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June 15 2005

(SPOILER) Buffyverse shoutouts in 'The Inside'. You've hopefully noticed one of them during last week's premiere, but there's two in the third episode.

There's a poll on who you want to play Wonder Woman if you scroll down on the page. A lot of Buffy and Angel actresses in there too.
Did anyone else think the team wearing blue gloves for their investigations was significant?
How was it significant?
Firefly significant, not necessarily Buffy significant - two by two, hands of blue.
Oh. I've never watched Firefly so I didn't catch it. Thanks~
np ShotgunWes :)
yeah, I defidently noticed the blue gloves. It may have just been a coincidence, but Tim was one of the executive producers of the show, so its possible I suppose. I really wanna see the OMWF shout-out. Maybe we'll see some mustard on a shirt :)
It would be even funnier if David Fury (as a guest star) got mustard on his shirt... :D
*mumbles about Puppet Cancer*
Here's a thing: 4 of the 7 actors listed under Guest Appearances for the pilot episode also have Buffy or Angel in their credits. Most notably the killer Simon Gunther, played by the guy -- Brett Rickaby -- who played the (young) bookstore owner in Tim's "Are You Now or Have You You Ever Been" ep of Angel. And Rich Sickler, who plays the Medical Examiner, is also the first assistant director on 1) The Inside, 2) Angel and 3) Serenity.

I didn't look up anybody from later episodes, but scrolling down I did see the names (is this news? I don't remember hearing about this) and toward the end of the season, we should all be so lucky.
Blue gloves are a forensics/investagative team thing, not a specifically Firefly thing (You can actually see some of the Police wearing them in some earlier episodes of Angel... can't remember which ones in particular). I don't think it's a reference.
Reading an article about halfway down the page, I noticed that George Lucas had a guest spot on The OC after visiting the set because his daughter's a fan of the show. Im sure I remember hearing he and his daughter (who has good taste in TV!) visited the set of Buffy once. I'm not even a Star Wars fan, but how cool would it have been for him to cameo on Buffy. They could've had Andrew and Xander stalking him or something crazy!

And go Tim for the references, that's cool.
melsta, Amber's appearance on The Inside has been mentioned here before, for example in this thread. Keith Szarabajka's is new to me.

And in any case, I'm not sure a guest appearance rates as a spoiler (unless it's critically related to the plot, e.g. ASH/Giles's return in Grave, or Angel appearing to help kill Caleb. But there, it was the return of the character, rather than actor that was potentially spoilery). In fact, reminding people of such guest turns may convince more people to try the show. But I do appreciate your caution. :)
SNT, are they messing with your blue again? Seems a bit darker and more eye-hurty than yesterday.
Must be keyed into my mood, Willowy.
I didn't catch any references in tonight's episode (I know the article says they're in the third and this is only the second ep). Were there any?
But I do appreciate your caution. :)

Well, discretion is either my middle name or the better part of valour, I can never remember which.
I agree it can't really be considered a spoiler (What? There's going to be an attractive young female character in a future episode??) but -- you know -- some people. ;-)

[Not really meant as a dig at anyone in particular. Spoilerphobia just manifests in interesting ways sometimes.]
Oh, I'm one of the worse offenders with respect to spoilerphobia. But I figure a bit of guidance never hurts. Plus, if I don't consider it a spoiler, then it probably means no one else could.
I didn't catch any references in tonight's episode (I know the article says they're in the third and this is only the second ep). Were there any?

There was one possible Firefly reference in tonight's episode, in the beginning where they're pitching cases, and Danny (Adam Baldwin's character) wants to go undercover. Web says something like "you're not growing a moustache" and Adam Baldwin goes "Goatee?"

You think that's a shout-out? It reminded me of Firefly at least.
So, these were pointed out in the comments for the review of The Inside, but here are the two references from tonight's episode (1.03)

Once More With Feeling is the name of the movie on the marquee in two important scenes. I was trying to tell if the people pictured kissing on the marquee were SMG and JM (or anyone else from Buffy, but it was hard to tell).

Angel is the name of a cat that is missing. A little girl comes into a house and asks, "Where's Angel?" I have asked myself this more than once re: my DVD collection and/or lack of David Boreanaz's presence.

In terms of people, Carrie Preston, who was Sister Katrina (the cheese nun) on Wonderfalls was a guest on tonight's episode as well.

Tim must like to cast actors he's worked with before, and to that end I say bravo.

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