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June 13 2005

Pics from Mercedes McNab's "Hatchet". You can see her in four screenshots from the movie, in which her appearance changes quite drastically. Some very minor spoilers for possible plot details.

I'm not sure if im wanting to go and see this, however will probably give it a go, if just for Mercedes.

Hey guys, that site is doing the weird thing again. When I clicked on the link here, it recognized me as "Jademaliburoad"...she's a mod over there, I believe.
I got that too.
I've changed the link, hopefully there shouldn't be a problem. I'll send the people at Slayerverse an email.
After looking at the second picture, I coudn't help but think that Harmony had herself a new band of minions! Sorry some things stick so thoroughly!
I miss MM too. I don't know about other people but I totally loved Harm's Way (if that's the name of her Angel ep). And yes, was that not Harmony and her minions?

Now I'm not sure why I didn't see her name on the list of characters to explore on the other list. I'd like to see her find a reason to return to minioning for awhile.
Isn't that the guy who played Merrick in the movie in one of those shots?

Edit: Oh, nevermind, just saw that someone was pointing that out in the comments under the picture.

[ edited by RambleOn623 on 2005-06-14 15:43 ]
Yeah, thats Merrick from the show. Not the movie. Donald Sutherland is Merrick in the movie. I think I've seen that actor in alot of stuff but don't know his name.
eddy, you are absolutely right. I am now slapping my forehead. Next time I pay better attention and don't post while dodging the boss. ;-)
The problem wont occure if the links are not posted with the phpsessionid. I dont understand much about tech but I know that the session ids are always individual like cookies.

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