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June 14 2005

(SPOILER) SERENITY NOW! Or, Serenity #1 - July! A glowing early review of the first issue of the comic book tie-in. (Scroll down to the second item.)

Nice, Telltale. Thanks for the link. I gotta haunt the comic shops again.
"...there's a complete story in here. This isn't a tease for the next issue. It's an extended chase sequence with a few pages' worth of coda, and a gentle nudge to the reader on the last page to point the way to the next story."

Sounds like he was satisfied with the issue. If he wasn't, he might've said something along the lines of, "Promising so far, but I'll have to wait for the next two issues before passing judgement." The way he described the plot, it sounds like this first issue will more or less be like its own episode. I figured we'd have to read all three issues to get the feel of a complete episode of Firefly. Although one issue definitely won't feel long or involved enough to compare to 40-some minutes of television, it at least sounds like it'll serve as a mini-ep.
Regardless, isn't it time for a moratorium on the "Serenity Now!" gag. I mean, I thought of it several months back, sure many others did. But almost everybody I mention the movie too comes up with this joke on their own....

At this rate, Jerry Stiller might have to appear in the next trailer.
Regardless, isn't it time for a moratorium on the "Serenity Now!" gag

Well we could move onto Big Damn Serenity Movie or BDSM for short.
At this rate, Jerry Stiller might have to appear in the next trailer.
Well, I think that would make a totally awesome trailer. It'd certainly make non-fans stand up and take notice;)
Simon -- or maybe Joss should just rename it "My Big Fat Shocking Yet Frequently Hilarious Space Adventure".

It also occurs to me that English folks and others might not be getting the Seinfeld reference....

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I'm so far from getting the Seinfeld reference (which has nothing to do with being English, and everything to do with never watching the show) that I didn't even know there was a Seinfeld reference to get.

Um, what's the Seinfeld reference?
I only meant that people living in England might be less likely to have seen it, while it was so immensely popular over here. (Is it popular in the UK? I admit to being ignorant on that score.)

Anyhow, "Serenity now!" is part of a deeply ineffective psychological self-help regimen that one of the main character's father undertakes. Basically it amounts to the older man screaming the phrase whenever something/someone bothers him. In context, as performed by the great Jerry Stiller, it was pretty funny.
Sadly Seinfeld was treated rather poorly over here and so isn't/wasn't very popular with the general populace. It was shown late at night and I'm sure most people on the street wouldn't even know what it was about. That's not to say there aren't fans though, a few of my friends and I are fans and have recently been rewatching the 1st 3 seasons due to the dvd box-set that finally appeared a few months ago.

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