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June 13 2005

Joss mentions Buffyverse characters that he'd return to. "Willow or Faith, or another character that has great resonance with fans". Clem? He also has ideas for "about 30 things -- TV series, books, comic books. That's why I take pills to sleep".

I'm assuming this was a recent interview, perhaps part of a Serenity press tour event. Anyhow, I haven't seen these quotes before so enjoy.

Oh I hope this is true - don't want to get my hopes up. As much as I adore Willow, I think her story is told - not sure I want to see the globetrotting uber-witch with her spunky slayer sidekick. But more about Faith (or Clem - hope he got out of town ok) would be fantastic.
That other character that has great resonance with the fans better be Spike......
Clem is kinda cute too in a puppy dog way...but as long as Spike is front and center ...I'll be there....
I think I've read the "that's why I take pills to sleep" comment somewhere before, but the odds of me finding it, especially this early in the morning, are slim. Anyway, it sounds familiar to me. I'll second the call for Spike. His character has a lot of resonance with me.
The character that has lots of resonance with me is Spike. Of course, I'd like to see those other characters, too.
If I say Joss mentioned Illyria enough times, will it come true?
Well personally, I'd like to see more Xander, Giles and Wes. But then we have to take what we're given. If Joss does return to the Buffyverse, I'll be grateful for what we get.
hmmm, when I first read "great resonance" for some reason Illyria came to mind. To mention her if it doesn't happen would be hard for fans. I think fans are intrigued because her story was barely told and she was bad-ass.
Might just be Spike though. Who resonates more than Spike with fans?
I'd take Willow if Kennedy wasn't attached, no problem.
AH Willow!!!

I'd definitely go for any Buffyverse project, though Willow is my greatest love as a character. No Kennedy please, although I'd still probably watch it. I do like Wesley and Faith too. This is good news all 'round if it actually gets made.
Well, since Joss has talked to James recently about a Spike project, I'd assume the third is Spike. I think that has the best chance of getting off the ground of any of the other characters(of the actors that are willing to do something on the small screen, that is).
More Faith! I am kneeling at the alter of faint hope, but I've been here ages and my knees are numb!
*clasps hands ever tighter*
I know it will never happen, but i'd love to see a Darla-Drusilla project.

of course, Illyria and Willow, and Faith are cool as well. i'm not that psyched about a Spike project, actually. I would see it though.
*hands lone fashionable wolf a pillow for knees*

When did our Jossness say these words! Horrah....I too would be willing to watch any Buffyverse that came my way. I'm still holding out for Ripper, and I'd love to see Illyria and Spike together (in a show....rather than together, together). Willow and Faith would actually make a good team....yes, the more I think about it, the more I like it!
I'm not sure how much more could be done with Willow - she's pretty much hit the maximum. Faith and Spike obviously have some redemptive material to work with. Illyria is interesting enough. Wesley is dead (but that never stopped Joss before). Giles would be good, but unless it is shot in England, ASH won't be on board. I liked Dawn and she has a lot of potential material, but I don't think the fans would go for it. Ditto for Xander - although he's near and dear to my heart, the fans (and the writers) don't seem excited by the idea. Andrew strictly for the comedic value. Gunn could be interesting.
Resonance is a pretty individual thing, but I would guess that Spike has resonance with more fans than other characters. I'd love to see Faith and Illyria too. I'm trying to imagine Willow as a central character. I could do with a little less tease, though, when I'm off my feed.
The characters I would like to see more of would be Wes, Faith, and Illyria. Faith and Wes have explosive chemistry together. Have you seen Release and Orpheus? Plus they have a long history together. Illyria and Wes? That's a no-brainer. I could totatlly see Joss bringing Wes back to life to be Faith's Watcher. I could also see Faith helping teach Illyria the ways of the world. I ALMOST FORGOT!!! If Amy Acker signs up for the project then she could play Fred. But if not I always thought Wes and Faith would make a good couple despite the 10+ age difference. Wes really needs some sort of happy period in his life. He's my favorite character and all, but I would like to see the guy laugh sometimes. He hasn't laughed since mid Season 3!
As much as I want a Spike project, the names that keep popping up here make me tingle. How 'bout a Spike project where a few other names here get nice plump parts too?
Ocular, I think a Willow project would be feasible if she gets into something new... We don't know what that might be given she has experienced so much, but Joss could find a way to refresh Willow.
I could see Willow starting her own coven. Or working with Giles and all the new Slayers. Love the idea of a Slayer School with guest appearances from the Core Four whenever they are available. I'll never forget the powerful reappearance of Giles in the Magic Box doorway.

I want Spike to find Batshit Dru, gone into hiding with all the new Slayers around. Her and Darla (I know...) have this underground thing going on... could be kewl.
Willow and Giles!
Guest starring Darla and Dru! woo hoo!
(I'll stop posting now)
ETA: You know, I have a little suspicion Joss lurks here once in awhile. Like, a few minutes here might ease a crappy day. Perhaps I'm hoping. Informal research? If he does do a new project, doesn't it seem he probably really does know what fans want and he'd probably make an effort to create a nice mix?

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C'mon, Joss, do the Faith spinoff (with Wesley, if possible)!
*sigh of releif* Thanks bubblecat!
Illyria, Wes, Willow and Faith in a spin off together would be...well, there are no words for how good that would be - what a fascinating combo!
It would be fun to see Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof working together too.
April, I get that Joss-must-be-lurking feeling too. Either we're really suspicious and paranoid or our slayer sense is tingling...
Well as said, we know he's been talking to James recently about a Spike movie. We know Faith and Willow are characters he's always wanted to return to and then there were the old 'Ripper' plans....

I'll never forget the powerful reappearance of Giles in the Magic Box doorway.

None of us will...that was sheer coolness. "Stay down..." ;-)

I want Spike to find Batshit Dru, gone into hiding with all the new Slayers around. Her and Darla (I know...) have this underground thing going on... could be kewl.

I was thinking that too. There are so many characters that can be revisited. I've been dying to see some more of the 'New Council' that the old scoobies have apparently created.

Hmmm and old characters meeting up....Faith going to Kill Dru or something...Spike still wanting to protect her maybe...possibilities are endless.

What's interesting too is that Joss mentions ideas for TV and books as well. Seems he's not just in movie and comic land in his head. I wonder if he's ever had the wish to try and write a novel. Probably not, but it's one of the few things he's never done in terms of writing.
Connor. OK I know I’m in the minority here but I was really taken with well adjusted Connor and how he was coping with both sets of memories (and who knows, resonance could be taken all kinds of ways). Connor would be instrumental in whoever survives the alley in NFA – perhaps he calls Willow and/or Faith (who he now remembers) maybe he links up with Lorne to do ‘something’ and, also returns to get stuck in to the thick of the fighting.

