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June 13 2005

Clip of 'Kitchen Confidential' - featuring Nick Brendon. And again Quicktime is required to view this.

Yay no laugh track. The pyramid thing was funny.
This looks great. I agree with you Eddy. So very happy for Nicky.
Aside from Nick, I didn't realize John Cho(I think that's him) was in this also...
I'll make sure to catch the first couple...
I agree with you eddy. Yay on the no laught track...that's one of the reasons I like shows like Arrested Development. Sure, they're sitcoms but they're not presented that way. It looks more interesting and more funny than I expected. I'll definitely check it out.
Ohhhhh, thank you.
Hee. I was amused. I'm so glad Nick's having a busy year thus far. He looks great.
This looks great...thanks so much for posting...I am sending to mutltitudes of people!
I think this looks excellent. The cast is pretty fantastic, and I think the premise is pretty solid.
"My people built the pyramids!" So Nicky's Egyptian?

Well, this does look promising. I'll check it out.
Technically Jewish slaves build the pyramids. Egyptians just stood around yelling and whipping :)
OR, we could go with my theory about extra-terrestrials having designed them! That's it! Nick's playing an ET!

Oh, the laughs just keep on comin'...
I'll be watching this for sure. I'm glad because there is no way in hell I'm going to see "Unholy"...ew.
John Cho is in this???!!! Oh! My! God! I LOVE Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I'm so glad they decided to make parts 2 and 3.
This actually looks pretty awesome.
Having scene the full cut of the pilot a few weeks ago, I can say that it is really good and has a lot of potential. The cast is amazing and fun. It's a little hard to buy Bradley Cooper as an out-of-control former junkie bad boy chef (he'll always be Will to be me) but the rest of the cast, from Jamie King to Bonnie Somerville to John Cho, etc. is fantastic and it is so good to see Nick in something where his comedic timing can shine. Will be a good companion to Arrested Development in the fall, what with the single-camera, no laugh track, wacky characters similarities.
Hee! This looks promising! I'm actually very excited about this for almost all the actors included :)

And uh, yeah, the pyramid reference is to the Jews and not the Egyptians. Check out "The 10 Commandments" for references, if you like :)
This one looks good, and with Nicholas on board, IŽll be there for sure.
Looks... odd... But yeah, I'll definately check it out... :)
As a fan of Tony Bourdain's writing and TV stuff ("A Cook's Tour"), I've been looking forward to the KC series. Fortunately, this clip makes it look like it won't suck :)
I, too, am looking forward to this one. I like Tony Bourdain and having Nick in it just seal the deal. Sometimes, Nick is so underrated. Besides, I have a thing with men who can cook :)
I'm looking forward to this one, too. So it will be paired with AD? Woo hoo!
I was torn up over the Aly vs. Nick competition at 8:30 p.m. on Mondays, but no longer. Based on the promo clips, Kitchen Confidential is the clear winner. The argument over the asparagus pyramid between Nick and John Cho seals the deal.

The How I Met Your Mother clip? PAINFUL.

[ edited by cjl on 2005-06-14 15:05 ]
Whoa, cjl, are you ever on the mark...laugh track? One of my least favorite things about television. And I too loved the pyramid dispute.
This Kitchen Confidential show actually looks like it might be really funny...we watch very little TV, but we'll give this a chance.

[ edited by Chris inVirginia on 2005-06-14 16:17 ]
And anyone know when this premieres as well? I can't seem to find it. Maybe I need more coffee.
Nick has great comic timing, the show looks well ace.
Hey, and the owner(?) is Frank Langella, who played Dracula in the 1979 movie of that name.

He hooked Mutant Enemy's own Marti Noxon on vampires early:

"I think I had my [first] inkling of what a sexual experience might be when I saw Dracula with Frank Langela. The pointy collars, being sexy, coming through long windows and bodice busting and all that stuff. When I was very young, Dracula just totally captured my imagination and I always saw this as a sort of great romance."

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