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June 13 2005

First look at David Boreanaz's new show 'Bones'. Quicktime required to view this clip.

Interesting, although hard to tell anything from that bit. But the CG was cool, and DB was a big part.
I listened to a long interview on NPR with the woman this show is based on. Very interesting stuff...although, I have to say that I'm long past tired of the flood of police procedurals.
Looks very good. If they can do this half as well as NBC did the medium show which is based on a real meduim, I think it can be very good. I look forward to seeing DB weekly again.
Does anyone know when this premieres? It says Fall but someone on another thread mentioned that they had seen it--just wondering if I missed something!
They may have watched a bootleg of the pilot which I don't think we can talk about here.
Hmm, David comes running back to TV. Who saw this coming?!
Do we really need another version of "CSI" with "X-Files" type main characters, the believer and the skeptic?

I'll watch the first episode, but unless there's something really distinctive about this show, I will pass. Watching DB play broody investigator (again) isn't compelling enough for me to tune in weekly.
I'm actually looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with this. I've read Kathy Reichs' books and really like the character of Temperance Brennan. Reichs is a forensic pathologist in real life.

In the books, Temp works for the state of North Carolina and also works for the Province of Quebec (which is what Reichs does IRL). Interesting here that they are using an amalgamation of Reichs and her fictional creation Brennan.

I've been fascinated by what forensic pathologist do ever since I saw the episode of Quincy MD where they reconstructed the face of a victim from the skull. It was a little lower tech than a hologram type thing.

I'll give this a chance.
How did DB coming running back to tv? His interview very clearly said that he was giving tv a break, not leaving it for good. Three movie later, he is the lead male in a new series. Not bad, infact damned good! I am very happy he has a job and he is being looked for lead parts.

For the Angel character he just wanted to up the stakes. Good for him, given all the budget problems and such from their last year.
He probably wanted movies because it paid more than the cheap salary he was used to on that one network but now that he's on FOX he's getting paid what he deserves. And anyway he said he wouldn't come back to Angel on tv because it would lessen the end of the series. I wouldn't call getting a star role on the highest rated network and night "running back to tv". I'd call it success.
All of this talk of forensic pathology reminded me of my graduating semester (ages ago!) at the University of Maryland. I took, pass/fail, as science was my weak suit, an anthropology class taught by Ellis Kerley, who, as I later found out, was a prominent forensic anthropoligist (he identified the remains of Josef Mengele, the Nazi "Angel of Death")...I surprised myself by nearly getting an A (had it not been pass/fail) in the class...he was a marvelous man, and I be he'd be very interested in this kind of TV...he was no David Boreanaz in appearance, but he was, in his way, quite's his obit, and sorry if this is way off topic...
CBS is the highest rated network, not Fox. Fox is #3, charisma.
I metioned that I had seen seen the show in another thread. It certainly wasn't a bootleg. I work in TV and get the new fall pilots every spring (one of the few perks of having an industry job). "Bones" was pretty good. DB is fantastic and has nice chemistry with Emily Deschanel... it's sort of a more character-driven procedural, but the mystery element of the pilot sort of fell short. Without giving anything away, it is abundantly clear who killed our mystery tennis player from the beginning of the episode, despite some red herrings thrown in the mix. Still DB is a joy to watch. The forensic anthropology angle is a unique hook but he's the real reason to tune in each week.
It's certainly a first look of which I approve. Of course, I could watch DB read the phone book and be happy. It doesn't hurt that I really like forensic shows as I am not only a biologist but an entomologist. I've read one of Kathy Reichs' books and enjoyed it, though not quite as much as Patricia Cornwell. Actually, I listen to them on audio tapes as I have a really long commute to work. I save my reading for more complicated matter.

Woweee!! I'll be thrilled to see DB on a weekly basis again, though I usually see him on a daily basis anyway on TNT or DVD.
Im tired of this kind of clone procedural dramas.
Ill see the first episode, just for David, but I think that specially this series wont have a lot of stories to tell, the surprise effect of the bones, instruments and procedural wont be too long.
This is a very closed series in terms of scenes and procedural.
As earlier mentioned it's hard to tell anything from just one scene but... I found it kinda boring to be honest.
Looks good. I'll be watching come fall. has it listed as due out in September.
I am just glad that we may get a weekly fix of lovely DB - good luck to him and the new series. Let's hope Sky picks it up in the UK
Nice, but I'm sorry, he'll always be Angel for me... I would definitely have trouble watching this show and seeing him as a completely different character.
Yea I was just about to write the exact same thing PurpleYoshi.
It looks good to me, as I've always been interested in forensic and paleoanthropology. And DB looks great. Like PurpleYoshi, though, I may still see him as Angel, but it's worth a try.

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