I’d like to see everyone mentioned above especially Willow, Faith and Illyria but with Connor in the mix somehow. And somewhere down the track we have the special guest appearance by SMG where Buffy meets Angel’s son. Colour me soapy but... ;-)
I've said it before and I imagine I'll say it again next time Joss says something like this: I'll watch anything Buffyverse or just anything that Joss puts his name to. That said I do have preferences but they tend to change depending on which episodes I've been watching at the time :)
I’m reading all these comments about willows story being finished and its making me sad….surely if there’s life in spike there’s life in willow too? I’m pretty sure I don’t even need to list any of his century plus back story but we didn’t even know the MASSIVE potential Angel had as a central character before he spun off did we? Also one idea I could never find fault with is the faith idea, so many places this could go all of them very exciting and different, personally I’d rather see spike as her sidekick than as the lead on his own show but that’s just because I was never the greatest of spike fans. But how many people actually watched Buffy for Buffy alone? So there is a multitude of characters Joss could pick and choose from and the fans would follow…hell at this point I’m so desperate for some Joss I’d even watch a miss kitty fantastico series…of course she is dead but there’s her first story….the flashback to her untimely crossbow death. her clawing her way (literally) from her kitty litter filled grave and stalking the night fighting crime, the only memento she leaves is a single paw print and she’s off her tail waving in the wind and her kitty collar bell tingling as she paws off into the dark oppressive night with not so much as a cat flap to call her own! she could even join up with Giles’s dead cat from ‘dead mans party’! ….ok, I think I may need some pills of a different variety…
Spike and Illyria if I ruled the world. But I would be happy with Spike and anyone.
I am glad that Willow was mentioned, that is the first time I have heard it. Faith is not my favorite, but again, Spike and anyone would be good with me. Connor, Xander, Wes, Gunn, I can imagine all sorts of good scenarios with any of these characters and Spike. Even a bunch of potentials.
I second the comments, esp from ShotgunWes, about Faith and Wesley. And if we have Wesley then we must have Ilyria. I would kill for a chance to find out what happened with Ilyria and Wes in the plan for S6. Okay, as Willow said, I'd kill for a chocolate bar...

A Faith/Wes relationship? Before Release and Orpheus I'd have said Faith/GW Bush would have been more likely. After the look Faith gave Wes when he arrived to get her from prison I'm not sure. But a Faith/Wes/Ilyria triangle...? I'd watch that!

Much as I like Willow and Spike I'm not sure what could be done with her, we've seen 144 episodes with Willow and nearly as much with Spike and both have had major screen time, we've only seen twenty odd episodes of Faith. Wesley still has mileage character wise.

Bring back the AprilBot. I keep saying she deserves her own series.

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If Joss mentioned Willow then I'm sure he has many ideas for her. So I'll be there with whoever he picks. I'd love to see more of Illyria the most because she is the one character that was introduced and we never got to see that much of her story. It was just beginning. Just like Firefly was when it was cancelled. We're getting our chance to see more of the Firefly story and I just hope some day we get more of a chance to see Illyria. And of course, if there is Illyria I hope Wes is around too. And I agree that he also had fantastic chemistry with Faith too. That could be a very interesting series with the two of them as the lead and being forced to trust each other and get over their past feelings. Willow could fit with any of these characters as well.
zz9 - how about the Aprilbot, the Buffybot, and Illyria trying to make thier way in this crazy human world...
and willowzbitch? Keep taking the same pills, they sound fun!
I think I'm done with this verse. Everything has become about Spike. He left no resonance with me. But Faith or Willow! That would be great.
Okay, please tell me. Am I the only person who adores this 'Verse as much as everyone else, but CAN'T STAND the character of Faith? I can't be the only one.
My current personal favorite: A mini series featuring Holland Manners in Hell.
TheZeppo - re Faith - you indeed have an ally! I don't know if you argree with my take, but I'd opt for a Spike/Illyria duet - post apocalypse, possibly guided back by a Willowish locating spell. I dream on....
I agree that any Joss project interests me, particularly anything related to the Buffy-verse.

I know this is going to be unpopular, but I don't really want a Spike project. Of course I would still watch it and be extremely pleased and grateful, but there are so many other characters that I would prefer to see more of.

I don't know why, but I just got the feeling that Spike become too much of the focus of Buffy in seasons six and seven. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's because season six was focused almost entirely on the Buffy/Spike relationship and Willow's magick addiction, while season seven's main focus was the Buffy/Spike relationship.

I really felt that, while it was well written and well acted, it really took so much time away from other characters so in season seven particularly there are so few important plots given to Xander, Giles or Anya, for example, and I feel that rather than show 100% of the B/S relationship, and very little of the other character's experiences, I would prefer to see only 50% of their story and more of the other characters.

I haven't seen all of season five of Angel yet as I am working my way slowly through it, and the last episode I watched was "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco". With James Marsters joining the cast I had got the distinct impression that he was going to feature more heavily, and also that other characters would be neglected. So far I would say that my assumptions were correct.

Gunn, Lorne, Wesley and Fred have done so little thus far, basically only being involved in the investigations at Wolfram and Hart, without any more personal stories. The usual focus is placed on Angel, which I am used to, but there is also a lot more emphasis on Spike than I would like.

I do think he is an interesting character, but I just don't know how muc further he can grow. We've also seen Spike feature heavily in five seasons of Buffy as well, whereas we have only seen Fred as a regular since season three, only really two seasons. So I don't know why the writers are so obsessed with Spike while ignoring other characters.

One character I also don't really want to see more of is Lorne. Sorry, but I just didn't find him that interesting. He was occasionally funny but rarely contributes heavily to the plot, and I really don't like his style of singing. Perhaps he could fit in a new Buffy-verse project in a similar sidekick role but there are other characters I would prefer.

So now that I've gone over which characters I don't want to see more of, who do I want to see more of? Well from what I have heard of Illryia she sounds like a very interesting character, and I think having only really been developed in season five she has a lot of potential. I also read that if season six had have went ahead, Fred would have begun to emerge as part of her, which would have been excellent as we would have had two great characters for the price of one.

I would love to see more of characters like Xander or Dawn but I'm not sure what sort of format would work and whether it would be popular enough.

I would like to see more of Faith. Eliza Dushku would make a great leading lady, and Faith is a very complex character. Vampires with souls do fight to atone for their past sins, but really it's not their fault as they didn't have souls when they killed people. Faith has no such excuse, and I think her redemption could be even more interesting than Angel's. It's hard to say, because when we last saw her in Buffy she seemed to have reached the point of redemption, and ready to make a new, guilt-free start, but I still think it could work.

I also think Giles has a lot of potential left. I think it would be great to see how he and the rest of the Scooby Gang are getting on protecting the world and identifying slayers.
I love my Faith, gotta have Faith, Eliza love baby!
The only word that I focused on in Joss' quote was the word 'if'. From all other interviews when he discussed a possible Buffy/Angelverse project, it was 'it's going to happen' sort a deal. Now we have the 'if'. I'm thinking the 'if' means NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, and that's more than fine with me. He needs to give his all to Firefly anyhow and that's more important to him I think.

