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June 11 2005

True Horror: A look into our nightmares... The New Straits Times Online promote Anthony Stewart Head's paranormal documentary.

This sounds so good. I hope there's a DVD the U.S.
The DVD is out here in the UK on the 20th, there's a lovely full page ad for in this month's SFX.
We were curious and now have a version of it subtitled in some other language that we couldn't quite discern. It's fine until the people ASH interviews speak in a different language and the translation is in the subtitles...

I did feel bad for ASH in some parts, because he obviously has a struggle trying to tread the line of respecting other people's cultures and his own personal beliefs regarding animals and whatnot.

But over all, it's a very good special. I'd love to own it in English, so I could actually *get* it all! I highly recommend it for anyone interested in these types of things.
"Professor Rupert Giles" - Whoa, Giles just got a promotion! Wonder if it was an honorary one for services to humanity after all that work on the Hellmouth?
"While she told me that the smell would let me know whether it was really dead, I was more concerned that she could have easily whacked me over the head and after a few days of unconsciousness, tell others that Iím the zombie!"

Obviously a reference to all the times that Giles continually got knocked unconscious in Buffy. Anyway, I'll definately be watching the Discovery Channel on Tuesday night at 11. Thank god school's finally out. Now I can stay up late. Besides, I'll be nice to see Giles in action again.

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