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June 14 2005

DVD cover art for David Greenwalt's Profit. Comes out on August 9th.

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Ooooh, verrrry nice! That photo does an excellent job of conveying Profit's malevolence. Sign me up!

And just a thought: What does it say about the current state of television that I get more glee from purchasing past tv shows on dvd than I do from watching anything (Deadwood excepted) offered now?
I've heard some very good things about the show. Hope to see the DVD released in the UK.

And less we forget, Joss posted about Profit here at Whedonesque.
I can hardly wait for this. I watched Profit during its brief TV life, and it has stayed with me. Just way ahead of the curve.

On another note I just finished watching the last commentary of the Hatem/Greenwalt series Miracles, and I'm ready to watch them all again - last time that happened to me was Firefly.

And Willowy? I'm right with you.
Willowy, I just finished watching borrowed Angel DVD's and tried to go back to watching TV. Instead I found myself at the library yesterday checking out "Blyth Spirit", Buster Keaton's "The General", and the last installment of "Lord of the Rings." Not Whedon, but good least the first two. I haven't seen the last one yet. If somewhere around here stocked DVD's of things like "Profit" and "Wonderfalls" I'd watch them in a minute. It is a wasteland on TV right now.
Damn it was good. Then it was gone, and you just had to try to explain it to all of the people who had missed it. Frustrating. Now you can hit people on the head with that box. Satisfying.

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