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June 14 2005

Story on Zap2it regarding SciFi showing of Firefly. A short blurb on Firefly beginning its run on SciFi starting July 22nd.

Blurb is good. And that Friday line-up is very strong. Hopefully, the show will pick up a lot of converts from Stargate and Battlestar Galactica fans.
I'm curious what their strategy is going to be... They won't have enough time to air all the episodes, wonder which ones they'll leave out...
Simon, I think it will appeal to SG1 and BG fans, especially if they promote it heavily and I think they will. I don't tune in to much tv on a regular basis excluding Whedon reruns, but when I'm not camping on weekends I like the SciFi Friday lineup. It's promoted well and you're right, it has garnered much respect, at least within the genre. I think but am not sure that Andromeda was in that timeslot and this might be a refreshing alternative. Seems like they wouldn't cut out episodes because Joss wouldn't want it that way and people who hear about the movie can tune in and see River's origins after the movie release.

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If they really want to hook viewers, they should do a marathon. Didn't they do something like that for 24's first season? Re-run the whole season consecutively?

Do it on a weekend. Hook the armchair....uh...sitters (guess quarterbacks doesn't really apply here). And a reiterative note: run them IN ORDER.

Give our little gem of a show the star treatment and it'll shine!
Oh Sci-Fi will undoubtedly do a marathon at some point. They pimp out every new show they get to the max.

I just wish they had the foresight to buy it when Fox cancelled. I'd trade 3 Serenity movies for a full Season 2 of Firefly any day...
This is probably just the way I'm reading it... but... it seems to say that Sci-Fi have bought the rights to the whole show from Fox. It doesn't mention it just being re-run rights, anyone think that there is any possibility that maybe Universal might just consider bringing back the TV show as well if the movie does well?

Very very wishful (delusional?) thinking I know.
The problem with a marathon is that there are too few episodes all together...this way they can drag it out longer. And I love the photo zap2it used, so cute.
Doesn't Universal own SciFi? I mean the it's owned by the universal owners, who also own NBC, if I remember it right.

I think this news, is sound better and better by the minute.

They could show two episodes at a time, a common strategy that's beeing used by several networks here in Brazil.
**Note that I'm refering to the respective networks here in South America, and not the original counterparts in the US.**
Fox Latin America, shows every monday two episodes of 24, a rerun from the previous week, and a new episode. AXN adopted similar strategy for Lost, which helped a lot with the show's marketing. TNT which just started to show Veronica Mars over here, adopted the same is about to adopt the same strategy. In both of the Fox (24) and AXN (Lost) examples, they tend to show right after 6 or 7 episodes a marathon in the following weekend consisting of 6 episodes. .

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Poor Morena doesn't get an "also seen on".

Anyway, shiny! I hope that it does really really well on Sci Fi, and gets a lot more people interested in Serenity. And maybe after some movies, we could get the show back? Yes, I know, I still am holding onto hope. I refuse to give up. I'm a Browncoat.
Numfar PTB, many cable channels in the US are adopting the 2 shows in a row thing, or even two-hour blocks of 4 half-hour shows. The Buffy reruns I watch are on FX and are usually two hours long. The major networks don't do this, but FX, TNT, SciFi and other channels do.
And there are plenty enough Firefly eps for a Marathon. 13 hours? That's plenty, and one doesn't have to go sleepless in order to see them all.
Now that SciFi has the rights, they can run the shows as they choose. FX shows Buffy in any manner they choose and they have Buffy marathons on Halloween. SciFi has shown X-Files and SG1 in four hour blocks on Monday and Tuesday nights. These are just examples I know of.
They article says they will show even the ones that never aired. I also think getting the rights is a good strategy. If the movie is a hit and spawns a sequel, there would more then likely be another TV show down the road. I bet Sci-Fi tied up the rights for some time which would give them the first rights to a future TV show.

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