But just for fun, Ilyaria or Faith would be my choice for characters to choose.
I think the reason he didn't mention Illyria was because if there was anything to be done in the near future, Amy might still be tied to her new CBS show.
I would be thrilled with any continuation of the 'verse - any of the characters would work for me.

Having said that, Giles, Faith, Xander, Wesley, Fred/Illyria, Lindsey, and Spike are the ones that come to my mind right away. I adore Willow, would be thrilled with more Willow, but Willow's not the first character that comes to my mind.

And Razor, I don't know if you have watched Buffy S7 on DVD yet, or not, but I recently have. I am amazed by how the DVD format totally changed my perception of that season. Suddenly, the Potentials did not seem as overwhelming, I felt all the characters were served well, and I actually *gasp* didn't have the same all consuming hatred for Kennedy. Though I'm still fine with never seeing her again.

It's hard for me to understand someone not resonating with Spike, whereas I do see how a character like Lorne could work for some and not others. That's not to say that those who could have done with much less Spikey "shouldn't" feel that way, or are "wrong" though. That one's just harder for me to understand is all.

Honestly, I'll take what I can get when it comes to any extension of the verse, but the first thing that hits me when I learn of Joss saying something like this is him not saying anything about Buffy or Angel in particular. I can't help it - I just can't let go of the hope that those two characters in particular will grace the big screen at some point.
Just adding, and I think we would all agree, that I will trust Joss.

No way would I want a network led "Our market research indicates 78% of people who expressed and opinion said they want to see Character X so do it or else" and Joss, or someone, struggling to think of stories. We already have such a committe created show and it's called Charmed.

I want it to be the stories that Joss HAS to tell, the ones he can't sleep for thinking about, the ones he would beg the network to do if needed. Whether it's about Faith, Wes, Dawn, Clem, Dawn AND Clem, Miss Kitty, whoever.
Ever since he started having Faith drop all those amazing clues to her past, they offered Eliza the spin-off, and since up to this Feb Joss mentioned her and she said she too would be intrested, I have wanted Faith.

She has such an unexplored baxkground. She is tied to the universe but not. Has a strong, stable fanbase with the added plus that many other fanbases no matter who they ship love the character too. She is more likely to have people watch then not watch. And she is damned hot!

But I think this is just more of the same what if talk.The same talk that has always been associated with Ripper, the cartoon, the spike tv-movie or the four individual movies. Fox, not Joss owns them, so until Fox wants to do something more, EVERYTHING, even as pleasent as it is to talk about it once a week, is talk. I don't see Joss coming anywhere near the Buffyverse until AFTER he has gotten every drop of Serinity out of his system and Wondy is safely on screen. And honestly I am really cool with that.
Some honest thoughts. I know this will ignite a bit of a firestorm, but I find it intriguing that whenever Joss discusses future possible Buffyverse possibilities, he always mentions taking characters from Buffy and moving them into the future; he does not discuss doing the same with Angel characters, save for Spike, and that is solely to discuss using James in a telemovie, not a series. There is no discussion of Illyria (and without Wesley, what is the point?), there is no discussion of any other Angel character. We know Angel is gone, as DB has moved on. Gunn was not a character to carry a series, and Illyria came too late. Wesley might have, but he is dead and bringing him back to life is too much deus ex machina and would truly damage the resonance of his death in the last Angel episode. So, we return to Buffy. In the Buffy world, there are three characters around whom a show could be developed. This is, quite obviously, Giles, Faith and Willow. All have real potential, but one stands above the others as most likely, though it would not be my preference. Here are my thoughts:
1. Ripper/Giles- we in the Jossverse would like this, but it would not work in America. The beauty of Buffy was its strong female characters, and ASH worked best as the sidekick to Buffy's real strength. Now, it might be possible to work a show where Giles is younger, but I think that also has the same problem of reducing women to lesser roles, which is not what the Buffyverse is all about. I consider this the least likely of the three, knowing full well that had he been able to, we'd have had an 8-episode series in Great Britain- where it would work, but not here.
2. Faith- most likely to occur. Eliza is currently free of commitments, her character is compelling and she still has many tales to tell. Faith is the damaged slayer, the one who was abused, who acted out and nearly lost it before she earned redemption- which she still has to work hard at. A show with her could bring in other Buffyverse/Angel characters as guests, as well.
3. Willow- I would truly love this. There is still much to tell about Willow. Was she truly redeemed in Chosen, when she went white? Was that enough to tip the scales against her crimes when she was dark? Can she ever find real true love again, since I think the show could never work if they kept Kennedy in the mix. This show would need to bring back people who left after tara's death, and that is a hard sell. Also, Alyson is working, and so she is less available. But it is possible that All About Your Mother may not work- I've seen clips and she is truly funny, but the main character has no charisma at all. Anyway, Willow's story is not completed and was not at the end of Buffy. I would love this most of all. And if Amber Benson could be worked in, well, people would flock. Maybe not everyone here, but put those two together and you have immediate poignancy.
I do not think a series with Dawn would work, as she has no special skill, unless we could make something of her keyness. And MT is developing an impressive body of work. I also think Spike is a better sideman than lead. Darla never worked for me, personally, though I love Dru. But a mad, maniac serial killer vampire? Okay, that is a hard sell.
Anyway, just my thoughts. :-)
Faith. No other words can describe my extreme joy.
My only problem, if this happens, would be that if Spike is given his own show that he does not Shanshu. Angel is supposed to Shanshu and if he doesn't than no one will! But seriously, I would lose all faith in Joss if Spike became human and Shanshued. Trust me I do like Spike. He's now one of my favorite characters, but I just think he is finished. He was one of the main focuses of S5 of Angel and he really did take away from the other more developed chartacter such as Wes and Gunn. I just don't see a Spike series going anywhere. It would be like Angel part 2 starring Spike. I could see Spike as a supporting character on a Faith and Wes show. Spike has nowhere else to go so he stays with Faith and helps her. No never mind, forget that last idea. Spike is done I think.
I'm sorry Dana 5140 but I completely disagree with what you said about Ripper/Giles. You don't have to have a female in the lead role for the show to be good. Also the Buffy-verse encompasses Angel also and Angel had a male as a lead role. Of course if the show has a lead male, all the females will have smaller roles, but so will all the other males. Angel was not about female empowerment it was about atonement. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant and if I did I apoligize. I just had to give my 2 cents.
I don't see anyone Shansueing any time soon at all. If there ever is a big screen movie, ti would be saved for that and that only. For the biggest reaction. And Care.

Shanshue is end game, because really how long do you care about normal Joe? Unless it is the end.

