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June 10 2005

UK Serenity screening news. Attendees of LFACC3 can register for special Serenity preview screenings.

So does this mean that ONLY attendees of LFACC3 can go? That sounds a mite unfair.

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I believe somewhere in that thread they mention that another convention had a similar offer. So I don't think it's exclusive but Universal UK is obviously fishing for qualified, potential flans :-) you can register at LFACC3 to go to a screening....somewhere, somewhen. Have I got that right?

I'm bursting to get tickets....just say where and when gorramit. Sorry, sorry I if you're going to LFACC3, but I was hoping to have a similar free for all experience over here in Blighty.

Ignore me, I'm overexcited and huffy.
can i join in with the over excited and huffyness that you are currently expeirencing? i want to see this movie too....can we mere cretins actually obtain tickets to this anymore? please i need answers! :'(
I'm assuming attendees of the LFACC3 will automatically get to see the screenings. But and I'm guessing here, the screenings will be shown at a later date but judging by the experiences of our North American cousins it will be pot luck if you can buy a ticket for a particular screening.

Isn't Gossi on the Offficial Serenity Movie Forum supposed to organising some sort of a UK Can't Stop The Signal event?
I've just read through it Simon...yes Gossi is involved in setting up screenings in the UK (tentatively for August).

So, presumably the sign up at LFACC3 is for one of these screenings?

willowzbitch - you're quite welcome to join me in oscillating between excitement and huffiness!

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Yes,yes,yes! - I still don't quite understand how to get tickets to UK screenings, but how great is that - they are happening, finally! I am also oscillating between excitement and huffiness... mmmmmm...
It's an oscilothon :D.

Just a quick update...Gossi has comfirmed that the screenings will be made available to those outside of the LFACC3....just not sure when.

Maybe they're just registering interest? Oh, jess....stop with the oscillating already!
Hey! There you go, you guys across the way get screenings, finally! You didn't think Joss would really leave you out, did ya? ;)
Damn it, when have the only screenings over here so far been only available to convention goers? I did have a look at going to LFACC3 but I'm busy the night before and didn't think there were quite enough people I need to see to warrent it :(

Oh well, once they do become available to non-convention goers I hope I'll be quick enough to grab a ticket because August is still a lot less of a wait than October.
Good news.

I hope that there will be a preview screening here in Belfast.
I second that Belfast screening idea. If it doesn't come here, I'll quite happily stand outside Castle Court Shopping Centre and act out the film *probably, I may just huff instead*.
If you plan to act out the film I really think you should set up a webcam so the rest of us can enjoy ;)

The venues aren't booked yadadada, it's still all being scouted out. The idea is to give every Firefly fan a chance to see the movie. There will likely be way too many people compared to locations, but hopefully you will all get equal chance to see the film. How the tickets will be made available? Not organised yet.

Can't link back to my own site, but there's a mailing list you can join for screening news - soon as I know anything I'll mail out info.
Thanks for the update gossi. I'd like to put a vote in for a Manchester screening, preferably at the Filmworks ;)
Congrats to everyone on the UK side of the pond. Hope you have more luck than I did scoring tickets (sat at the keyboard all night and still missed out). Simon, if I can scare up the airfare I'll fly over and help you act out the long as I can be Jayne!
Yay us Brits! The news I've been waiting for - I just have to wait for my Firefly DVD on order from Amazon in preparation.
I feel a Whedonesque amateur thatre group coming on...I make a fine extra - at school I made a convincing Chinese washer woman in Bugsy Malone...
I want to play the dinos in the Serenity play...


I've already orginised a couple of plays whilst the US screening were happening; with socks....under the name "Sockrenity". Mostly played out in the OB chat room.

I mostly played Inara sock......

Oh, and thanks Gossi :D.

Willowy, I always believed in Joss! *cue insparational music!*
Actually I was kinda thinking of acting out the film on my own, but people might find that a tad odd *ahem*. The idea of fans becoming the Serenity Strolling Players going from town to town acting out the movie is a fun idea.
Simon with this fabulous idea you can bring the idea of morris dancers into the future. I can just see it now, Browncoats strolling from house to house re-enacting the story of Firefly. There will be musicians and gun fights and maybe some ribbons. Then people will get bopped on the head with colorful sticks and we will call it Firefly Morris Dancing circa A.D. 2600. (or whatever year serenity is set in)
Looks like I should probably go back to biting scalpers - this idea is just too strange!
Needless to say - I am very happy for the UK folkes who are getting a screening.
Here is hoping we get some screenings in other parts of Europe ( Germany... hint hint!!), too! Joss do you hear me? *makes puppy eyes*
How can a person get on the mailing list that gossi mentioned?

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