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June 11 2005

What happened to Global Frequency? "I had a line of writers (at one point, essentially the entire ANGEL staff) ready to go -- each and every one chomping at the bit, some ready to start work for free if need be. "

I loved the comic book mini-series. Ellis is one of my favourite writers but I never thought his vision could transferred to the small screen without being massively altered or watered down. So it wasn't a complete surprise that it didn't get picked up.

Ben Edlund and Diego Gutierrez were attached to the show, I wouldn't mind knowing which other Buffyverse writers were lined up ready to go.
Too bad it didn't work out. I would have loved to have a GOOD drama series to watch besides LOST (can LOST be considered a drama?) and Gilmore Girls next season. *sigh* Plus the series would have had writers from Buffy and Angel... too good to be true.

Ah well, I have "The Inside" to look forward too... can't wait to see where that's gonna go.
I can't believe this wasn't picked up. How can any studio turn down 'Mission Impossible' meets 'The X Files' ?

It was a beautiful comic book and it deserved a chance.

Something is (still) sick in the heart of television these days.
The unaired pilot episode is available to download through e-mule as well and I'm currently downloading it. The other pilots I would be very interested in having a look at are the pilots for Lost in Space and Dark Shadows, both of which the WB also passed on. I hope somebody puts those online as well.
Quite depressing read to make you think about the state of tv that should be.
However, I find his comments about Janolari to be the most telling. Reading that and looking at the WB's current line-up does anyone still hold out hope for the Spike movie returning to the WB. I mean Janolari takes over and every fantasy based pilot at the WB is nixed and never heard about again. Global, Lost, and Dark all of which had verse related connections. What does the WB offer us next season; "'Supernatural' a drama about brothers who encounter unusual ghosts and local creatures straight out of American folk lore and urban legends during a road trip across America." I am so not holding out any hope for this one either, cause if it cost money to make the will have yanked it by mid-season at the latest, for more cheap blue collar comedy TV.

"David Janolari was a gent about it," people said Ted Bundy was a gent as well and look at his track record. Janolari has yet to prove himself as a fan of genre tv, he tends to be a fan of what ever can get the quick ratings points or is cheap to make.
Speaking of Janolari, did any one else know that he was heavily involved with Six Feet Under? I saw his name on the title credits of the show last night. Somebody who is involved with a show like that HAS to be better than Jordan Levin, methinks, or more specifically, me hopes.
Picking at nits here, but the correct expression, unless I am sadly in error, is "champing at the bit," not "chomping."

Okay, I'll log off now!
Well, having just watched the pilot, I can easily say that theres probably no way this would have succeeded as a series anyway. The ending was way too real life for the general tv watching audience to deal with; I don't think people want to see the real consequence of things like that.

Having said that, I thought it was excellent, and would have made a series that I would have looked forward to every week, even if they pronounced Aleph wrong :). Miranda Zero was exactly who I imagined having read the comic, that was really amazing. I would never have thought a Warren Ellis comic could be translated to the screen so well.
I liked it! Imagine its potential with Angel writers on board! This show could have been awesome!
You know, at this point, every season each network should package their un-picked pilots onto a dvd. They'd make a little coin from sales and rentals, and they might be surprised to find a groundswell of support for some show they thought no one would like.
I respect what hob said about "The ending was way too real life for the general tv watching audience to deal with", but I think you're wrong. People have an amazing proclivity to accept and even embrace strange and new ideas. The show is WAY off beat and politically radicalized, and yet comforting and empowering. I think, like a good comic by Ennis or Ellis, the show would start off a bit off-putting, but would end up being something people can rally behind. It's really a tragedy this didn't work out. I would kill to see Le Parkour on a big budget TV show.
Michelle Forbes as Miranda Zero is perfect casting. That's all.
Chris in Virginia - I never heard of "champing" at the bit. I only heard "chomping at the bit" and, since I have ridden horses for many years I always figured it was a saying from the old horse days before cars, like Hobson's Choice is. Most horses, when they get excited, do chomp on the bits in their mouths.
I have to agree with Chris in Virginia that the correct expression is "champing at the bit".
champing/chomping - I thought of chomp as a mispronunciation of champ (or a way of making it more intense). So, pedant that I am, I've just looked it up and feel compelled to share. The OED online has _champ_ as the main spelling with 6 definitions for the verb including: "2. trans. To bite upon (anything hard); said especially of a horse which impatiently bites the bit in its mouth." _chomp_ is described as "Now a widespread variant of CHAMP v. (esp. in senses 1-3)".

ETA - I'd suggest that it's a Brit v US thing but Chris is after all in Virginia

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purplehazel, not only the magisterial OED (which I have in my den here in Virginia, all 20 glorious volumes, plus the additions series)--this from the Merriam-Webster Online (American) Dictionary:

1 : to make biting or gnashing movements
2 : to show impatience of delay or restraint -- usually used in the phrase champing at the bit
I Just finished watching it and I thought it was very cool, however I think main stream audiences would have had trouble with the high concept of the series, too complicated for them. I certainly would have tuned for episode two. I'm now downloading the screener for Prison Break which won't be shown until the Fall season.
Just finished watching it myself. To my complete surprise is was as good as the comic itself. Moments of utter beauty intermingled with moments of complete horror. Definitely the best first episode I've seen since Buffy's. It was even better than the Lost opening episode, which was the best of this year's shows.

I didn't just like this show, I loved it as though it was one of Joss' own creations. Somebody please tell me that there is some hope of it being saved.
I didn't like Buffy 1.1. I'm ashamed to say it. Xander was annoying; Willow was too mousey. I didn't understand why I was watching something so excessively cutesy.

I didn't really get it until Nightmares or Prophecy Girl.

I was 9 when I saw the movie. Even then I knew it was brilliant.

"You're not like other girls"
"Yes I am"


I spent a semester in London. Chomping and Champing are both used. You language fascists!!!

Anyway, GF is c0ck diesel.

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Concerning my impatient, unrestrained, pursuit of a young lady in my youth, my friends all told me I was a chump. Is that also synonymous with champ and chomp?

Chirp, I can declare here and now I've never seen the last two words of your post written successively before. What does it mean?

Champ, Chomp, Chump,'s all too much...
I spent a semester in London. Chomping and Champing are both used. You language fascists!!!

I don't recall having been referred to as a 'fascist' before and I am not sure that I feel particularly comfortable about it.

Possibly I am being a "language fascist" by ascribing too much meaning to the word!
As interesting as the etymology of certain phrases and sayings can be, I think this one has just earned a trip to the Library over at Flickr.

Back to the posted topic please.
That's sad. I definitely would've checked it out, though I'm almost glad that it never aired at all instead of only a few episodes before getting pulled. Still, sad!
Who do we write about this? Has a pilot ever been picked up two years later? This is fantastic.
Thanks for that link Simon. I've never seen those pics. Man did they nail Miranda Zero or what?? It's a crying shame this didn't get off the ground. It would've been watered down a bit, but even watered down Ellis would be cutting edge in TV land right now. And finally a 'standalone episode' format I could get behind.

Btw, I hear the pilot is floating out in BitTorrent sites somewhere.
Btw, I hear the pilot is floating out in BitTorrent sites somewhere.

Um, yes, you might have heard that from the link which this post is all about.
Um, yes, you might have heard that from the link which this post is all about.

I read the article, I just missed that little line at the top. Exsqueeeze me.....

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