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June 16 2005

Details of the World Premiere of the European Serenity Trailer. The London Film and Comic Con have announced that they will be showing the "new and edgy trailer... ahead of anywhere else in the world".

So the Con is on from the 25rd to the 26th of this month, so that's means we'll probably see it online soon after.

YAY! That's awesome. Edgy? I like that.
mwwhhaaa (cry noise). I'm in France on the 25th/26th June, oh piffle!

Never least I get to download it, I wonder what they've done to it? I've also made a commitement to go to the cimema once a week all summer, so hopefully I shall get to see it "large" at some point!
I've yet to make it to Comic Con. But I look forward to the next Big Damn Download!
Wait, there's a Serenity movie? ;)
And Ben is Glory.
River is made of chocolate!
Say, you all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?
This is all sparkly. It's very sparkly.
wait...did somebody just say that Ben is Glory?
Apparently handing out goodies too :( (Going to be elsewhere). Ho hum can't wait to d/load the new trailer tho'.

Ben is Glory??
On the browncoats site it says Adam Baldwin will be there.
Say, you all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?

Yeah, the kind that make you both gloriously edgy and benignly serene.

And very hungry for chocolate later on.
Damn come I always miss everything good....I’m always the last to know everything! why didn’t anyone tell me Ben was glory? also they’re giving out goodies? This Sucks! I want the goodies!
but yay for the new edgy trailer!
New goodies? I wonder what they are? So far I have seen or heard of buttons, key fobs and small small posters. Someone will have to report back. Interested too if the trailer will be different.

So, you are telling us that Ben and Glory are connected?
Yes, obviously. But what kind of connection?
Oh, this is going to be worth it. ::smack::
So....Ben and Glory...are the same person?

I'm also interested in seeing this 'new and improved' trailer.
OK. Where the hell is this conversation going!?

You mean Ben and Glory are working together?
/pout and ya know... River... chocolate... *puppet cancer* only Miranda (ironic, I think) acknowledged that River is made of Chocolate. You are all very MOO about this :)

And very hungry for chocolate later on.

Wait, what's this about Ben and Glory?

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-16 20:44 ]
It's like this fog is lifting . . .

Wouldn't it be cool, in a Sam Beckett/Harold Pinter sort of way, if every single Whedonesque member added to the B & G thread . . . cool in my head when I thought of it, anyway. Endless iterations.

Last time, from the top.
I'm still not Ben is Glory...Glory is Ben? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

What do you think will different about this one?
Somebody who goes is going to have to tell us how this teaser is different from the one that has already been released.

Now about this whole Ben and Glory thing...I think we are all very stoned.
/cheers @ SNT, esp. for the 'Beckett/Pinter sort of way'. *grin*
zeitgeist – what do you mean ironic? I was bathing in a a river of chocolate. You are spoiling my trip man ;)

Jennifer is going to be pissed when she finds out Ben is Glory. The wedding might be off.

So just checking, Tom is Katie? Brad is Angelina?
Miranda is a reference to BDM-revealed Firefly/Serenity lore. If you want more than that I need to get the spoiler tag and inviso text (tm) out.

PS-- Tom and Katie may as well be the same person to me. Wait... does that mean... TOM CRUISE IS GLORY!?!?

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-16 21:02 ]
So Ben and Glory are connected. If only we knew how.
I hate to be cryptic, but they are connected through... TC... wait?! I've figured it out. Tom Cruise is BEN!!! So... who is Glory?

eta-- I'm afraid that Caroline will cause us all grievous bodily harm for threadjacking so I'm going to be quiet now :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-16 21:14 ]
Glory is a hell god, but I can find no connection between her and Ben/Tom....

Hang Ben in fact...Glory?
Speaking of trailers, has anyone seen the Serenity trailer before the Batman movie? I'm seeing reports on and the Serenity Movie Board (and I got an email about it as well) that the release date for the movie on the trailer says 7/29/05.
Willow's a Demon?

I'll be checking Batman Begins tomorrow, hopefully they'll play it in Brazil too.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2005-06-16 21:21 ]
I'd heard mention from a couple of friends who saw Batman (I was too tired for the midnight show, yeah, I'm getting old) that a Serenity trailer is attached. Looking forward to the new one and I'll let you know if Serenity trailer-love (er... that sounds just wrong) is attached to Batman on Saturday for sure and if its new or old one and what release date is given. Kinda makes me wanna go see it sooner... Ben is Tom Cruise?

