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June 17 2005

Wonder Boy: The Imagination of Joss Whedon. A book proposal for "a comprehensive critical biography of Joss Whedon".

Well if there's anyone who knows his Whedon, it's David Lavery.
Yeah, David was the chair of my committee when I was a student of his at what was then Memphis State University. Too bad all the classes I had with him were pre-Buffy. It would have been great to go to grad student seminars and talk Buffy and Joss all day. Hell, if I was his student now I could practically get a degree in Buffy Studies. Anyway, I hope it gets published; he's really become the leading Buffiologist.
He is tough on the book published by Benbella but I liked it because it collected together much Whedon ephemera - postings at the BronzeBeta, etc. But a proper bio? I'd buy it.
Dr. Lavery is the perfect candidate for writing a Whedon bio. I'd buy this in a flash. And Lioness? Agreed on the Benbella Whedon book for the reasons you posted. The ephemera reveals a lot, even if the book is otherwise a bit like an E! take on Joss.

......high above the mucky-muck castle made of clouds
there sits wonderboy sitting oh so proudly
not much to say when your high above the mucky-muck... yeah! yeah
wonderboy!!! what is the secret of your power?
wonderboy!!! won't you take me far away from that mucky-muck man?

Bit of Tenacious D for everyone this fair afternoon...I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. On the topic of the bio, I'd definately buy it. The Benbella one was on my "next to buy" book list, so maybe I'll wait around for this one instead.
Course I wonder when we'll see the "comprehensive critical autobiography by Joss Whedon".
"comprehensive critical autobiography? Is such a thing possible? Who can be adequately critical of his own work? And surely the truly comprehensive critical biography will have to wait for a long, long time, until after Joss has a nice, big headstone reading, "He saved TV and movies. A lot."

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Batmarlowe your from Memphis? Me too!!! I went to UT, though I have met Mr. Lavery briefly through another one of my professors. Very nice guy. But I hadn't got into Angel yet so I didn't have anything to discuss with him. And I dind't even know who he was. Damn why couldn't I have met him a few years later???!!! That would have been sweet...
Those pictures! I'd buy it for those alone. ;)

I love David Lavery's papers. I trust him to get a bio right. But, isn't it a bit premature to do a biography? I mean, Joss is YOUNG by Hollywood standards.
Actually ShotgunWes, I'm not from Memphis--just went to grad school there. I'm from New Orleans. And I live in Austin. I liked Memphis, though. It was interesting to discover the differences and similarities between it and N.O. Anyway, it was good studying film genre and stuff like that under David. Just wish I could sit in on one of his Whedon-centric classes. And by the way, that's DOCTOR Lavery ; ) Oh yeah, and if anyone should meet him, he hates it when people pronounce his name "Layvery". The a is pronounced like the a in "cat".

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