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June 11 2005

Win two tickets to the June 23 Portland Serenity screening. "Entrants must "pull a Hemingway" and write a six-word "micro story" that somehow involves the "Firefly" TV series."

I already have tickets (and I don't live near Portland) but this sounds like fun.

The Train Job:
Steal medicine. Guilt. Reputation not solid.

Whore! Thief! Sharp sword? Love you.

War Stories:
Lesbians? I'll be in my bunk.
These are fun. Here are some more:

Out of Gas:
Should’ve fixed the compression coil, Mal.

Jayne thinks the money’s good enough.

From Captain Tightpants to Captain Nopants.
There are a pair of NYC/NJ tickets going going on Ebay for $103! I have got to get my friends to commit or tell me they are not going. My brother was looking forward to going until he got a phone call that he is going to have to go out of town.

At this point I may have as many as three tickets available at cost if everybody punks out on me. I'm thinking once I know, maybe I'll go through the Wedonesque archive, see who said they needed tickets, and see if they still do. Anybody got any better ideas?
Newcj, you could post on the browncoats site asking if they want it.
Serenity (Pilot):
Curse Patience’s sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Our Mrs. Renyolds:
Married life is its own special hell.
I entered but only put in one entry. Since I don't live in Portland, I'd send the tickets to someone who does, but I want that keychain.

I'm such a swag whore.
River sought. Mal finds a way.
Those retro posters? Very cool indeed.
Simon, I had a shirt made from the one on the right, with the blue. Luckily snagged one off Cafe Press before they pulled it. Pretty sure there's a photo on the flickr of it. That was a while ago, though.

Since I know I can't replace it, I treat it like gold, hand washing-air drying...still, its already starting to age.
Immortal: In case your six-word story above was meant as an actual entry in the contest -- Whedonesque isn't where you submit entries.

Per the contest rules, you can submit them in the comments section for the CulturePulp post on the contest, or e-mail your entries to me at culturepulp at gmail dot com. Or both.

Just in case that was unclear.
HudsonVC: Thanks-I'm not close enough to Portland to enter but thought I'd throw one out there anyway.
Ah. I understand. I love reading these, anyway. Some of the entries thus far are really inventive. (I knew this was a bizarre challenge, but somehow knew the Browncoats would be up to it.) Picking the winners is going to be really, really tough.

[ edited by HudsonVC on 2005-06-13 00:17 ]
Willowy...if you finally solve the mystery for me and tell me what the abbreve 'swag' stands for, I'll send you my Serenity keychain. I've never known and it's always bothered me...
HudsonVC, after the contest is over you should post all the entries on your site (or here, or wherever).

(sorry if you already said you were going to do that).
By the way, I just like the phrase "I'm such a swag whore."
I do plan to post all the entries when I announce the winners.

I've already received somewhere in the vicinity of 100 six-word stories in a little over two days. I have a feeling I'm in for a long weekend of judging.
barest_smidgen, according to the urban dictionary, its not an abbreviation but a real slang word meaning promotional junk that isn't sold, just given away to please a prospective buyer/listener/viewer/customer.

That's what I thought it was, but your abbreviation question got me thinkin! Do I still get the keychain even though I cheated with the google-age? ;)

Email's in my profile...
'course, Willowy. : )

I'd just always heard radio stations using the term for their promotional nonsense items, but I assumed it stood for something. Spent too much time in my head going "S-tuff....W-ith...A-dvertising....ah crap." Will email you. Cheers.
Jayne hot Mal hotter Inara hottest.


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