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June 18 2005

Bandwagon Wins Maverick Award. The independent movie co-produced by, and starring, Emma Caulfield wins an award at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

The trailer is also available through the Bandwagon Website. It looks pretty cool and it's a great website. I'm looking forward to this one.

Also, Emma is currently in talks with Discovery Animal Planet over a new TV project she's involved with entitled 'Food Chain' which will centre on endangered species and be aimed at a teen market. (taken from

Okay, this ices it...I *need* to see this movie...and I don't see movies...often, anyway. My wife, who also is normally movie-phobic, is dying to see this...Emma, we love, utterly love you and need to see "Bandwagon"!!!!
I want to hop on that Bandwagon too... it sounds like a funny movie, and I mean Joss is in it. What more could ya want?
I don't see Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) in the cast list...isn't this the feature-length sequel to Band Candy? Seriously, I, too, would very much like to see this.
Double yay for Emma! Let's hope the film finds its way to the DVD store
I've been wanting to see this for a while. Good for Emma. I wish she was in more projects.
Thank You for editing it for me SNT! I always try to use the 'how to' page but it still never seems to work out for me. I've no idea what I'm doing wrong!

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Oh and here's a little review from the OC Metro magazine.

There also are a surprising number of superb mockumentaries on this year's roster. Karri Bowman's "Bandwagon" follows a basically well-meaning but pampered and vapid Hollywood starlet (former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" sidekick Emma Caulfield, fearlessly parodying herself) who is casting about for a new cause to endorse when she meets Tabitha (Bowman), a young, retarded waitress who has dreams of becoming an actress. Poor Emma throws all of her resources into helping Tabitha realize her dreams, doing untold damage to her own faltering career in the process. The film is a godsend for "Buffy" geeks like me (several of Caulfield's "Buffy" cohorts show up to squirm while she makes a fool of herself). But even if you don't know your vamps from your vengeance demons, "Bandwagon" will both amaze and amuse you with its bitterly hilarious satire.
Link's fixed - that's a rather nice trailer, so deadpan, it's hard to tell it's not a real documentary. And love the snippet of Joss-Emma phone conversation.

(ETA) You're welcome nixygirl. Just follow this (using square brackets for the pointy ones):
[a href="url of the site you're linking to"]name of the site[/a]. Once you get the trick, it's dead easy.
oh I see what I've been doing wrong now! I was putting the url in the wrong place, D'oh! Thanx again ;)
This looks interesting. And the exchange with Joss is so funny. Congrats to Emma and to all involved for the award!
I remember seeing a different trailer a while back. Am I crazy?
Words cannot express how much I want to see this.
Jet Wolf, dito! Emma is my hero! I HAVE to see this! Good find, nixygirl!
I, too, am desperate to see this. Please let it be released, somehow, some way. Please.

einral, I'll join you in the crazy club. I'd swear I saw a slightly different trailer way back when. The Chopin was the same and some other bits were the same, but I don't remember Bowman's retarded character on stage.

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