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January 17 2003

The cult of a coffee advert. In 1987, 30 million people watched Tony Head romance his next door neighbour in a series of coffee ads.

No wonder he went to America in order not to be typecast.

Ooh and it mentions my other obsession - Twin Peaks!! Can this day get any better?
Tony Head and Star Trek fans may be interested to know that Tony narrated a Star Trek book. I'd love to hear his impression of Kirk. Though having read the book myself, it was pretty awful.

Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars
I have one of his Trek narrations on tape. Don't remember if he's Kirk in it. I'll see if I can make an mp3 some time.
I for one would be very interested in that mp3. =)
Me too, I'd love to hear it :).
I had forgotten about those coffee ads---ah, Tony. ;)
The coffee ads are what started my Tony Head obsession. And I didn't even drink coffee at the time!!!

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