-goers get a discount on the concert ticket, but the concert is open to the public. However you must be 15 or over. They will post the info on their site in the next day or so, I just got the word early cause I asked the promoters to check and see if they could get CoRo, who knew it would happen but I'm a happy camper.

Just a slight correction- concert admission to the Key Club is 15 years old and over.
The meet & greet for Kane (which is sold out) is 21. :)
Thanks poohsmommy.
Does anyone know what the band "Ende" has to do with anything Whedonesque. Sorry if that seems like a unintellegent question, but I even tried googling it to not avail other then a bunch of what I believe to be German sites about Whedon shows ende-ing (aka ending). Sorry if off topic but if anyone knows, inform the uniformed please? Thank you!
'The ende' has nothing to do with the Whedonverse but everything to do with Kane they are the special guest of Kane. They are a local LA band that Kane invited to play the club with them. Kane wants to give other singers and bands the opportunity to be heard by people who may not have found their music otherwise. They have done this at most every concert they have had with the full band.
I would love to be there to hear both bands at the sametime, alsa, wrong coast, as usual.
Oh got it, thanks RavenU for the info! Now I can considor myself "in the know."
Are tickets going to be available to the public too or is this only for Con-goers?
Tickets are availible to the public - you can go to booster events site to get tickets.

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