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June 16 2005

New Buffyverse Mini-Bust Ornaments Series. Is Buffy glum because she has no arms? Why does Spike bear an uncanny resemblance to Trip Tucker from Enterprise?

The Illyria one is quite good, but the rest all have very strange expressions and don't look very much like the actors. The Angel one looks very different to DB.

I think the normal busts look much better.
All of the Buffy action figures I've come across in my time are extremely creepy looking.
They look a bit stoned.
The no-arms thing is disconcerting.
I think the problem is that companies try to recreate the actors in plastic, which is impossible and bound to come out bizarre looking.

An action figure that worked would just be a cartoonish kind of representation of the character. In other words, a Buffy action figure doesn't really need to look exactly like SMG, it just needs to represent "Buffy" as a concept.

Plus, it should be able to do stuff... like where you could fight it with other action figures. Like, spring loaded stake driving. They are ultimately kind of toys after all, even though adults might be buying them in some cases.

Not that I particularly care about the state of Buffy/Angel action figures. I just think it's kind of interesting to think about.

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Not Trip, Malcolm...its the cheekbones
Buffy looks like someone hit her in the face with a brick... A few hundred times.
Angel looks like an old man. Is this Shanshu'd Angel?!

The only one that looks decent is Illyria. And yeah, no armed busts always squick me out.
Heh. "Boxing Buffy" .... *chirp chirp* in "Helena"?

Intresting Factoid from my geek brain. Trip Tucker was originally going to be named......Spike, untill the producers of Enterprise found out that there was a character named spike on Buffy. Just a little info to share.
It's Sanitation Worker Buffy! What's next, Prison Camp Labourer Buffy?
Angels's would look better if they gave it checkbones and darker skin. I don't care if he's a vampire he was tan on the show.
And Jonathan Archer was named Jeffrey until they found out there is a sleazy, criminal, British politicain by that name.

And if they haven't got any arms then why do the shoulders articulate? Wouldn't that just be extra freaky?
Spike is sort of crosseyed, isn't he? I think Illyria works because her face was kept still and unblinking - so it is easier to capture her.
Willowy, love the Boxing Helena reference, but that movie was even creepier than these busts. At least if these were full figures they could go in the trophy case at Sunnydale High with Amy's mom.
There have been some good BtVS action figures. But it really depends on who does the sculpts. Check out the busts that Gentle Giant is doing. They are fantastic.

I have not bought any of the Buffy figures since Diamond Distributors took over, because the quality has been so poor.
I agree. Rather ironic to have an "action figure" with no arms! Interesting musings, Celluloid Novelist.
"…could go in the trophy case at Sunnydale High with Amy's mom."

Speaking of, I've always wondered how Amy Madison's mom's name was Catherine Madison in high school, but they got married right after graduation. Are they saying she married a guy with the same last name? Always bugged me.

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