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June 16 2005

My comic book questions are answered. "Self-proclaimed comic book geek and alert reader Julio Diaz Googled "Joss Whedon" and found my questions about comic books - and answered them."

I thought all of you who are really into comics would like this and it mentions Joss Whedon and WW a couple of times! I found it very informative!

Hey that was really kool! I loved the stupid names and her responce...There's only one Superman. Kool!
Thanks for the good read, though I DID know most of the answers.

Ack! I think I just exposed my geekiness. :)

Only *most* of the answers? ;-)
The really sad thing is that apparently you can be a reporter these days by asking mostly very basic questions and then cutting-and-pasting the answers somebody else provides you. Has she not heard of Google?

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