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June 17 2005

Cast of 'Serenity' make Entertainment Weekly's 2005 Must List. ''I did the film because of them,'' says Whedon, who makes his movie-directing debut with Serenity (out Sept. 30). ''I couldn't let go.''

Right on! This is big exposure - EW is no small potatoes. Very nice group picture, although it's curious that Morena is the featured one. There are lovely little assessments by Joss on each actor/character, too. Bring it on....

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Just what I was thinking Phlebotinin, this is big! I'm so happy for our guys and gals.

But...'in flight entertainment'....I think I almost wet myself...
Morena is featured?? Nathan is so far back??? I like Jewel and Sean by each other....but Alan and Gina need to be I am a brat....but YAY!! EW Big Deal...YIPPPEEE!!!
awsome article! I just found myself a wonderful away message link :) Entertainment Weekly is huge!
I saw this yesterday and yelped! I am SOOOOO excited to see this endorsement from a major mainstream publication! The MUST list....YES!!!
Neat little bit....
"generating must-see buzz"...always good to hear.
That's outstanding, I think I'm gonna get the magazine just for this.
OH MY GOODNESS, I am so excited to see this. EW really got it right on the rest of the list too. I love VM and the ARCADE FIRE. Adding the cast of Serenity...well what can I say, I am just over the moon.
Very strange. We don't get Entertainment Weekly, yet today it arrived in our mail...
Very good to see :)
Shiny! Mainstream media buzz--always a good thing.

I saw Star Wars yesterday, and lo and behold, the Serenity trailer! A woman sitting next to me started bouncing up and down and clapping. I couldn't stop smiling!
Ooh I just got my printed copy in the snail mail.
I'm bringing it to Tampa just incase anyone shows up for signing!

The photo in print is twice as large as online but it's got writing on it.
By the way the print version lists it as #14-22 on the list, which is also HUGE!
I love that picture. Something about seeing the cast all hanging out in civvies being photographed makes me feel very very happy. Ahhhh. And excellent press - especially letting Joss write his own character comments, rather than have some 19-year old intern fumble through them. (Nothing against 19-year old interns, 'course, just, this is *important*).
I would love to see a bigger version of that pic. And I wouldn't mind knowing how they came to take that pic.

Hmmmm I have have a feeling Serenity will be bigger than I thought.
Starting to feel more of the buzz in the mainstream - shiny, indeed.
omg. is it sick how utterly thrilled and happy and gleeful i am about this press??? so shiny!!!
What a great picture!!! I can't wait to get home and check my mail for my EW.

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oh my god, this is brilliant. this just popped up outta nowhere! who got them on this list and took this shiniest of photos??? i want to shower them with kisses. Must-see buzz? and suddenly it is so.

i'm sort of disturbed by how much this excites me.
OK, this is not in the current on stands EW--when DOES it come out?
Next week???? What day??

I have to get this.

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Wow, that picture is huge in the magazine. Thanks for scanning it in, TaraLivesOn. That settles it. I'm going to have to buy this one, oh yes. It doesn't surprise me that EW is putting in a good word for Serenity and Joss Whedon. EW have been HUGE supporters of Buffy, Angel and Joss Whedon in general. And I believe that they said nice things about Firefly. (Must research this.) Considering that history, it's almost to be expected that the staff who put together this "2005 Must List" would put Serenity on it somewhere. That it is so prominently placed and talked-up - that is delirious-making. I particularly love the "generating must-see buzz," too, two_guns.

The more I think about this the more excited I get. What I wouldn't give for a real photo print of that picture. It's glorious and does my wee cynical heart good.
Yup. Just checked through EW's archives and Ken Tucker? BIG Firefly fan. He gave it a great review when it debuted, and lamented it deeply when it was cancelled. Other EW writers have also written nice tidbits about Firefly.
Here's just the photo. Sorry about the (lack of) quality.
I'll try to get my scanner working tonight
but I suspect someone will probably beat me to it by then...
Ken Tucker has been in Joss's corner since way back in the early "Buffy" days. (I remember hearing his reviews of episodes like "Becoming" and thinking, "oh, there goes another TV critic getting all excited about some show that's only good compared to the utter putrescence of most shows, but really isn't anything special" :)
(I remember hearing his reviews of episodes like "Becoming" and thinking, "oh, there goes another TV critic getting all excited about some show that's only good compared to the utter putrescence of most shows, but really isn't anything special" :)

I remember my pre-Buffy days. Hubby showed me a calendar of Spike in a store once and I kind of shrugged and mentally rolled my eyes because he was on about that 'cool British vampire' again...

Wow, how them times have changed.
Aww... everyone looks so casual! Me like the photo.
Yea, they're 14 through 22 out of 122! How sick is that?!
Also interesting, right towards the beginning of the "Must" list, is the cast of Veronica Mars.
It reminds me of that very statuesque S2 (or 3?) picture of the Buffy cast. I think Giles is holding a cane in it, and the girls are all in evening dresses.
I love how natural this photo looks. It’s as if someone invited the cast over for a picnic and decided to take a picture. “ Hey, everyone, gather ‘round for the ‘before’ photo!”
For some reason, this makes it seem real. I’m gonna cry again.
Know the exact picture, Caroline. Believe it was season two.