Whatever a movie would be and whoever would be the lead, it might touch the universe we know but then drive away from it for new stories. Shashue is not something Spike would ever want. He likes being vamp, has no problem with it or care to be human. So I doubt it would have anything to do with his story anymore, with Angel not there beside him. All the stories for anything new would have to be independent of the universe we knew. That means new adventures, new worries and demons and new love intrests. But this is all specualtion as nothing but the same two year old talk is flitering around again.

I think A young Ripper, with Ethan would be great.

Faith, since she is so very differnt then Buffy in ever way, so would her story. Her redemtion story is even different the Angel's. Faith does not lock herself away as Angel does and still is out there to find the fun in life. I think her with Dana would be very intresting.

Willow, also would be very cool to get out of the demon fighting part of the universe and into the magic. Much left unexplored there.
Faith does not lock herself away as Angel does...

Except for the two or three years where she...uh...locked herself away.
Well personally, I'd like to see more Xander, Giles and Wes. But then we have to take what we're given.

Ah, more Xander. I'd love it. There's not enough heroes with eye-patches these days. He could be the ordinary guy, fighting the supernatural with his...ordinary guyness.
All these posts and not one mention of Cordelia. Makes me sad.
Well CC made it pretty clear she was not going to come back, and no one else could play Cordy. I loved Cordy and miss her. And always yes to Xander. You always need a white knight.
I wouldn't mind more Giles, Wes, Xander, Andrew, and as for the superbeings - how about Faith and Illyria? A couple of watchers, a couple of normal and hillarious guys, and a couple attractive girls who can kick butt better then anyone. Well, I guess having a vampire with a soul wouldn't hurt since that's been a long-time trait of at least one of the characters on the show, I'll throw in Spike (and maybe evil-Spike returning could make it quite interesting and awesome to see as well). But to tell you the truth, I'll take anything of the buffyverse that Joss and/or Crew gives, as well as anything else Joss wants to do. But my preference would be another weekly TV show, waiting for my Joss-fix through comic books and yearly movies after years of Buffy and Angel is so hard. At least with a TV show (however unlikely it may be) I could get my joss-verse fix on a nearly-weekly basis. Waiting for his movies seem like enternities! I know I can't be the only one who feels this way, am I?
Shotgun Wes: I hope I did not imply that a show with a male lead could not be good; my point was that the Buffyverse was always about female empowerment, and I cannot see Joss turning his back on that. Also, I forgot to say, I believe that ASH would not return for a full series, given the age of his kids at present. If anything, a Ripper show would be more likely, with Giles much younger. Still, of the three I propose, I still consider this least likely. Faith is the one I think most likely.

I do like the idea of bringing insane slayer Dana into the mix. That could work well against Faith's darkness, as she tries to control what Dana may not be able to.

But for me, as a long time Willow and Taraphile, I would opt for Willow. No matter how you cut it, Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson is good to the Nth degree. :-) I can dream!
Spike, in my opinion, is so different from Angel that in no way would a project featuring him be simply Angel part two. Nor do I think a project featuring Faith would simply be Buffy part two. This is Joss we're talking about - you think he couldn't come up with a compelling story for either of them that wouldn't totally blow us away.

Also, for the record, the Shanshu isn't the only way a vamp can become human. Although, I've always thought the Shanshu was a red herring - simply used as a plot device. I'd be surprised if either vampire got it.

I say, for project involving the existing characters, get all the actors who are willing to reprise their roles together and write something magnificent.

I love Cordy, but I don't think its likely that Charisma and Joss will be working together again. That's probably why she hasn't been mentioned.
Dana5140 - "Angel" is a off-shoot of the Buffyverse and it isn't about female empowerment. Although, it did contain some great female characters.
I love Cordy. She will always be my favorite character from the Angelverse. But, she is dead, and as much as I would like to see her back, you can't just bring back every character.
Well, Spike, obviously. But how about a story about the Mayor, running a corrupt ship, perhaps with Faith to counter him a little, and with the Master holding his strings? The Mayor/Master combination would be a cracker, and could bring in all sorts of people for Jossverse of the week!
TheZeppo, I never liked Faith.

Giles! though. I love. and Ilyria and Wes.
I think that if - IF! - Joss is planning a TV movie, he will continue Spike's story and will invite other BtVSAtS alumni. The great thing about Spike is that he has been a regular in both shows and has a backstory with practically all the characters - sо writers can create a story with any co-star, who will be available.

If it's impossible to make a movie with Buffy and Spike, it would be great to see Willow or Faith or Illyria or Hallie at Spike's side. Joss, please!!!
killionj- I know, but whenever Joss talks this up, he never mentions Angel characters, just Buffy ones.

But truth to tell, anything would be great. Whatever it is, Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Fray (can you see Loo in the story, played maybe by Dakota Fanning?), X-Men, I don't care- I'd love it. But in my dream of dreams, it would be Willow, reunited with Tara.
Well, if they do go with Spike... Hallie (Cecily), Dru and Harmony could be his sidekicks. You know, "Spike's Angels" !!

Shoot me. Shoot me now.
I don't think he is planing any tv movies, and the only movie that will be done is on the big screen. It will have everyone that wants to or is available to come back. Smg and DB both have said they would do big screen, if the script was right.Neither is intrested in anything small screen. Eliza said the same. She wants to see Faith be explored. James said he would do it, with Smg being the lead as usual. I bet they could get most of the scooby gang, and even a ghosty Wes or Tara.

I don't think you can just grab any co-star. It has to make sense which characters you pair. For example. Xander and Spike would not work well, because it would go against xander's character to work with spike or hang with him for any long periods. Illiyara and Spike would work. Faith and Spike non romatic would work. Giles and Faith would not as it it would be to similiar to Buffy. Hallie is dead and gone. Nor would Willow or Spike work as a scooby in the later seasons she had no connection and is a gay character. I don't think Spike is a lead character. That is NOT saying James can not be a lead actor, before I get jumped, that is saying the character of spike is the antogonist. He creates trouble. That is why he is loved.

Bottome needs and has to want to do anything but books and comics, for Joss to even get started. With Joss playing with Universal and then Warner Brother's for Wondy, it will be a wonder if he will even know who he is. Better one thing great, then alot half done. That was the problem when he left Buffy for Firefly, I don't see him leaving Serinty or Wondy for Buffy. Nor do I see anyone in Fox being intrested unless Joss is directly invloved and writing it.

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Characters I would like to see, in order:

1: Giles. Something along the lines of that BBC series that we've all heard about by now. I would love to explore the character of the Ripper in his native habitat.

2: Faith. Doing another slayer series might be risky, but Eliza Dushku could carry the show, and Faith is a complex enough character.

