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June 13 2005

Can "Global Frequency" be saved? "The odds of this working are way, way too small to take seriously.... On the other hand, the entire idea of Global Frequency is of ordinary people subverting the establishment and getting things done. The concept of a fan base for the show subverting the establishment and getting things done ... frankly that's a little irresistible."

Not that I don't want to see Global Frequency go to series, but won't most of the Angel/Buffy writers attached have moved on?
Warren Ellis, meanwhile, has no desire to be involved.

I am informed that fans are talking about attempting to bring pressure to bear on WB to get the thing on the air. I want nothing to do with that behaviour, thanks. And I won't be questioned on it, okay? It's very nice of you, and I'm positive that the creators, cast and crew appreciate it immensely, as everyone worked their guts out on that show out of sheer delight in the material. But I won't be associated with any grassroots movement. Show's over.

Is that quote from Ellis' site somewhere?
Because all grassroots movements are omginherently evil?

I'm trying to tell whether he's politely declining or being a butt.
I think the cast and crew have all moved on. Unless they totally want to recast and get new writers, the show to all intents and purposes is dead.
Um, any idea where his hostile attitude towards a fan movement comes from?

His opinion, he's certainly entitled to it, but seems unncessarily harsh. Daromaius - I don't see anything polite in the statement at all, so...
Warren Ellis is one of the best nay greatest comic writers out there (he's Joss' equal in many respects).He was very enthusiastic about the making of GF. His baby didn't get picked up and he moved on and doesn't talk about it any more.

The quote in question comes from his mailing list and he is no doubt fed up with hundreds of people emailing him about resurrecting the show since the pilot leaked onto the Net. He's very honest about this sort of thing and doesn't pull any punches.
As Warren probably still has properties in various stages of TV/film development, he likely has no interest in being actively involved in any sort of movement to subvert studio decisions. Wouldn't be a smart idea.
The only writer/creator of any medium that I actively support/follow on the Internet is Joss. Joss, and his manner of speaking to/about fans by way of Internet comments is all I'm used to. So, I appreciate that Ellis may well be frustrated and heartbroken. His comments about 'behavior' and "grassroots movement' put me off - Joss has been heartbroken, and blunt, without sounding quite like that. But what do I know.

And MattM - Good point, which did cross my mind as well.
"I'm trying to tell whether he's politely declining or being a butt."

Ellis' charm is that he is both an optimist and the biggest bastard in the world. He can be both. Haven't you read the comic book? The most empowering collection of stories about how effed up the world is.

I, for one, am not going to abandon hope. A show this good should not will not leave me taciturn. The show really touched me, and I feel like it'd be indecent of me not to at least try to help it along.

I believe in this.
It is ironic, tho, given the premise of GF, that Ellis is that openly disdainful of "that behavior". Guess he likes writing about such worlds, but doesn't want to actually live in them.
I think I just fell madly in love with Warren Ellis.
Not a huge fan of Ellis myself.

He did write some very interesting things (Joss himself is huge fan of Ellis' work on Planetary, thus Whedon writing a foreword for on e of the Planetary Trade Paper Backs), but he did do some really bad thing too.

That Revolution event he did with X-Force, Generation X and X-Man titles (for the unitiated these were 3 prominent X-Men related books, which currently doesn't exist anymore), a few years back, were a great example of how bad he could be, even though he was really good other times. It's not like when Joss works were tampered with, like in the first Buffy movie, or in Alien Ressurection. In this example, Ellis had a lot of freedom to revamp these three books, and did an awful job with it, in my opinion.

I think that Global Frequency as a show, would have been an interesting show to see how Ellis would play with some of the ME people, in another interesting genre show, based on a comic. Lost has been an interesting example of how Abrams people, played along with some of the ME talent. Alias two best episodes this season, has been under the pen of one of our man, Drew Goddard.

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As for me, I don't know where Ellis is really coming from with his comments, I'm not at all familiar with his works, or this work, but I've gotta love someone who can be so deliciously contrarian and who apparently has no qualms about offending the "fanbase." It's his creation; he can say whatever he likes. IMHO. (However, if MattM's surmise is more accurate, than I like Ellis somewhat less than I thought).
Was that Kristy Wu (Slayerette Chao Ahn) in the pilot?
Spend a bit of time at and pick up a few issues of Transmetropolitan and you might get a better idea where's he's coming from.
Thanks for the link, herb. I think five minutes in his company was enough for me. But I might check out Transmetropolitan, despite its "postcyberpunk" (eh, still trying to work out what the original cyberpunk is) and "gonzo journalist" appellations.
I saw the pilot and that show had some serious potential. Definitely more than season three Alias.
I guess it was simply too intelligent for American audiences or so the network believes.

(and occasional hysterical begging for more episodes. And creepy, creepy rage)

Hmm, creepy rage = theatening theater managers?
Was this some of our people? LOL.

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I told Joss he was insane for taking WONDER WOMAN on. That made him happy.

--- Warren Ellis (via Millarworld)

Been trying to work that Ellis quote into a thread here, this one seems somewhat appropriate.

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