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June 17 2005

Buffy and Angel take third place in Cult TV poll. The Buffyverse shows got beaten by Doctor Who and Star Trek. Firefly came in at number 16, which is shiny.

Spaced got 99!!!
Nice to see that it was on the list at least. Considering it only ran for 2 seasons and that was over 3 years ago.
This is pretty good considering that Lost came in at 98.
Hmmmm... no Veronica Mars. Oh well, that's the way it is I guess.
Remember that this is a UK poll, so Lost and Veronica Mars haven't been seen here on the telly. I'm sure a United States based cult tv poll would show different results.

And I imagine fellow posters here would have their own favourites. My top five would be

1) Buffy/Angel
2) Battlestar Galactica (the new version)
3) Deep Space Nine
4) Doctor Who (only because of the new series)
5) Ultraviolet

Course it could be a totally different list in five minutes time.
Why do I never hear about these polls until the votes are finished. I would have got in there and had my twopenneth worth :(

Firefly did well considering it has had terrestial airing yet in the UK.
Good poll in that it doesn't seems to have the same bias towards 'new' shows that many other polls seems to have, 'The Prisoner', 'Blakes 7' are shows I really will have to buy on DVD. Everyone seems to have positive things to say about them but they are not likely to be able to compete with the latest trendiest series for network TV time.
Hmm, my top five would be:

1. Star Trek
2. Buffy
3. X-Files
4. StarGate
5. Babylon 5

(6. Blackadder, the most brilliant show ever, only not my favorite :) I wish Rowan Atkinson had a guest appearance in Buffy.)

And god, what was I a Buck Roger's fan. Good to see it got mentioned.
*Course it could be a totally different list in five minutes time.*
Yeah, since you forgot(?) Firefly?

1. Firefly
2. Buffy/Angel
3. Veronica Mars
4. Battlestar Galactica
5. Farscape

Though the top two tend to switch a lot depending on what the last thing I saw was.

"31 (37) Robin of Sherwood"
Yay for the mention!

And can someone explain to me how CSI is cult?
Wow! The Monkees come in at #38 (???). I had no idea they were so popular these days.
Nice to see Firefly so high up. Red Dwarf too. But why is Futurama so low on the list?
Shiny!! Thrilled to see Firefly so far up on the list!! My list would be:

1. Buffy/Angel
2. Firefly
3. Farscape
4. Stargate
5. BSG (I'm totally loving this show and give me another season and it will probably move up the list over Stargate)

1) Buffy
2) Firefly
3) Trek
4) Stargate
5) Roswell
Nifty List. I'm not surprised to see Dr. Who at the top of a UK, list. My personal list would look as this:

1) Buffy/Angel
2) Battlestar Galactica (New)
3) Firefly
4) ST: Deep Space Nine (After Worf joined the cast)
5) Quantum Leap

It was neat to see that Airwolf made the cut on this poll. I absolutely loved that show as a child.
I'm glad more people like Stargate so much. I just go into it very recently, cuz it used to bore me to death. But, I changed my mind by the consistent and well thought out writing. And I was surprised by how well they made an effort to make the science behind everything believable. I grown to appreciate it, got into the characters, and now really love it.
Stargate really does grow on you and the show has some great episode concepts that would not have gone amiss on Buffy or Angel.
As always, I'm not sure on what basis people were voting: their favorite cult shows, or the cult shows that they felt were the most *important*? And as Telltale says, how is CSI "cult"? Or Dad's Army - or Only Fools and Horses (!), - for that matter, pretty mainstream entertainment in their time. Not sure I recognize this definition of cult. To pull the old dictionary routine: among the meanings given by the online Free Dictionary are:

- Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing. The object of such devotion.
- An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest.

Under that definition, a number of the shows don't appear to be truly cult TV. IMO. Nevertheless, I think the poll came out pretty well - I like the Top 10, perhaps with the exception of Stargate and Babylon 5 (because I've seen neither).

And I'm very pleased to see Sapphire and Steel, The Tomorrow People, The Goodies, and Bagpuss (but no Magic Roundabout?) represented - but only 'cos they make me feel all nostalgic. :)
To me it's a mixture of quality and how much it entertains me.
Yes!!! Dream Team in at 88! Not exactly sure how it qualifies as cult but nice to see it getting a mention somewhere! Love that show! Also nice to see Highlander in there at 45 and 24 making an appearance at 22. That came so very close to a getting an extremely ironic position in the chart!