3: Spike. Doing another vampire series might be risky, but James Marsters could carry the show, and Spike is a complex enough character. =)

4: Connor. I know, I know, he's a little father-hating snot. Or at least he was. But I would love to see a telemovie based around Vincent Kartheiser's new version of Connor, who seemed an awesome--and likable--character.

5: Wesley. I don't care if he's dead. I want him back. NOW.

6: Illyria. A potentially interesting character who was never fully explored. Perhaps a series might be the best way to do that. Has anyone seen those "Illyria" series credits roaming around the 'Net? WHY ISN'T THAT SHOW ON?! IT LOOKS AWESOME!

7: Wood. Or Xander. Maybe even Andrew. People who have no supernatural powers fighting the supernatural...that's what I'm driving at here. But I'd espcially like to see Wood, as I'm sure D.B. Woodside could carry a show, and it would be a major dent against the "whites only" critique of the Buffyverse.

8: Willow. I think her character arc is most likely over, and Alyson Hannigan would no doubt like to distance herself from the character. But I can't help it. I want more Willow. I love Willow. She's an adorable geek who can kick ass with magic. Brains, beauty, and beaucoup d'mojo. What else do you need?

Other potentially series-launching things I would like to see: Whatever did happen in that alleyway behind the Hyperion, what's the what at the Hellmouth in Cleveland, and the new Slayer training. Especially if there's an academy. I'm a little iffy about that last one, because it has the potential to become a sort of sickly sweet Harry-Potter-meets-Charmed-meets-Alias show, but I have no doubt Joss would make me want to watch.

Aw, hell. I'll watch anything he does. Fanboy alert!
Conner how could I forget Conner!!!! Okay I want Faith and Conner. And Dana. With a little Giles knowledge for fun.

Now there is some story just waiting to happen with those four. All Rich enough in history, but not overused or over exposed.

Giles brings the watcher side. The parent figure.

Faith brings the slayer who is so unsure and always on this very thin road of what is good and evil and haveing to care which way she chooses.

Dana is the consequences of the Slayer line and what has happedn to watchers council in how they treat wayward slayers. She is so young and new.

And conner can bring in the vampire side. Without all the grrr(which they barely do anymore if you were a good guy like angel or spike)

Okay add Wood or Xander as our normal guy or make a totally new geek character.

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Nor would Willow or Spike work as a scooby in the later seasons she had no connection and is a gay character.

I'm not sure I understand what that means.

Since we're throwing our (fairly inconsequential) hats into the ring, I say Giles and/or Dead Wes. I find older white English men who wear glasses endlessly fascinating . . .
For example. Xander and Spike would not work well, because it would go against xander's character to work with spike or hang with him for any long periods. - FalenAnjl

Spike has stayed at Xander's on more than on occasion, in the basement, in the apartment. During the summer that Buffy was dead, Xander and Spike (and others) all fought together, as Buffy called him on. And their time together has yielded quite a few laughs.

It's my opinion that the more oddly paired the characters, the more interesting the result. Spike sacrificed himself to save the world. It doesn't mean Xander has to like him, but that should garner a new level of respect. Conflict and friction are good - and while you absolutely can get that from characters that seem like an obvious match, it makes sense to me to shake things up a bit.
The Xander character has never given Angel any respect. And I tend to think he is very black and white about vampires. They have their uses, but soul or not are not good people. Ever since the AR he has wanted nothing to do with Spike. Yes Spike stayed in his house, what one night, before he disapeared? But there was never any hint of connection and Xander has done nothing but be rude and nasty to spike. Xander is a loyal friend but has no love for Angel or Spike no matter what they have done or will do. And since we have to go by what is on screen,and accordingly the scoobies do not trust either Vampire, I don't see a pairing there having any actaul way or working without changing one of their characters completley. People grew very tired of the Buddy buddy bickering of spike and angel and they had history, I don't see to many xander or spike fans wanting to watch spike and xander bicker all day.

Sodding, what i meant, let me try and rephrase, was that you could not romatically pair them,I don't see Willow as powerful as she is being a sidekick to Spike. Not to mention she is also part of the whole we don't trust you thing and fairly big in the whole rebuilding council, finding slayers thing. Something that would bore a lets jump first kinda guy like spike.. that better???
It's fun to see how we look at it different, FalenAnjl.

A large part of Xander's Angel dislike was jealousy, and then anger after Angelus killed Jenny Calendar. I see a grown-up Xander, a battle scarred Xander, figuratively and literally. I see a Xander who watched Buffy say the same thing about Anya in S7, as he did about Angel. Demon. Must kill. "Hi Xander, meet the grey area." To me, their history would make for a very interesting future. But, not everyone is going to agree.

Buffy and the gang distrusted Angel and his gang. But, what happened in the alley? That outcome would certainly have an impact on their perceptions and suspicions. And of the entire Angel S5 cast, who would be most likely to regain the trust of Buffy's group? To me, Spike. The guy that spent far more time fighting with them, than he did with Angel. (During the actual shows, as opposed to during their shared history.)

I always loved Spike and Angel's interaction and did not get tired of it. I also didn't get tired of Giles and Xander, who fought side by side plenty, but were frequently exasperated with one another (well, at least Giles was). And they got closer as Xander grew up.

I can really talk about what won't even happen anyway for quite a while. ;)
Just for the argument's sake - since it's just speculations

From FalenAnjl
For example. Xander and Spike would not work well, because it would go against xander's character to work with spike or hang with him for any long periods.

Hm... I think that's exactly why their interaction could be interesting - because they don't get along and have a lot of issues to resolve.

Giles and Faith would not as it it would be too similiar to Buffy.

I think Faith is totally opposite of Buffy and the relationship between them could be anything but Giles/Buffy 2.0

Hallie is dead and gone.

Dead and gone? In Jossverse?

Nor would Willow or Spike work as a scooby in the later seasons she had no connection and is a gay character.

Come on. They had only two joint scenes in seven years (in Lovers Walk and The Initiative) - and were sparkling in both.

I don't think Spike is a lead character. That is NOT saying James can not be a lead actor, before I get jumped, that is saying the character of spike is the antogonist

Since Joss could reinvent Big Bad Spike as a hero, I believe he could reinvent the antagonist as the protagonist. It would be comedy gold to see Spike taking charge and trying to act responsibly.
I tend to think if they forgive spike, they will deffinatly forgive Angel as well. It was Angel's plan at the end that everone agreed on and it was Angel the followed into battle. It was Angel who asked for help for Fred. Since Everyonebut Angel and Spike the group knew would be dead, I deffiantly think if they include on vamp, they will include both.

But since Giles said no to helping Fred, Buffy is with the immortal, and many things between Buffy's group and Angel's groups often go unanswered or unexplained,we can't be sure anything in that Alley would have any impact on Buffy or the scobbies lives.

As for Xander, yes we will have to very much disagree. But that is always of the cool.=) But for Xander I dont' think you resolve your best friend being turned into one and having to kill him, nor the fact Xander is balck and white on good and bad as they come.

