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June 10 2005

Does 'Into The West' come up lame, asks AICN? Yes, apparently. Four out of five reviewers indicate TNT miniseries, co-starring Alan Tudyk, is very missable. Very mild spoilers.

It's a shame, but no one really likes this show. I was hoping for a Deadwood but, wait, that's already been made. Sigh.

I actually liked "With Honors" I own it too, on DVD, one of those movies I always watch when it comes on. Appalling, really?
Did Herc like it? Because he's the only one that matters to me. He's just as obsessed with the Jossverse as I am. Just the way I like my reviewers.
Odysseus, I really liked With Honors as well. It might actually be one of my favorite movies. Plus, it has a kickass soundtrack.
Wait, this is Whedonesque, right? Shouldn't it also be mentioned that Christian Kane is in this movie?
Disappointing to hear.
If TNT reruns it during the week like they do other things, I'll still try it out. The ads are awfully appealing but that doesn't mean anything. Sounds like a couple reviewers at least tried to be nice.
I watched it and I thought it was rather good. It reminded me of "Dances With Wolves" but I would consider that a compliment! I love that movie. I'm really looking forward to the next 5 installments.

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