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January 17 2003

Marti Noxon interview excerpts from the forthcoming CBC radio one Buffy documentary. Joss Whedon, Spike's redemption and Buffy's calling are all discussed.

This sounds like a really good interview, taking Marti beyond previous soundbyte disasters.
"... the whole show ping pongs between the darkest night of the soul and this whole yearning for belief. I think that he does feel like it's sort of a meaningless void, and what matters is the struggle to find the good. And the relationships you build with people while you struggle. And in some ways you'll never find it, but the quest and the questors, and the people that you find, who are not necessarily your family, are the only thing that lends the journey meaning."

This is why I connect with BtVS, and Whedon's work.
Definitely one of Marti's best interviews, and generally provides some very valuable insights to the show as a whole. It's a keeper. Go Canada!
You'll be able to listen to this show here on Monday evening at 9pm EST.

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Did anyone actually hear this broadcast? How was it?
I heard the broadcast, and it was okay, but I think that it is too hard to really give a listenership the low down on BtVS in an hour without either glossing over too many things or being trite. I think that it was just nice to hear Buffy getting more air play on a very different medium (If you are familiar with CBC Radio One, then you know what I am talking about). Hey, any talk is good talk.

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