I have to agree with those here who are loving Stargate and Atlantis. Those series are highly underestimated in my opinion. Stargate is easily the equal of anything Trek has attempted in recent years. I get the feeling that Trek and Who were always destined to take the top two spots no matter how much better the series in the third and fourth positions happen to be in reality.
My list would be:

1. Angel/Buffy (note the inversion)
2. Stargate Atlantis
3. Star Trek Voyager
4. Star Trek Next Generation
5. Highlander (including Highlander Raven)

I would put in Lost and 24, but they have such huge viewerships that I don't think they really qualify as "cult". I really like both of them though. I used to love the original Battlestar Galactica, but though I've watched all the episodes of the new one, I just have not been able to warm up to the cast. And, I guess if I put in a number 6, it might be Firefly. I'm looking forward to seeing it again on SciFi channel this summer. Oh no, I forgot Farscape. Really liked that, too. I must stop. Oh wait - Forever Knight!
My list:

1. Buffy/Angel
2. Firefly
3. Veronica Mars
4. X-Files
5. Alias
My definition of cult: any show with more websites than viewers.
I'm just impressed that all three of Joss' shows placed 16th or better. Quite a statement considering how long they've been off the air. I'm so looking forward to when Joss feels the time is right for another series.
Since everybody else is doing it. In all fairness to shows like B5, SG, and Highlander, I haven't seen them. I was never big into television until very, very recently.

1. Buffy
2. [Reserved until I see a show I feel worthy of #2]
3. Angel
4. Xena: Warrior Princess
5. Hm. Maybe Voyager?
If I may be allowed to take 'Buffy' as a given, simply because I can't get my head around comparing anything else to it, my other five favourite cult shows would be...

1. The Monkees
2. Dr Who (Jon Pertwee era in particular)
3. X-Files
4. Square Pegs
5. My World And Welcome To It

... With a special mention for the first season of 'Northern Exposure'.
There are some hardcore CSI fans out there. Myself included! I don't know, come over for coffee and I'll chew off your ears about how great it is. It's really a pretty witty show, and much cooler than the formula-crime-drama rep it gets among "normals." ;)

And hey, it attracted Quentin Tarantino as a director (this year's season finale). He gives Joss a run for his money in the Cult Idol category.
Ohhhhhh, My World and Welcome to it! I have not thought about that show in years. Loved it! The first couple of seasons of Northern Exposure as well.

OK, yeah, Dashboardprofit admitted it, I should admit it...the Monkees. While I'm at it, Highlander (my former guilty pleasure) too.

I've really got to think about this and make a real list instead of going "Oh yeah, I liked that one too." (shakes head)

Quentin Tarantino is a genius IMO, one of the biggest. But, he's not much different to Joss as he just knows how to flesh out characters, makes you connect them to you before he puts them in horror ;)

As for CSI, I never saw it. Tried to follow one episode once, but it doesn't hold my interest. But that's what I had with StarGate, Buffy, X-Files and even Star Trek as well. So, maybe . . .
I put CSI in the same category as Lost - too many viewers to classify as cult TV. I really like it however. I like the definition of cult TV above - more websites than viewers - though we all know that's a bit of an exaggeration.

This is a bit off subject, but maybe one of you could tell me why the DVD's for the Star Trek franchise are twice as expensive as the Buffyverse. I know it may have cost more to make, but wouldn't they sell alot more? I thought about buying Voyager but then saw the price tag. Of course, I have all the Buffy and Angel sets.

Oh, and back on topic, I like Andromeda, too.
I've never been a big fan of the "cult" term applied to TV or movies, since it's such an amorphous thing and is frequently to things that actually achieve mass popularity which makes it dicey -- though MJWilson's definition is sheer genius...

Thought it was interesting that "West Wing" made the list. Massively popular, more or less, but more than one writer has pointed out how it's really not much different in its appeal than "Star Trek", since both shows are about things not as they are, but as they could be if only we could all pull together and do things a little better. (Note: I stopped watching "West Wing" after Aaron Sorkin departed. It's a damn shame he wasn't able to maintain control of his creation.)

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Buffy/Angel and Firefly tie
Nip/Tuck, although I wouldn't call the fascination cultish. Voyeuristic?

ETA: Northern Exposure! I knew I was forgetting one.

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I must just mention one additional show that I failed to include in my list, simply because I am ashamed at myself that I didn't mention it first time around...

Point Pleasant

I've just finished watching the eight episodes I have, for, I think, the fifth time and it's getting better and better. I'm holding onto a vague hope that one day all thirteen episodes will find their way out on DVD (although, somehow I don't think this is a show that's ever going to achieve genuine cult status).
TexLuvsAngel, nice to meet you! Explanation is easy. There's three reasons: (1) Money, (2) More Money, and (3) Lets make more!

Pretty silly, isn't it?
ok taking Joss and all of his goodness out of it, my list goes:
1. Spaced
2. Red Dwarf
3. Moonlighting (early seasons)
4. Black Books
5. Hitchikers (mostly radio series and the books)

With special mentions to, Monkey, Metal Mickey, Kenny Everett, and of course The Goodies.
1. Buffy
2. Dr. Who
3. DS9
4. Angel
5. Press Gang

Other honourable mentions North of Sixty, Northern Exposure, Remington Steele, Moonlighting.

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