Giles is still all about rules and Faith still of the not so much. I don't see her giving him much respect, nor do I ever see Buffy givng up her watcher. If there was ever a watcher/slayer team up that would have riveled Buffy/giles it was scruffy wes and reformed faith. Now there was a team that could have been gold to watch. And for those brief parts on season four, I seriously wanted to ship them and her to stay on the Angel show just for that.

I don't think there is alot more about Hallie that needs to be said, that will not be said in in PD comic, plus was she not disiningrated. Some people do have to stay dead.

Wills and Spike,She is very powerful now and Spike is still so reckless. Once again another rules person, plus her dating a slayer thta hates him, against another non rules person. I trhink wills is to mature for spike and he would grow bored with her need to research and not buttkick.

Spike to me, will always be the antogonsit, making him responsible or trying to be, is making him into Angel. Just like doing that to Faith would make her into Buffy. He is better off the stait laced,instead of being the strait laced.

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FalenAnjl, Xander did his very best to help Angel when he got poissoned by Faith. He has something against vampires, but both Spike and Angel never gave him enough reason to trust them. Nevertheless he always trusted Spike enough to work with him, and while fans may disagree with me, during S7 it is not unthinkable that he thought of Spike to be a friend. EvilWillow and Anya have changed him a lot. And Angel also changed a lot since BS3, so I really don't see any problems at all. That said, I always enjoyed their interactions - so I won't mind some bickering.
He did that for Buffy, not for Angel. He helped his friend because that is what she needed. But if you remeber he also turned on Angel in Graduation faster then a hat.

I never saw him give Spike the time of day, and tend to think he would follow Giles(who has no love or care for Spike in season7)lead. I never saw him show Spike any concern, especailly after the AR. He did not try and stop Giles from trying to kill him, nor do I think they shared another line after Spike attacked the group for kicking Buffy out.(Which while she was way wrong they had no right to do!)

I guess bottom line to me,first before any pairings you have some serious explaining to do, why Giles would not help Fred, Was buffy working undercover with the immortal to take him from the inside, then how diffenrt was that then what Angel was doing? Why did all the scoobies turn their backs on these two men(vampires) who time after time have proven to be at their sides? Then if they did that what would make them accept them again? And why would Angel and Spike after all they lost accpet this group again after them thinking the worst and turning their backs? Did Faith turn her back on Angel too? Unlikely, so what happened there?
I could see Spike and Xander working as a reluctant team forced to work together. But I think people here in the UK have a slightly different take on their relationship.
Here many people who are great friends talk like that to each other like that. I have known several people at work who work as a pair and they constantly are "at each others throats" but actually get on great.
I read an interview with a RAF pilot who flew a Tornado GR3 in a training excercise in the US, against crews from all over the world in a "Top Gun" type thing and the American people thought they really hated each other after hearing things like "You f*ck*d up AGAIN! Can't you get ANYTHING right you dopey sod?" on the radio between the pilot and the navigator all the time.

So I suspect many people here don't really think that Xander and Spike actually hate each other.
Haven't read all of the posts (gotta get some work done!) but I just wanted to second whoever suggested that well-adjusted-Connor needs more exploration. Like most everyone else, I was not a fan of the character during the whole evil Cordelia arc, though I thought Vincent Kartheiser was a good job with what he had. That last Angel episode, revealed a far more intriguing and layered character I really thought was worth getting to know. Him and Andrew would make an interesting team, or as back-ups for Faith, perhaps.
LOL, zz9. And I agree.

Here's my parallel example: I played on my grad school football ("soccer") team for several years, and was constantly amused - and bemused, - at how differently teammates in the U.S. spoke with one another versus how it was when I played footie in England. In Berkeley, no matter bad the pass, or greedy the shot, invariably the shout would be "good job!" In England, we'd get ripped apart, both during and after the game, to the tune of "You're crap. Why are you even playing? Had too much to drink last night?" etc. etc.

I see Spike and Xander's relationship through both these perspectives. Still and all, it's not *just* differing cultural sensibilities. There are some real reasons for resentment underlying that happy banter. But I'm definitely in the camp of those who would enjoy watching that relationship struggle to grow; partners at odds are inherently more interesting than those that work seamlessly together.
Almost forgot...I'd like to see more of Nina too. Jenny Mollen has that refreshing "normal girl" beauty, which contrasts nicely with her role as a werewolf three nights a month. If the Buffyverse spins off another series, I'd like to see her taking some kind of role.
Spike and Xander actually hung out together socially in S5. Shooting pool at the Bronze and all. And they teamed up together quite well at the end of S5 when Buffy was kind of out of commission. The two have bonded while Spike was soulless, and while the AR/sleeping-with-Anya put a damper in that, by the end of S7, IMO Xander was actually pretty accepting of Spike. Plus, Spike saved his other eye from Caleb.

IMO, theirs will always be a rather antagonistic relationship but that makes their dynamic more interesting. They are perfectly capable of working together, even if they do snark at each other the whole time...

I don't really think there is any character combination in the Jossverse that would categorically not work. It all depends on the writing.
Connor actually really grew on me (I cheered for him in the last episodes!). I loved his on-screen time with Faith. Honestly, i'd love to see anyone and everyone from the casts... I disagree with people who say that Willow is tapped out for storylines... I understand that she explored the complete spectrum of good/evil, but that is not the sum of a person's life--it's not all that's worth telling. To me, Buffy and Angel's storytelling strengths were not revealed only in extremities, but also hugely in their subtleties.
Heck any 'verse project would make my day!
I think Spike and/or Faith would have most potential to gte off the ground!
Hey gang,

I think that my name says it all. I'd love to see Willow and Xander back in the limelight. I always felt that Nick B. got the worst end of the stick when BTVS ended. Most of the others already had something lined up to keep them busy; but Nick had a really dry period there where he couldn't get anything started.

I think that there is plenty of material that could keep a Xander-centric story interesting; Xander was the heart of the Scoobies! You could rotate in and out almost any -verse character and keep the interest level high. He works great with Willow, Giles, Buffster and Dawn. And I actually thought that he and Spike had their moments, like when he gave Spike a light in Season 5's ep "Spiral". They could have developed a friendship given enough rope; the only real roadblock being the brief tryst with Anya.

Just my two cents (I never see enough Xander-love on these boards!).
Nick is doing more then fine now, career and personal wise. So are they all with their new jobs.

There is ALWAYS room for Xander love. I am still waiting for a Xander/Faith scene. Just one. Where they actually talk to each other about their past.

