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June 16 2005

The Ultimate Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Volume One. According to the TOKYOPOP website, it's a book about 'The Gift' "filled with behind-the-scenes photos, director and actor commentary, excerpts from the uncut script, and intricately designed stunts."

Well this is new, a collectors book about The Gift? Very cool, makes you wonder what Volume Two will be about. Chosen?

Looks really good, will be buying this.

Simon, reckon it could be about Chosen, or maybe Once More With Feeling before that then move onto Chosen with the third volume. However OMWF has had a lot of coverage before, with the tie in CD and Script book, so possibly not. But reading the excerpts from the uncut scripts of Chosen would be fantastic.

Would be great if they could continue with these books, highlighting some of the best episodes; Graudation Day, Restless, OMWF, Chosen, The Body, Hush, Villians etc.
Owwww.....uncut script...interesting. I also wish they would release a DVD of the cut scenes and commentary on the scripts not used/ideas not pursued. That would be fascinating!
Bubblecat, I second that idea.
Yet another Buffy-related book to add to my collection, which now spans five or six milk crates. Too bad Simon & Schuester gave up on the script books.
Love the character summaries, especially Xander's: "He's on the awkward side, but grows into a career in carpentry and construction." Indeed.
yes because all carpenters and construction workers are not
/grins @ SNT. "SNT is on the shy side, but eventualy is welcomed to the nancy tribe and starts a career in board moderating and putting up with Zeitgeist."

"Zeitgeist is on the sarcastic side, but grows into a career in software support and posting too much on Whedonesque."

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Tokyopop? Wow. Never would I ever thought that Tokyopop could cash in on the Buffy fame.

Do I know how to kill a thread or what? RAR!
not kill slay,.....;).

On a side issue..who are Tokyopop?
Right, slay :) Tokyopop publishes a ton of manga, that's pretty well what they do.
Ah...I see, thanks Zeitgeist.
They also publish some Anime and live-action stuff too, which I didn't know before hitting their site for the first time in over a year.
Tokyo Pop is the title of the film directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui before she did the Buffy movie. It starred Carol Burnett's daughter, Carrie Hamilton, as a young American woman having adventures in Japan. It was subtitled Juon: The Prequel (or The Grudge Begins).
No relation between the film and the company though, right? :-)

Tokyopop has done more of this Cine-Manga, mostly with kids stuff like Lizzie McGuire, but also with The Family Guy. They're basically still from the eps made into a comic book. (With, apparently a lot of extras, yay!) Not something that is usually up my alley, or usually done well, but this looks worth checking out. Shiny!
This sounds so good. I love Xander. More fun stuff.

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