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-16 21:23 ]
Well we need to find out what the release date on the trailer actually says. If the movie has been brought forward to July then the internet will be broken in half (ha! take that Millar and Bendis).

Saying that, it would be extremely odd for Universal not to make the announcement first and then put the new date on the trailer.
I haven't seen it Simon...but I've been seeing the same reports as you. Strikes me as very odd! My initial reaction was that it must have been a mistake...a misreading of the release date, or on the trailer itself. Intriguing though!

*eats chocolate river*
Are you all very stoned?

(Uh, anyway, new trailer. Good.)
In light of the rumours swirling around after that fellow spoke with the Universal Distribution rep, its a little harder to dismiss it as hopeful speculation.
Ben! Glory! He's a docter, she's a beast. Two separate entities sharing one body. (Sighs) Like a bloody sitcom.

That's a good idea, SoddingNancyTribe. Kinda' fun sharing our favorite lines in opening. Just a thought.

Anyway, I suspect this trailer will be much like the one we've seen. BTW, was there a trailer in the prescreening? Any different?
Simon: Other July 29 openings- Must Love Dogs, Sky High and Stealth. Tough weekend.
Well I'm taking it with a huge pinch of salt at the moment. Huge huge huge pinch of salt. In fact, a boulder of salt.
Definitely grain of salt, as it may be further wild rumour mongering amongst the masses. Will believe it when I see it, but it still makes me wanna go check out BB sooner than Saturday (as was my plan after missing the midnight).
Now I almost wish I hadn't gone to see BB on IMAX, the only trailer was for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which included a 50 foot tall Johhny Depp as Michael Jackson. Terrifying.

Wait a minute...are you saying there's some sort of connection between Ben and Glory?
Let me get this straight: If Ben is Glory, who is Bendis? And how long has he bendis way?
Someone mentioned on one of the boards that the trailer for Stealth was also showed (which comes out 7/29), and the person watching may have just gotten those released dates crossed/mixed up. So far it seems tht only one person has seen this supposed release date, so until more people come forth and verify this, I'm not going to believe it. Hope it's true, though.

...I got it! Glory and Ben are working together!
Ben and Glory are working with Brian Michael Bendis?
So, are you saying that Benjamin Franklin is Glory?

Oh, and the latest on the release date....

Yes, the good news is, it will be coming out July 29th.

The bad news is that the studio has decided they don't like the first reel, so Joss has one weekend to write a new opening and three days to shoot it. But it's okay, because, under pressure from us fans, they have decided to go ahead and play the original opening reel at the end of the movie....

(I'm kidding. Hope that's clear....And can it be true that Ben Affleck is the star of the outstanding John Boorman film "Hope and Glory"?)
Ben and Glory are working with Brian and Michael and Bendis...they're Harmony's new minions.

[ edited by jaynelovesvera on 2005-06-16 22:17 ]
You people really do make me smile! :)

So the con is on

Simon, did you just make a 'Hustle' reference! Wow!
Heh, the thought did cross my mind once I posted the link today. People must have missed my subtle Doctor Who reference in a subject line I posted sometime in the last couple of weeks.

And hey to make this thread actually you know on topic, who is going to the London Con? If I lived nearer, I would.
Would that be this "fantastic" post, Simon?

So, what you're saying is, Ben and Glory have... some sort of connection?
Consider this completely unofficial at the moment, but I'm hoping the trailer will also air in cinemas with WoTW here. (UIP are releasing WoTW in the UK on July 1st).

Expect it online, also, about the same time I'd say.

Re the 'film being moved forward' thing. That's a fan whos asked a friend who distributes (not promotes) a film, who's spoken to other people yadadadada. See also: chinese whispers. About a month ago some of the scheduling changed with the movie, but as far as I know nobody has suggested it be moved forward in any kind of decision capacity.

