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June 14 2005

Preview of Alexa Davalos's "Reunion". This brilliant clip is from the new 20-part "ground-breaking concept" of a series which follows six friends through 20 years of their lives, starting with High School Graduation. It stars the actress who played Gwen on "Angel" as well as "Six Feet Under"'s Micheal St. Patrick

DEFINITELY my favourite one out of all the clips so far; this trailer is presented in a very cool and epic way, the sweeping from the church to the graduation had me feeling positively tingly!

It has to have bonus points for using the song from "The Breakfast Club" (which I only saw a couple of thousand times!). More praise must be awarded to this series for including Matthew St. Patrick in the cast line-up.

In short: Boy am I seeing this!

I had forgotten Sean Faris was in this. I grew to like him alot on Life As We Know It. He's got a vulernability to him that you don't find in many "pretty boy" actors.
This one looks very interesting.
Iīm not seeing it for Alexa, just for the story.

Why canīt they make a change between How I Met and Reunionīs actresses? :p
Fox is airing this show???? I think that's the most amazing part... This totally seems out of step for what Fox usually does...
I love this kind of enduring friendship stuff - will definitely watch.
This looks really good. It's so cool that we have no idea at all about who is going to die, and I wonder how many times we'll think that it's one character, but it'll end up to be someone completely different. And every episode is a year? That'll be new.
I agree, this looks great. I didn't expect it to but it might actually be the surprise show of next year.
I saw the pilot last week; it may quite possibly be the worst show of next season. Way too gimmicky to work with laughable poor writing and direction (at one point a female character in the present turns around as we fade in on Sean Faris in 1986, creating a rather unintentionally amusing visual segue), the hour was filled with "in" references to stuff in 1986 instead of compelling characterization. Don't want to give spoilers for the first hour, but it's impossible to care about Sean Faris' bratty rich boy, Will Estes' "tough" poor boy, Alexa Davalos' lovetorn sweet girl, etc.

We all agreed at the office that it could be a good drinking game though. ;)

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