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June 13 2005

Village Voice talks to Peter Coyote about The Inside. Left wing politics, hanging out with murderers, and why he digs Web.

I wouldn't want to be in the same room as Tim, Peter, and Adam if the topic turned to politics suddenly.
Melisande, I am betting that the topic turns to politics quite regularly and I would love to be in the room. Not to participate, mind you. I just want to listen and maybe keep score.
I think that this'll be the last of The Inside related articles linked here at Whedonesque for a while. It's starting to get a bit non Whedonesque related.

Thought no objections to interviews with Minear or Espenson or Fury.
Global Frequency creator Warren Ellis reviewed The Inside in one of today's Bad Signal mailshots:

I watched the opener of THE INSIDE, which bugged me because one of the central conceits had some similarity to something I've been developing over the last couple of weeks. On the whole, it's another Spooky Profiler Sees Bad Things story, THE INSIDE, but it's carried off pretty well, with the counterplot of Evil FBI Boss and Good FBI Agent fighting for the soul of damaged-goods Gifted Female Agent Clarice Starling Stand-In.

Peter Coyote, as Evil FBI Boss, camps it up nicely, though I'd like to see him go nuts and start chewing on the scenery. Some nice reversals in the script, though there's a sense of writer Tim Minear still struggling to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear (when he came on, the show was a Mod Squad knockoff, and he re-devised the thing almost from scratch). It's a vast improvement over the last Cute Spooky Young FBI Thing show I saw, the hideous FEARLESS. I have a feeling THE INSIDE will struggle to make a full season, but it's an ambitious little ethical ballet, and one of the better hours of TV I've seen recently.

With all due respect, Simon--and you're due a lot--I think that Whedonesque should keep linking to Inside-related articles. Sure, it has nothing to do with Joss per se, but it's still a show from someone who produced Angel and co-execed Firefly, and the other creator has a Buffy cred, having co-written "What's My Line, Part I." Plus, the cast includes an actor from Firefly and an actress from Wonderfalls--a show that was linked a lot from here, despite not having any direct involvement with Whedon. And the writing staff incorporates vets from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and Miracles (a Greenwalt association, granted, but I love the show so I had to bring it in).

The only thing it doesn't have, as I admitted before, is Joss. And again, Whedonesque has posted articles about shows and movies that were far more tangentially related to Whedon than is The Inside. There was that movie with David Boreanaz and Caroline Dhavernas--one of them may be the most oft-seen face in the Buffyverse, but the other has nothing to do with Whedon in any way, and they were BOTH mentioned in the description on the main page. I've seen stuff about David Greenwalt series like Profit and, come to think of it, Miracles, neither of which Joss had anything to do with. And then there's this new film with Nathan Fillion, Slither. Given that this site's policy has been to link to articles about current projects of Mutant Enemy actors as well, this seems appropriate--Fillion has given performances on two Whedon series and won raves for one of them. So where's The Inside's love? Adam Baldwin's been on two Whedon series and BOTH his performances were applauded! (Oh, and I just remembered: Slither director James Gunn wrote the script for Scooby Doo. There's a semi-connection. Thanks a bunch, Jimmy.)

I agree with you that this site's postings have become less and less Whedon-centric. Instead, now we're playing a sort of "Six Degrees to Joss Whedon" game. I think that's not an example of getting off-topic, but an acceptable evolution. Joss has helped introduce us to a wide range of actors and writers, many of whom have attracted us to their next projects because of their stellar work for Mutant Enemy. Without Buffy, I never would have known who Greenwalt was, and I never would have watched Miracles. I never would have known who Minear was, and would have skipped both Wonderfalls and The Inside. And I obviously never would have given Angel or Firefly a second glance. My concern is that without people who love the work of Whedon and Greenwalt and Minear (et al.) plugging their shows, people will watch them even less than they apparently do. I feel as though we owe The Inside everything we can give it in terms of support.

Serenity news will be heavy for a while, and I'm sure there will always be Wonder Woman speculation. But Buffy is two years dearly departed, and it's been over a year since Angel was staked too soon. I don't think that it's too much of a departure to provide links to projects that our favorite actors and writers are working on now. One of Joss's greatest legacies, after all, is that he hires skilled people who go on to develop their own ideas. Maybe Whedonesque should be a place to celebrate their work as well.
BAFfler this is one of these things about site policy that should be discussed in email but you argued a good case and I'll give you my reasons.

I have no objection to links about shows that have a Joss connection being posted at Whedonesque. What I don't want happening, is a currently airing show that Joss is not involved taking up a lot of space on the front page and gets to the point where it seems like it's taking over the front page.

I know there's umpteen links about The Inside that could be posted right now but this will be at the expense of Joss projects such as Serenity and other cast and crew projects.

Rest assured we will always do coverage of projects of cast and crew that have worked with Joss. We wouldn't be Whedonesque if we didn't.

Anyhow this should be continued via email so if you or anyone else would like to take me up on what I said, please do email me (my address is in my profile).
Ugh. Sorry for the can o' worms. I didn't think re: connection, and have been posting review links within existing threads, which is what I should have done with this piece, and tucked it into the Inside review thread below.

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