And, to be quite frank, the "quoted" person says Serenity could have been as big as Episode 3. Uhm. Right. Okay. That makes me believe them more. Universal might be tempted to go "Oh my god look at all these people turning up at test screenings", but they also have smart people who will say "Yes, that's the core fan base we knew about - remember those meetings about them?".
Bender the Robot is Glory?
Well, i, for one, am very stoned. So, could we take this thing from the top...? And speak slowly, please -- I had a late night. We have Ben, we have Glory, and we have John Bender as played by Judd Nelson. Please proceed...
Now did we suspect that there was some sort of connection between Ben and Glory?
wait, ben and glory have the new trailer?
Judd Nelson is Brian Michael Bendis and he's writing a show about Ben Affleck's life wherein he (ben) is played by Michael Landon's ghost? And the trailer for it features Glory? or is attached to a rerelease of Hope & Glory? not just a rerelease but a remake starring the cast of Futurama? I don't see how this is possible, frankly. We need to bring in Russell T. Davies to sort this mess out right quick. /sigh Eccleston go bye bye :( On the positive side, there is now word that series three has been greenlighted prior to series two actually beginning production (beyond some scriptiness). Fantastic, indeed, Simon :) I should clarify that everything after mention of Russell Davies is reference to the latest Dr Who ongoing.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-16 23:12 ]
wait....Dr Who is Glory? Who's Rose?
I'm pretty sure thats either barest_smidgen or acp or april. See? None of you will be spared the silliness.
Well you know, ordinary mortals cannot see that Ben is Glory. This may be part of the confusion for any of you that happen to be ordinary mortals.
Rather than Pinter/Beckett (good references though SNT) this reminds me more and more of Ionesco and the theatre of the absurd: ‘Waiting for Glory’.

No, sorry I have to correct myself: ‘Waiting for the new improved shinier more edgy Glory (who may come early or indeed not turn up at all if she has been cancelled by Fox)’

If ‘versal decided to move the film forward, I am sure Joss would make an announcement on the OB before any trailers with new dates are released – I mean it’s not like he doesn’t know we are waiting.

Only question is who the hell is Ben waiting for?
Or maybe Faith... she makes Godot look punctual. Wait.. do we think that Faith is somehow connected to Ben... who is somehow connected to Glory... who is Jennifer Aniston?
Estragon & Vladimir - obviously! explaination.
oh, i'm smiling, yay!

it's all shiny here. yay!

my buddy in indy saw batman begins, and says the serenity trailer was 'cool'. i'm trying to convice her to rent the dvds, but she's already on board for seeing the BDM when it is released.

i made a convert. yay!

me stoned? perish the thought.

and who the hell is ben?
Ben is waiting for Michael Jackson to complete the songs for the big budget remake of Ben, a mostly forgotten horror flick from the early seventies about rats. Word is SMG and Elisabeth Anne Allen have cameos.
‘Waiting for the new improved shinier more edgy Glory (who may come early or indeed not turn up at all if she has been cancelled by Fox)’

She was cancelled but a film was made, and to show it was darker, edgier view was called, "Bound for Glory".
Ben & Glory's have a new ice cream flavor: Choco-later.
So, let me see if I got this one right... Ben is a hell god and Glory is what? Or am I wrong here? I'm confused...

Also, YAY! for trailer. :)

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-06-17 00:06 ]
Estragon & Vladimir - obviously! explaination.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern!
ah -yes! So, then who were the guys in the dustbins?
In the first episode of the new Dr? Mickey Smith, Rose's boyfriend, got pulled into a dustbin. Or are you referring to daleks as dustbins instead of the oh-so-popular pepperpots?

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-17 00:10 ]
Will Ben Grace Glory?

[ edited by futile on 2005-06-17 00:21 ]
oh no...I've got it. It's Nagg and Nell, the dustbin people.

Who's in "Bound for Glory" again? Why is the room spinning?

*eats Ben & Glory*
So what your saying is that Ben is going out with Glory or am I wrong there?
Will is Ben and Grace is Glory?
oh, I didn't bother to think that you might be serious, now I catch the Beckett ref.
I have been away from entertainment way too long. Let's see, in this whole thread I think I only know of Pinter, Brecht, Ionesco, Ben Afflect, Gudot, Dr. Who, ( but no one else on the show,) Rozencrantz and Guildenstern, Tom Criuse, Michael Jackson, Faith, Ben and Glory...or I thought I knew who Ben and Glory were until you all started saying Ben is Glory. Now I'm confused.

As SNT asked, who is going to this con? I am curiuos about this new "edgier" trailer.
Ben is Glory!!! When the hell did that happen?
So there is a ripper who is not a slayer and kills someone but is just a watcher and doesn't rip anything? I think I understand dimensional rifts better now. They want spikes?
I think people should only be allowed to say "ben is glory" once instead of sitting at the computer and typing it every 5 minutes. *coughspikebadcough*
oh, I didn't bother to think that you might be serious, now I catch the Beckett ref.

