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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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June 18 2005

Watch Amy Acker in 'Mr Dramatic'. Very cool short film over at

Is anyone more adorable than Amy Acker?
Nope, I don't think there is anyone more adorable than her.
That was funny.
She was adorable in it!
She's adorable, but I really, really want those seven minutes back.
7 minutes I'm happy to have wasted. That was funny. Mr. Dramatic himself though. He looks familiar. I'm thinking 'Real World' but dunno.
...I think I went to school with that guy...

Love that Amy!
I think Mr.Dramatic was played by Oliver Hudson. Think.

Was that Rachel Nichols?
You're correct, here's the Cast List
Isn't the actress in the matching dress the same one who played "Sunday" in BtVS's "The Freshman?" The snarkiness is unmistakable. Gotta be her.

And yes, Amy Acker is adorable.
Yep, that's our Sunday.
Thanks for the cast list, Succatash. Pretty funny, but I think slow-mo works best in small doses. I started getting irritated with it.
You can buy it via the official website. ($10 + $3 Us ship) Director ships Internationally too. Extra footage is included.
Love Amy. Love Katharine Towne.

*Bad Kitty hearts them hard*
Wow. Huh. Hmmm.

Kinda reminds me of sitting through Kill Bill Vol. 1 . . .

But, I really don't get the director's influence list. The Marx Brothers?!?.
I'm clicking on that link and not seeing anything. Just a mention of the short film competition but no links. Is it still there?
Lioness if you are clicking the link in Firefox you might want to try IE, for someone Firefox blocked the movie window on me.
Isn't Amy Acker still apart of the Texas Chainsaw Sequel remake? Anyone know anything about that?
That was just a rumor. Not true.
Isn't that girl at the bar the lead from "The Inside"?

Sorry, just clicked on the cast list and it IS her. Wow, I wonder if the filmmaker is somehow connected to the Whedonverse.

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Kinda nice to get an email from the director of this short. Haven't had that happen before. What did you guys think?
Since it hasn't been posted yet, here is the director's email:

"I'm the writer/director of Mr. Dramatic and found this discussion of the short. I'd like to answer a few questions that were raised for fun, but I couldn't join the discussion for logistical reasons I gathered. A bit of trivia: Amy found out she was pregnant w/ her first child while filming this short in MAY of 2004.

The film had to be edited down to an insane degree to fit the specifications of the Amazon contest. I cut out the entire opening sqx and about 3 minutes of stuff in the middle. I also cut the end and edited out any potentially "objectionable content." You can check out more info on the short @

And as was posted, I am selling DVD's. You can email me through this address or the contact tab of the website and I can ship them out. I accept Pay pal to this email address.
js, jr.

ps. I saw the preview to Mr. Whedon's new movie before Batman Begins
tonight. Looks wild!

John Stalberg, Jr."
Well. Amy was adorable, as usual, and the snarky interactions between her and "Sunday" were funny. The rest was a bit odd. Not quite what I expected when "Sunday" said "Mr. Dramatic"ómore like "Mr. Psychotic"!
I'm in! They were nice enough to give me a password to the discussion. That's funny. Yes... psychotic indeed. We were going for a tongue in cheek Evil Dead 2 kinda vibe with Oliver's performance. He's supposed to bring in w/ him a new "reality"... then we're cutting back and forth from the "real" world to his. cool!
Liked the concept and the performances a lot. I also recognized the character. I think there are versions of him in every group. Would the Hollywood version go for that much real violence and be that good at it? That struck me as wrong somehow. I know that I am not being very clear, but I don't want to end up doing a long analytical post. (Maybe I'm growing as a person. ;-) )
I enjoyed it. Always nice to see Amy!
Thanks for posting Mr Stalberg, you did an excellent job with your film :).
Amy was great/adorable! Keep giving her work, everybody!! The male lead Kinda reminds me of Anthony Michael Hall trying to be a cool guy in Weird Science. Nice to see cigarettes portrayed in a less-than-glamourized manner for a change (my interpretation at least). Cigarette smoking is a crutch of lazy method actors who can't think of any other way to lend their charcters "intensity". It's refreshing to see smoking being mocked in a film. That's as it should be.

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