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June 17 2005

Update on James Marsters website from Steve Himber. "There is a good amount of things brewing for James in the acting world and we hope to be able to announce any concrete details as soon as we can."

Intresting. Good luck to him. I would not hold my breath about it being Spike related though. To me it sounds like more of a movie role, which is better.
Any work for James is good news. I hope it is a Spike movie...but I am afraid not.
Man, I wish I shared the 'any work is good work' credo with ya'll, but I just can't. Not that I'm one to talk. I've done -what- a high school play?

But don't fault me for wanting to see all our guys in bigger and better stuff! I want to see them succeed and be admired by the masses! I want them to get big paychecks!

So when I see Morena doing a deodorant commercial and Charisma doing Charmed and Kristine hawking Advil and James L. selling cars? I cringe. I go "awww". And my heart chips a bit for them.

Then there's Adam, who can't NOT get a job, and Alan, with his unusual looks, is in big demand. SMG is carving something out for herself in pictures, and Michelle looks to be doing quite well. Nick has his new sitcom-without-a-laugh-track-thank-god, and it looks pretty promising.

So no. I don't think 'any work is good work' for OUR guys. They need and deserve big heaps of quality. The world needs to see what they can do. And love them for it. Like we do.
Absolutely right, Willowy. We'd love to see them reprise their Buffyverse roles sometime, but if not, so be it. What's best for their careers is more important. I hope they all go on to "big heaps of quality" and recognition for it too.
Exactly, batmarlowe. You get my meaning, completely.
Just wanted to point out that that deodorant commercial was on the air before Firefly started. I remember seeing it and recognizing Morena from the commercial.

That said, I too would like to see all our former stars having bigger successes than doing commercials.

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Amen, Willowy! Amen!
Eeek! This is our 7000th link (that includes all the ones that have been deleted btw).
Thanks, twiggy . A "good amount of things brewing" sounds like potentially more than one project for James and this sounds optimistic to me.

7000 links ! - Congratulations to those who run and everyone who contributes to making Whedonesque so successful.

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Cant wait to see what these things are! Will be watching :)
Congrats on the 7000th link, mods. We seem to have been setting all sorts of milestones recently. Job well done.

I am in total agreement with Willowy. I would like to see the actors get more substantial work. And that certainly includes James. But we've been hearing that James has many things he has been considering for some time now. What we've seen are music tours and cons. That isn't insubstantial -- don't get me wrong -- but we haven't seen much on the screen, which is where the man's true talents seem to be.

And, pardon me for saying so, but I do wish Steve Himber would get someone to proofread his announcements for grammar. I cringe each time I read something he puts up. While many fans may not care, the poor grammar reflects back on James and diminishes him professionally.
Actually, this sounds promising. (I'm not talking about Spike here. That will happen when it happens. Ommmm Ommmm ;-) ) As I recall JM has said a few times in the last year that he has been turning down a lot of work, mostly because it fell into the vampire, rockstar or drug addict category that he has been trying to avoid. Then there was something floating around that he had had to turn down something long-term because it filmed in NY and he was committed to living in CA for family reasons. This is the first time in a long time I've heard them say that they were hoping to announce an acting role. But maybe that's just me. My hearing is not as good as some other peoples'. ;-)

As far as other actors doing commercials, when you are starting out or simply struggling to get by, commercials can be a God-send. They can pay the rent, giving the actor the freedom to look for fullfilling work. It can also raise the actor's profile. There have been a couple actors that first got noticed in commercials. Sandy Duncan springs to mind. So I don't feel pain for James Leary when I see him do a car commercial, I think "good for you." Same for actors doing guest spots on TV shows, as long as it is a role that will expand their marketability and they do a good job. Unfortunately, I do not think CC on Charmed did either. JM on The Mountain I thought did both. Terrible show, good performance in a non-genre show with brown hair and an American accent.

I have to agree with palehorse on the proofreading of the posts on JM's site. I'm sure they would have plenty of volunteers if they asked. ;-)

And congratulations Whedonesque! 7000? WOW!
Great news! I can't wait to be able to see James out there acting again, hopefully in something substantial.
I think that both Steve's post and James' appear to be teasers, hopefully for something(s) we'll hear about very soon. I'm glad he hasn't just taken any ole role that has come along, if they would have risked typecasting him. I personally hope that any Spike role, if it happens, doesn't happen for awhile. I'd like to see him in a few other roles first, stretch his horizons first or he may well end up typecast regardless of his efforts.

As far as folks doing commercials, you see lots of well known people (as well as 'has been's') doing commericials, it's work. It also makes for good spokespeople for any given product, adds 'preceived' credibility. From an advertisers' view point it's a good thing. From an actor's standpoint, like I said, it's work. It keeps your face out there in an industry where there's a limited number of [decent] roles and an almost seeminly UNlimited number of people trying out for them. I would also think commercials are probably decent enough pay and I would think a tad EASIER than doing a con where they'd have to sign 800 autos and shake hands with 1,000 people in a matter of a few hours. With commercials you're at least in your field, using your skills, where at a con all you really need is stamina.

As far at the typos and writing on his web site, I can argue either way, I could go for the need for complete professionalism or I could say that the sometimes rough writing and occasional mistakes make it seem very real, very personal, that the messages are REALLY coming from James and Steve (though I agree, a critical eye would help tremendously without taking away from the 'personal' aspect). It also makes it not seem overdone and overly slick like some celebrity web sites where you can tell they've never had any personal involvement in it whatsoever. Sometimes that type seems entirely agency driven (all about image) where James' site is truly used as a place to share info with us on a (mostly) timely basis.

I guess I'm just seeing both sides of everything today! :)

I agree with killinj, hopefully it's something substantial!

Also, congrats on the 7000th! I'm glad Whedonesque is still going SOOO strong!

ETA: edited to try and fix my own odd brand of writing!

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Commercials? Let's not forget where Tony Head first made his name - the sexiest set of coffee commercials ever made. The last in the series shown in Britain actually made it into the papers!
Do I win some sort of prize for making the 7000th post? :)
Wow 7000 links!!! That is very very kool! Definately worth celebrating.
To be honest I do get that hear tug when I see our guys doing just small parts or commercials. I saw Emma Caulfield playing an evil wife on Monk this last week. I couldn't believe it was so small, just like when Charisma Carpenter was on Charmed. Talk about a waste of talent! The TV channel that was playing Charmed actually advertised that Charisma was going to be on it. Maybe some of these guys should come to Australia to get work?

EDT: Just realised that Emma has already done that with Darkness Falls.

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Great for James. Personally, I'd prefer to see him explore other acting possibilities at this point. He is a good actor and has a lot of potential. I wish him all the best.

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