Me, not serious? There was this whole play about people being kept in dustbins....and nothing happened - literally. It was criminal! That Beckett character needs to be whipped I tell you!

On a lighter note...I would have loved to have gone to the Con, but I inadvertently booked my summer holiday to france instead. So, I shall miss out on free posters, buttons, trailer (until I get back), just to eat cheese, drink wine and speak to French people.

I'm sulking by pointlessly remarking on plays about nonsense that go nowhere, with no hope of rectifying my situation and being dumbfounded with suggestion that Ben and Glory (whoever they are) are somehow connected!

[ edited by bubblecat on 2005-06-17 00:49 ]

[ edited by herb on 2005-06-17 02:08 ]
bubblecat did something weird to the page :)
*is obviously stoned and has no control over self, let alone page*
Are you saying that Ben has been subletting from Glory?
Hey, look everybody! It's the Gloribenificus Trained Fleas Drill Team! (These drugs are good!)
This thread definitely inhaled.
bubblecat, your [q] tag isn't closed.
OMG! I'm still realing from the revelation that Ben is actually Glory. What a mind job!
I am going to see Batman Begins on Tuesday so it will be interesting to see if any (let alone a "new") Serenity Trailer is there.

Now, to summarize, Ben is Glory is Tom is Katie is Brad is Angelina is Brian AND Michael AND Bendis is Bender the Robot is John Bender (as played by Judd Nelson) is Godot is Faith is Estragon is Vladimir is Rosencrantz is Guildenstern is Nagg is Nell is Glory is Ben.

Hang on, Ben is Glory - how did that come about?

/slaps self over back of head as I walk down hospital corridor/
But what of Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men? Does that make Glory little Weed?
(which would explain a lot)
Ben? Pot? Weed? Glory?
Ah, things are getting curiouser and curiouser.
Seems like we've all been smokin' a little Ben&Glory.
I knew there was a reason I love Whedonesque. Besides having the latest information, there are a lot of very witty, intelligent people posting here and I have laughter tears to prove it.

I have seen no proof that Ben is Glory, although that was a nice try, catalyst2. Has anyone ever seen them in the same dress? Oh, wait, there was that one time. Never mind.
I'm new, so I may be confused. Are you saying that Ben is Glory and Jubel is Early? If so, are they ALL in the new trailer?

The weed in British Columbia really IS the finest.
What the f---?

Where are the spoiler warnings?
I got the best laugh! yay, yay, yay. zeitgeist labeled me with silliness before I even posted! *still giggling*

so..... lemme get this straight.... Ben is Glory, and Glory is Ben. Cooooool.
Wait a sec. Ben is Glory and Glory is Ben? Why does that sound so familiar? I can't quite put my figure on it...........................................................................Oh! Now did we suspect that there was some sort of connection between Ben and Glory?
Wait a second, April - I could have sworn you just said....No, wait, did you really mean to say that.....Ben is Glory and....Glory is Ben? Really? Wow. That would explain quite a lot, actually.

Beckett would have been all over this thread like white on rice. He'd have written a play based on this thread. He'd have premiered said play in a special production for San Quentin prisoners, same as he did for Waiting for Godot. Because really, who else outside the Whedonverse would get the comic futility of this?

Now, back to the topic at hand: someone was saying something about Ben. What was it?

I can't wait to see in what ways this new Serenity trailer is going to be "edgy."
Yes, a connection between Ben & Glory! Makes sense. Now. Does anyone else suspect that there is a connection between the two?
Wait - Ben? At Glory's? So you're saying that all this time he was sub-letting from her?
OK, on the topic of this supposed July 29th release date... doesn't that screw around with the comic books?

Glory... what? Ben... who? Jerry... where? Phish Food... yum!
Wasn't Morgan Freeman in Glory? What's this about Ben?

Bringing it back to the trailer and the supposed new release date, I won't believe it until I see it.

[ edited by einral on 2005-06-17 05:56 ]
This thread made me giggle after a long day. Hooray for Whedonesque.

And why would Glory be with Ben? She doesn't need a doctor. Unless he's only pretending to be a doctor. Hmmm.
Lunakitty, I think that is exactly what they're saying...Ben and Glory are shacking up and living in sin.

Want to see this trailer. Ben told me he did too. He is sitting right next to me...wait, now he's an older, attractive black man with large hair. Book! Ben is Book!

my apologies, I wish I was stoned...
No, no, Ben is The Thing!
Ben and Glory... are related somehow? That explains it!