Would love to find out all about his adventures in Africa.
I wouldn't care if Joss made "Wille the Snitch". ANYTHING BUFFYVERSE is all I want. But with a bit more lighthearted fun like early Buffy/s5 Angel.
Echoing what everyone else has said, I will take any characters in the Buffyverse, though I have my favorites (Okay, I still draw the line with the Potentials. Amanda was the only one I could stand and she's dead, so I would prefer not to have any of them. But I'll take Faith, Spike, Illyria/Fred, Wesley, Giles, Willow, Xander, Gunn, Andrew, Connor, Dawn, etc, etc, with hopefully an occasional appearance from Buffy or Angel.) But another character I haven't seen mentioned yet is Gwen. I always thought she would have made a great addition to Angel if there had been a Season 6 (Sigh. Still hate you WB!!)
Just to echo zz9 and SNT, a lot of the time I wonder what outsiders would think if they listened in on a conversation between my friends or even my family. We constantly take the piss out of each other, usually in a very dry and sarcastic/ironic way so if you didn't know us I'm sure you'd think we hated each other. That's just the way we interact :) Though again as SNT said there is definitely some true underlying resentment between Xander and Spike it's maybe not quite as bad as it appears to be.
On the subject of Xander and Nicky though, Nick himself has made comments saying that is why he never guest stared on Angel. They could never find a logical reason for him to drop in or be there. ASH made the same comments along the lines of the Angel series as well and for any Spike mini.

And no matter what happened on the past on Buffy, the scoobies as a whole turning their back on Angel and Spike in Angel 5 is going to leave marks with vamps. I don't see them wanting the scoobies or trusting them at their backs either. Not helping the Fang Gang speaks loudly of the scoobies thoughts on the the vamps and working with them as well.

For some reason I can not classify Buffy or Faith in the scooby department as Buffy has forgiven both many times. And I can not believe Faith would ever turn her back on Angel.
Dana5140 - Faith, Spike and Willow are "Angel" characters - they were in both shows - not just Buffy. I kinda find it interesting that, with the exception of Giles, the characters he mentions tend to be the crossover figures. So, if they were in a new project Joss could pul from both shows.
Willow is deffinatly a buffy character.Even her rights are for buffy character.

Faith,Dru,Darla and Spike are the only actual crossover characters
Hey, switching just a bit. How about an Oz show? Just askin'.
A Willow show would be gold... Or a Fred show... Cause she's not dead you know... Not really, just misplaced... Or if she really IS dead I have this whole theory of channeling her essence and soul and the whole she bang from a point in time before the infection and "dropping" her off in real time. That could work right? Right?
Willow is deffinatly a buffy character. Even her rights are for buffy character.

My point was that she was in both shows. For a new show, I don't think the rights really matter since 20th Century owns them all.

Faith,Dru,Darla and Spike are the only actual crossover characters

And Wesley and Cordelia.
Your right. But once Cor and Wes joined Angel they never crossed back over. They were only of one cast. And now both are very dead. Cor deffinatly not coming back.

Wes,Cordy and spike have all been in credits for thier respective shows. Only spike has been in both.

Faith, Darla and Dru have crossed back and forth between both shows and casts. They have no alligence.

But yes only Fox owns all of them, so on screen it is up to the actors, joss and Fox. And if they partner with say Universal or something to bring it to the big screen.

In books, it much much trickery as certain characters are owned by other companies. Such as IDW and Darhorse.

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Hee hee hee.
He said "Willow"

*gigling like a fanboi*
The dead people need to stay dead otherwise their deaths mean nothing. And I'd hate to see the Buffyverse become like Marvel and DC comics where death has no dramatic impact.

I'd like to see Faith and Xander have nice long chat.

I'd like to see Electrogirl again. Jenny too. And Oz and Robin Wood. And even Kennedy. Never had a problem with Kennedy.

I'd like to see Joss revisit the Buffyverse in anyway that he can legally be allowed to do it and put out a product he's happy with.

But mostly, I'd like to see Buffy. I'm really interested in what's going on in the life of Buffy Summers.

The only character I wouldn't want to see is one we haven't seen. The Immortal. Unless it's Buffy killing him.
I always thought Angel et al understood perfectly why the Scoobies would not help them in S5 and accepted it...didn't like it. but accepted it. They were part of Wolfram and Hart and therefore were not trustworthy. I do not think there would be any more hard feelings than usual.

As far as how the male characters felt about each other, I thought the transition from the initial actual rage between Angel and Spike to the sniping of two old comrads, was nicely done. The men in the Jossverse boil-up at each other out of jealousy or protectiveness, but they can always put it aside when commiseration or violence for the greater good is needed.

I agree that any pairing of charaters can be justified in the world after the end of S5. Joss will just have to decide on a backstory that gives them a reason to work together. He's a smart man. He can do it if he wants to.

My choices: I know it is not original, but Spike and anybody, especially Illyria. After that, Giles, Faith...pretty much anybody Joss feels like writing about. I have never understood saying any of the charaters are tapped-out. Spike's story, for instance has just started. He has had a soul for 3 years and is totally clueless in a totally different way than Angel ever was. As far as being an antagonist, the guy is marshmellow fluff inside when it comes to the ladies. Get the right dynamic going and you can have a protagonist who is still wearing the snarky/toughguy suit. Add Illyria and you have someone for him to teach about the his own bizarre and clueless way.
Oh, Joss how you toy with our minds...

OK, here goes. If Joss is there, I'm there.

That being said let the branstorming begin...Spike, Illyria, Faith, Wood, Andrew, and another slayer or two! Of course if you throw in Wes I'll be happy. He is my favorite 'verse character after all. Wouldn't it be interesting if Faith starts to fall for Wes and he becomes her watcher again. hmmm...a slayer in love with her watcher? Stick Illyria in there and things will heat up! Oh, how I would love for this to happen.
marshmellow fluff...ha! I love it...he totally is clueless in his sexy, bad ass way. Great thoughts, newcj!
I think my name gives away who my favorite verse character is. I mean, how can you NOT love a tragic hero?
I loved Wes and Faith. The possibilities.....
OK characters I would ike to see in a spin off series: ANYONE!
Just please give us something!!!
Fresh ideas and a new cast required and I believe Joss knows this better than anyone.

Although one idea for a spin-off could be ...

A new Hellmouth is identified in lets say Orlando, Florida, a whole new cast of Slayer(s), Watcher and friends are set up.
In the first episode Spike comes by looking for trouble and finds it, he get's kidnapped by the Big Bad in the first five minutes.
The rest of the season describes how the other characters work together to rescue him, regularly being sidetracked by a monster-of-the-week, with plenty of flashbacks to backstory, how they became friends and wound up in Florida.
Even though every episode trailer contains Spike shirtless ala S7 being tortured by the Big Bad ( preferably not by drowning :)), he doesn't appear in any scenes in the episodes.

In episode 22, the gang blows open a door to rescue Spike and finds, da da an empty room and a staircase down to a cellar, To Be Continued ... in season 2.

Seems like a surefire hit doesn't it ?

