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January 17 2003

(SPOILER) Mercedes McNab interview. How many British Buffy fans know that she is the daughter of a former Arsenal full back?

"Inevitably one question which is most often asked by the female fans of the show is what's it like acting opposite James Marsters?

"James is awesome! I love him! Kissing is so difficult as everyone on the set is watching you and I know my parents will be watching the show later!"

Wow! Does she! Really! Talk! Like... that!

So she's English. Whodathunk.
Too bad there wasn't an audio clip of her natural speaking voice. If she sounds utterly British, my estimation of her acting talent would increase a couple thousand fold. er, I mean, !.
I wonder if the quote, "They did have some nice leather trousers which I would like to have kept" was edited for the British audience, or if that's really what she said. Because an American gal (it says she was born in Vancouver and moved to LA at 8) would have said "leather pants," which, I understand, has a slightly different meaning in the UK. ;-)

But at least she didn't say they flattered her fanny!
(Which, in US usage, is what Spike was never to see again, "Unless you run into me somewhere and it's me walking away from you." Thanks Mister Pointy site!)
In an interview in Buffy magazine, Ms. McNab indicated her interest in joining the Ripper cast, which would be facilitated by her dual citizenship.
Giles and Harmony, the mind boggles!!!
Okay. Imagine being a stagehand back in season four when Marsters & Mercedes were doing scenes together. During the actual filming, Marsters would talk in an english accent and Mercedes would talk like a Valley Girl, then after the director yells cut, Marsters would drop his english accent, and Mercedes would drop INTO a slight english accent.

That'd just hurt the head.
And then they'd both drop out for a bit of sweet talking.

(Marsters dated McNab for a very brief while. Everybody go 'eeeew' now.)
What? They're compatable.
Oh thats just too weird.
I don't know if they're compatable. I haven't met either of 'em so I can't say.

He's 20 years her senior. Which doesn't bother me a bit, but makes a whole lot of people go "eeew".

Anyway, I don't think it lasted long. I think I remember Marsters saying he showed up too late or didn't show up at all on their date.

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