Just tuning into this thread for the first time and can I just say... I love Whedonesque :-)
Totally giggling here.

And what was that about Ben? He knows Glory?
Who's Conner? Oh wait, wrong thread.
So Conner is..................................................................Ben?
Does Ben like cheese?

Did Willow tell you I like cheese??
Wait, what the heck? Are we saying now that there's some kind of connection between the Cheese Man, Conner, and Ben & Glory? That's .. well, I certainly didn't see that one coming. All these years of foreshadowing!
Say good night, Gracie.
Goodnight Gracie.

Hang on.....

Ben Cheese?? Are you talking about actual Ben Cheese????
For Glorys sake!!!!
I think it best I leave that one alone. ;)
Cheese festival? Like the one with the rolling down the hill and the people were injured and and and... ok, gnight :) Wait, who told you I like cheese? Was it Ben or Glory... wait!?!? Is... nah...
So, you're saying that Ben Grimm, or possibly Ben the rat, will be starring in the long awaited sequel to "Mad Dog and Glory", which will open June 29th?

[ edited by bobster on 2005-06-17 09:09 ]
I saw Batman Begins last night in the UK and I can confirm there was no Serenity trailer attached here...
I have a theory... Ben is Glory... which is ridiculous... I'll be over here...

It could be bunnies?
100+ postings, most of them riffing on the possible relationship between Glory and Ben, the reason why Whedonesque is fantastic !

Us minions of the Almighty Glorificus, Ruler of several places hotter than hell, could tell you some stories about the connection between Glory and Ben, for example that time when Ben was on a really hot date and Glory ..., Wow, but the God strongly discourages gossiping among the faithful, discussing the affairs of Glorificus the Great on the internet is a real no-brainer if you get my drift.

Her slightest wish is our command, all hail Glorificus etc. etc.
That's it I've had enough of being some hell god's butt monkey. I mean, what sort of name is Glory anyway - get over yourself girlfriend - whatever.

I'm off to worship the Bat that is a Man instead...that sounds like much more fun! Perhaps I may see something shiny before the main event? Who's to say...if all live is meaningless, does it really matter? (oh, hell yes).

Reading through these posts I've being to suspect that there might be some sort of connection between Ben and Glory. Does anyone else...wait, no, that's just silly.

Anyway, I would just like to thank zeitgeist and Glavatron for correctly telling me that I had done something untoward to the thread. I would also like to thank Herb for fixing it whilst I was asleep.
Ben Vereen does not wear the cheese. The cheese wears him. And Glory? She's prettier than you.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2005-06-17 13:34 ]
I'll name me ... Joan.
Glory is prettier than me? /cry
Saw Batman Begins yesterday and the Serenity trailer was there in all its very big glory. (See, the trailer is Glory, don't know what all this Ben stuff is). Just said coming this fall, didn't give a specific date.
Randy. . . Randy Giles? No wonder I hate you.
No, zeitgeist, Glory's just stronger than you. Ben is prettier. Especially in his little red dress.
I still don't know who the hell Ben is. Does it have something to do with cheese?
Ben! is GLORY! is BEN! is GLORY! But who is this Joss Whedon?
Spikebad, the cheese stands alone.
That's it. I'm waking up.
But I wear the cheese, it does not wear me.
I never slept. But I've come to realise something important.
Glory in all her magnificants IS in actual fact Ben in drag!?!?!
B-Glory Be!
and they call Joss fans obsessive... or is it Ben and Glory fans? Or is it Maggie and Adam fans? I think there was something in that cheese...

Yes, edgy trailer good.
BEN IS GLORY rearranged yields BONEY GIRLS, the original title of the episode BAD GIRLS.
Glory Ben is an anagram for GEL BY RON, revealing Ron Glass' new Shepherd Book line of haircare products...

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-17 17:57 ]
What? Ron Glass lives in a trailer?
But, it's also BYRON LEG - clearly a reference to Lord Byron having a clubfoot. Byron, of course, was a renowned poet, and also the model for Polidori's The Vampyre - so clearly this is a subtle reference to the duality of Spike.

Wait, what was I saying?
Man, Whedonesquers rock. This is the first time in half a decade that I've been tempted to dust off my Lit degree rather than use it as a dustpan.
According to a couple posts at the Browncoats forum and, Universal didn't show on the Saturday. So no trailer or freebies. Apparently there was some sort of problem. The organisers didn't know much about what happened.

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