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June 12 2005

New Show From David Greenwalt In Production. Variety says that Showtime has ordered a pilot. The tentative name is "The Bastard" (I wouldn't be surprised if the name is changed).

Variety describes it as a show about a young lawyer who tries to assert his birthright in a rich family that owns a resort. They also describe it as a dark mystery.

Sounds like a show that might be worth watching. Too bad I won't ever see it, since I don't get TV.
I would watch any david greenwalt show but i don't get showtime
Pseudopod, not ANY tv?

Fringer. Fringer! ;)
From his show Profit to Angel-wolfham and heart and now The Bastard, they all deal with lawyers, it's his speciality.
yes, I believe that name probably doesn't have a chance. However, it is showtime. Showtime and HBO can get away with stuff like that.
I figured they'd change the name so they could market it to the mainstream audience. I can't see TV Guide sticking "The Bastard" on a front cover.
Bravo to David Greenwalt for producing a Showtime series pilot! That's fantastic. Based on what I know of Profit (still can't wait to finally see it on DVD), I imagine David will stretch his wings quite happily on Showtime if his pilot is picked up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope they keep the name "The Bastard." It's catchy.

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The Canadian TV Guide would. But then, The Sopranos airs uncut up here on our most popular regular network. I guess we just don't "Think of the children!"

Showtime could definitely get away with keeping that name for the series. I'm almost positive that either HBO or Showtime had an episode or two of one of their series with "fucking" in the title (probably The Sopranos, Deadwood, or Entourage. Pretty sure it was Entourage). I hope it gets called The Bastard. "Sorry, can't go out right now. Watching The Bastard".

And if there ends up being any puritan squeamishness about the name (if that ends up being what Greenwalt wants to call it) it'll be ridiculous. It's not just a curse/insult, it's a genuine non-colloquial/non-slang word in the dictionary. If The Simpsons can air 40 times a day, often not during prime time, and sneak "bitch" and "bastard" in there...then a pay-cable series certainly can have "bastard" in its title.
Penn and Teller had a show on Showtime called Bullshit. It was displayed in TV guide as "Bulls**t" I believe. Good show, great title. I hope Greenwalt can keep The Bastard.
I am very excited about a Greenwalt show.
As for the title: nah it'll be okay Quentin Tarantino's next movie is called Inglorious Bastards .
Now I am concerned about the adaptation of Arthur Nersesian's novel to the big screen as film will use the novel's title, The Fuck Up .
Why not have a show titled bastard? Like someone already said they have a show called Bullshit on cable.

And if you don't get showtime, wait for the DVD. I guess Greenie got sick of the networks after they canceled his shows(Miracles/Jake 2.0).

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The Hollywood Reporter says the show is being written by Robert Greenwalt. I'm assuming they are confused.

Wasn't he supposed to be doing some sort of project with James Marsters?
If I rmember correctly, James Marsters said that no one had picked up the idea that Greenwalt was peddling for the two of them and that Greenwalt had moved on to something else.

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You can be sure the name will be changed. I don't care if it is Showtime. If they want to get any publicity at all they had better change the name or the show is dead before it airs.
"Next week on "The Bastard"...."
"The Hollywood Reporter says the show is being written by Robert Greenwalt. I'm assuming they are confused."

Have to be. Just checked the list of WGA members, and the only Greenwalt registered is David. They prolly got confused with Robert Greenblatt President of Showtime
Is bastard even considered a swear word anymore? Even when used in a pejorative context? Nevermind that here's it's simply being used as a descriptive term. Regardless I do think it might be a little edgy for mainstream, but I think ultimately that's what may keep the name around.

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