This post made my day. I'm a regular reader of 'EW' and their reports are pretty solid. I'm always thrilled to see a mention of Joss' work, but this article takes the cake. Yes!
For some reason, I felt like looking up Firefly on Amazon after reading this... yep, it's at number 12 in DVD sales.
Get out, BlindHawkeyes! Phenomenal. If people reading EW follow Firefly to Amazon, they'll be stunned by the number of full-star reviews. Plus the Amazon editorial review is damn nice.
Me buy too. Take to Tampa.

TaraLivesOn, so are you wearing a Hello, my name is Whedonesque TaraLivesOn? I'm showing up with at least four other Flanatics from Tallahassee and Tampa.
BlindHawkeyes - The DVD was at 15 or 16 this AM, (Not that I check the site everyday or anything, nope, not obsessive).

So a three or four place jump linked, perhaps, to an article that most folks don't even have in their mailboxes yet...hmmm.

So who's planning on writing a kudos letter to the folks at EW?
I was thinking about it, actually. :)

I was watching that entertainment program, "Extra," at some un-godly hour of the night last night, and they were highlighting some of EW's "Must List." I saw a tiny clip of a spaceship and thought to myself, "Holy crap, that Serenity!" So, I've been planning on running out to buy the magazine today.
"Extra" is doing a show this weekend where they'll be spending 30 minutes going over the "Must List." I'm guessing (although I'm not certain) that "Serenity will be included. So, everyone plan on watching. :)

ETA: I just checked - FF is currently at #10!

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this is way off-topic, but I was also just on Amazon, checking out all the features on the firefly set. I always hear about "easter eggs" but have no idea how to access them. Can anyone help me out??
#10 on Amazon?!? Wow. That's really fantastic.
I love the composition of the photo, the photographer did a brilliant job of capturing the individually of each person as well as the overall sence of family from this group. I wonder if this photographer is the same one that did some of the early Buffy cast photos.
I saw that a few hours ago. Very cool. I hope EW continues and gives this movie the articles and PR it deserves!
There really is something heartwarming about that picture isn't there? I like how Nathan is in the back just hangin' out and not positioned in the frame like he's the "star".
Do you know how when you're with something from the beginning -- like Buffy with the pilot originally airing on the WB, when it was just the show spun off from a failed teen movie, and people mock you for your loyalty? and it isn't until years later that you can say, "I told you it rocked so hard"?? Well, I so wasn't that person with Buffy, but I'm so excited to be that person with Serenity, with greater media coverage making me excited and not at all possessive because the more people getting sucked into the 'verse means a greater likelihood of sequels and things.

I also love the little blurbs: Joss is right (as always!), Morena is great when she's funny, Nathan is exactly like Harrison Ford and Sean's quality of stillness (something that links him sibling-wise to Summer, strangely enough) is remarkable.
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is the best news ever! I love how chill everyone is hanging out in normal clothes. It gave me goose bumps! Everytime someone new came into the office today, I had to show them this. They have always poked fun at my obsession of all things Whedon, but today they were like "Serenity made the Must list? Really? Huh", and became quiet. Ha, ha, ha suckers!
MySerenity to access the easter egg:

"On Disc 4, on the second special features page, highlight 'Joss sings the theme' and then hit the left arrow. Hit enter, and it will play a clip of Adam Baldwin singing the 'Hero of Canton' song from "Jaynestown"."
Harmalicious, you should set a few 12" Buffy figures around your office. Don't ask why, just do it. You'll see why. Good luck! :)
Ken Tucker (and EW in general) has been on the Whedonwagon since way back. I remember a small SMG photo with a paragraph blurb about midseason replacements before Buffy debuted. The magazine for years has been very generous in its Whedonverse coverage and has showered our favorite mastermind with so much praise he's almost drownin' in it.

Tucker, though, seems to be a devout Buffy enthusiast. Historically, Buffy made the top ten (perhaps top three, though I don't remember specifically) of his year end top ten lists for TV shows, then DVD releases. It seemed (to me) he volunteered for every Whedon writing assignment and I feel he might have influenced the multiple Whedonverse cover issues and featured articles in the past.

Curious bit of trivia: Tucker once wrote a paragraph-long album review for EW that employed the word "effulgent." It was then that I knew he and I were kindred souls. I half expected a published eulogy from him when Buffy, Angel and Firefly left the airwaves.

To have such a well-respected and prolific proponent in such a prominent (and highly-circulated) place in entertainment news is a gift and I thank my lucky stars for Ken Tucker: for what he's done for the Whedonverse in general, and for making me feel like I wasn't alone in the geek-heaven fandom I endulged in for all these years.

Oh, and photo's nice too.

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