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June 18 2005

Info On Angel: The Curse....And a second Angel comic-book miniseries. It's the only approved, official continuation of the TV series.

I don't know if that means the Spike one is not official then.

I bet the "unexpected ways" is higher being Cordy and maybe Ghosty Wes(like Spike was) and Gunn(if he died). Hopefully Lorne too and Connor. And of course both vampires. (Either Shanshuing would not be unexpected). But I bet the most surprising will be Fred is back. Or at least back in control of Illyria.

Wow, shiny! It'll be great to have some Joss back on my TV, even if it's short-lived. And November's not that far away, either.
Changed the link to go directly to the post in question (It's the link you see on many blogs called permalink).
This is for the comic,unfortunatly. I don't think Joss will be on out tv's anytime soon. Big screen's, hopefully for years to come.

Thanks Herb.=)

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Unexpected ways, huh? Could be anything...
I'm thinking the 'only approved' comment is referring to the second Angel mini-series, as neither Angel: The Curse nor Spike: Old Times could really be called a continuation of the Angel series, since they each only have one of the star characters.
The books are definitely all official and approved, trust me, they wouldn't be coming out otherwise. This remark has to be referring to the fact that it'll tell us what happened at the end of NFA.

(Ghostly Wes... that actually sounds pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised if Illyria--or Fred with Illyria's power--could bring him back like that. Return the Wes to us!)
Yes, please return Sir Wes to us!!!
I'm really curious to see how it develops.
Can't wait for November, I'd love to have some spoilers! :D

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w00t! Brilliant!
Christmas is indeed coming early.
Can't wait to see this next mini-series (tx simon for the date on the Curse too :)
Ghostly Wes?
I love Wes, but that idea is pretty weak for me.

Iīm sorry to say this, but if a character dies in the Jossverse, I prefer him or she to stay dead.
I love the way Joss made the resurrections. They werenīt simple, they had a story behind, reasons and (very important), they obeyed the laws (well, except the Darla story, I think. The same with Spikeīs).

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So that leaves ... Buffy's resurrection then? ;)

Death in the Jossverse seems only slightly less slippery than life. If it's well-done (and not over-done), I wouldn't personally rule out any storyline that brings a character back.
And here I thought that canon was that Angel and his team all died :)

I personally want to have a dead person to stay dead too. I just makes it too unreal. But if they return a character I much rather saw Cordelia revive. She was and will always be my favorite character.
Too unreal? Koos, you have thoroughly confused me.
I'm all for the Cordelia revivification.
It's official continuation? I'm nearly crying. You don't know how much I love this show, except that you probably do.
With unreal, I meant unrealistic.
Off topic of the comics, but am I the only one who didn't realize until today that the leader of the vamps Angel dusts in the teaser of 'City of' is none other than Sawyer (Josh Holloway) from 'Lost'. He even has his Georgia accent.
I can't wait to read this comic! Yes, continuation of my favorite vampire's stories! November can't come soon enough!

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