It would technically be a spinoff with Spike but James Marsters could film all his scenes in one week and then leave for other work and if they could avoid to spoil the fans everyone would keep watching and watching and ...
I have always find it stupid that Xander never could be on Angel - especially S5. He has about a billion times more reason to be in The Girl In Question than Andrew had, more so considering that an important arcline of him could finally have a closure: Spike and Angel. And he had more reason to be in Angel's show than Spike had.
Giles all the way. I think Bookman deserves his own show.
I agree with so many of these different comments, they really have been fantastic. My opinion is that there is an incredible multitude of characters that could have, or be involved in a spin-off, so to be honest, although I would prefer some characters more than others to have their own spin-off, any of them would make me more incredibly happy then when I found out Angel had gotton a fifth season. Every single person that Joss created has the potential to carry their own series, and i will be SO watching them if they do

Saying that, in a perfect world, this would be the ultimate show for me:

Faith the Vampire Slayer is fighting demons on her own, somewhere in America, having become segregated from the main group, finding her own path. On a call from Willow, (or possibly a teleportation?) Faith travels to England/Rome where the new Watchers council has been set up. Lumbered with Andrew, eager to join the field, she sets off to Cleveland, with another Council operative, one of the many slayers that had been created, and a sorceress trained by Willow. Halfway through the season, Faith encounters Gwen, trying to steal another mystical artefact. Realising they have several allys in common, and that in the dangerous times they are living in it is not a good idea to be alone. Gwen joins the fight, albiet on a reluctant note. Somebody has been killing Slayers over the world viciously, and the sorceress senses the person coming to Cleveland. Following the sorceress to the warehouse, they finally see the thing that has been murdering the new slayers. Drusilla steps out of the shadows with a bloody heart in her hand, and a broken girls body behind her. In the finale Faith and Dru would battle to the death, leaving only the Slayer standing. Towards the end of the season, it would be fantastic if Gwen and Faith visit post-apocalyptic L.A., to help defend the city against a huge coming attack, meeting up with llyria, Xander and a blue eyed and haired Gunn; seems Illyria managed to keep him alive by transferring part of her essence into him. Flashbacks to the alley show how they got out of there alive

So there is an incredibly deluded Apocalypse's idea for what should happen. Extremely unlikely of course, but a (non-superior) idea nonetheless
I like your idea, Apocalypse. Was confused for a moment there with the blue eyed and haired Gunn though :)
Mmm, Faith and Gwen. What a pair!
I like mentions of Dana and Nina, too. Mustn't forget about them.
There can't be a new series without Andrew.
I agree that some of the Spike/Xander antagonism is good.

I don't get the "whites-only" critique of Buffy. Well, I get it if someone doesn't understand Joss' writing. Cultural/ethnic issues aren't a huge deal in the Buffyverse for human characters. The great 'human' debates in the Buffyverse are the souled vs the soulless. In my opinion only, ethnic differences pale in comparison to this issue. I'd like to think that's part of the point. Ethnic stuff is great elsewhere, but it has to serve a purpose if it's part of the story. There's just no point in creating a character of a certain ethnicity or cultural group because someone said Buffy is "whites-only".
Race is a man-made construct. It only exists in human minds. When cultural minorities are on Buffy, their cultural differences aren't part of the story, at least not beyond Willow's little Jewish upbringing jokes. Did we ever see her at a synagogue? We saw Riley at a church and what a shocker to me. These just aren't issues the Buffyverse deals with much. Probably because every other show does.

ETA: And as I just sat here and watched Larry tell Xander he is gay, I mourn his loss. :)

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Thanks Koos :)
Koos - spooky - even as I read your post, I was watching that locker scene in "Phases"! Larry also sadly missed. I also missed Nancy from "The Wish". I always wondered what her backstory was - Giles' new Potential perhaps?
Uhm,I don't think there was much spooky about my post as I think you were referring to either Apocalypse or April ;)

I miss Larry too. And strangely enough Nancy too. She and the wolf-man were getting along just fine. Don't think she was a potential though. Larry was a cool guy, and maybe he was a potential love-interest for Xander??? :)
A new Hellmouth is identified in lets say Orlando, Florida

I think a Hellmouth has already been identified in Orlando.:)

Imagine the possibilities -- Puppet Angel gets lost amongst the Seven Dwarfs, Nina gets cast for three nights a month in a stage version of the Lion King, etc.

OK, sorry for the feeble attempts at humor. Really tired.
Hey don't forget the Cleveland Hellmouth! Who's watching that one??
And, yeah, another shout out for "Ripper"! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Buffy" was about high school/college and "Angel" was about young adulthood. It's time to deal with middle age and beyond. This also has the advantage that it could be done on the English schedule of only 6 or so shows a year, or maybe just an occasional telefilm a la "Cracker" and "Prime Suspect" leaving Joss et al time to do other stuff.
What I personally would love to see is Xander with a small team of young, ambitious Slayers 'investigating' supernatural stuff in a young Columbo kind of way. Complete with the raincoat, glass eye, scruffy hair and cigar. And each time he builts up a 'relationship' with the big bad of the month.

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Just read through some of the comments – fun to see what everyone's preferences are. I'd watch anything Joss chose to came up with, but the characters who I'd love to see more on are Spike, Wes, Faith, and Giles.

I love the idea of a Spike/Xander pairing – count me among those who saw a lot more in their relationship than pure antagonism. I always felt like Xander blustered a lot about Spike, but when it came down to the wire, he'd usually do what was needed to help him. And I always saw at least a bit of erotic subtext between those two.. :-) Plus, Xander got a bit of short shrift in the later years of BtVS - it would be fun to see him have his own epic arc.

Ripper? I'd eat it up. I love Giles and didn't get nearly enough of him in the last couple seasons. I'd love to see more off his backstory.

And there's so much more that could be done with Faith, Illyria, and Wes (who i'm sure they could revive somehow).
While I'd love cameos, and hints as to what they're up to, I'm less interested in Willow, Gunn, Dawn, Andrew, Connor, and Kennedy – not that I don't enjoy the characters (well, except for Kennedy, who i hope never to see again), but I just felt like there was less to tell about their future journeys, and they maybe aren't quite compelling enough to anchor a series. I never thought I'd say that about Willow, in particular, who has always been one of my favorite Scoobies, but I feel like her story has kind of been told, and now there's less there to interest me.

Anyhow - fun speculating, though I'm not getting my hopes up. And if Joss comes up with anything remotely related to the Buffyverse, I'll be there with bells on.
Nixygirl, Didn't you know ? The Cleveland Hellmouth is covered by Drew Carey and Mimi, everyone was really surprised when it turned out that Mimi was a Slayer but together with Drew she easily keeps all Demons and Vampires at bay, actually rumours have it that there have been no demonic activity within 100 km of Cleveland for quite some time, all vampires and demons have been scared away.

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