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June 14 2005

A review of Der Kindestod 12 inch figure. Everything you wanted to know about one of Buffy's creepiest villains and then some.

That episode always creeped me out.
"A balding Buffy, a true horror story."

Gotta agree with you there.
That guy so gave me nightmares. Almost as creepy as the gentlemen, if not more...because I never liked hospitals anyways.
Yes, gotta say that this is one episode that I've always avoided after the initial watch. Children getting terrorized and killed? By a horribly disfigured monster? I just can't take it.

I'm sure there are plenty of you that aren't even parents that cringe and get that "stomach pit" feeling at the thought.
I could never even have that figure in my house. I would be afraid that it would come awake at night and try to kill me or my cat. I can't even have the vamped characters in my house. Too many readings of strange children's stories when I was younger. My neighbors had a scary book about dolls that come alive at night and I don't think it was a very nice story. So now I am permanantly scarred. Go me. This is why I have the Iron Giant watching my bedroom door........
I just got my figure today! He's great, yes creepy, but very well done. The hat does fit on his head nicely but if you move him it will fall off. The accessories he came with are great. I love the book and the two pictures that the little boy drew. It was a pain in the a** to take the wire off him because it was under his clothes and wrapped around his underarms. You think Der Kindestod is creepy clothed try picturing him half naked - not something I needed to see!

Oh, wanted to add that they included an extra gift with this figure. They included a Mr. Burns bust. Other people on another board that collect these so far have either gotten the Mr. Burns bust or a Bart Simpson bust.

I initially ordered this figure because I want a complete collection and I wasn't too thrilled with this choice but they did such a fanastic job with him. My daughter is hoping they do an Adam figure - which I agree would also be pretty cool even though I didn't particularly care for the whole Initiative story arc.

Edited to add that I don't have the same problem with the hair that he mentioned. I even fluffed up his hair quite a bit in the back because it was so flat from being in the package and none of it fell out. Also wanted to add that the Vamp Angel Comic Con exclusive came with the wire wrapped around his body like that as well. When trying to get it off the figure I accidentally snagged a bit of the shirt and wasn't too happy about that. I'm guessing they are tying them in this was so that you can't see the wiring when you view the figure in the box but for those of us who like to take them out and display them it is more than a hassle when you have to worry about damaging the clothing trying to get it off.

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Here's some pictures from another collector who told a little bit of a story with her photos (very funny) and then has a bunch of great photos of the figure and his accessories:

Der Kindestod photos
Hey guys,

I wrote the Der Kindestod review. It's great to see the link here on Whedonesque (I feel like I've arrived!) and glad to see some feedback on the review.

SpikeBad: Glad you agree with my take on a balding Buffy. :)

Firefly Flanatic: Good to hear your figure didn't have the falling out hair issue. It was very bad on the one I was sent to review, but if it's not a widespread problem, that's great.

And I'm with you on an Adam figure. He may not have been the most compelling character, but he'd be a damn fine looking toy I'm betting.
Whoops. Sorry for the triple post! Not sure how it happened... Still learning the ropes on here. Hope this one doesn't show up thrice too!
I've done the accidental double post too in the past! I totally enjoyed your review. Maybe your Der Kindestod can get a hair transplant! Adam would be a really cool figure. My daughter has some of the Sideshow figures but doesn't want them all like I do and this is one that she would really love to have. I really hope they do one of him now too.

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