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June 19 2005

Tim Minear and cast talk 'The Inside'. "There are all manner of sick and twisted deviant behaviors that we can explore for the enjoyment of America" says the jolly Angel producer (minor spoilers for an upcoming episode).

Good quote, but why does he want to deprive us un-americans of his explorations of sick and twisted behaviour ?
Does he want to protect our sensitive minds from harmful influences or does he just think we cant afford to watch his great and expensive shows ?
TM should remember that the rest of the world have money to burn on entertainment too, why would anyone in Hollywood want to limit themselves to only entertaining Americans ?

Just kidding, looking forward to seeing this when it arrives in Scandinavia.
Reality check, I just checked the ratings for last week’s episode and it got a 2.6/4 and Zap2it described the show as D.O.A. I think it's on its way to becoming a great show but I don't think it will be around long enough for us to see it happen.

It has two things working against it. One, it's avery gory cop show, which is being launch at the wrong time of year and two, the lead actress was less than engaging in the first episode. It’s a shame because I love all the people working on this show, including the lead actress.

Maybe, this will end up being a blessing in disguise, because even though it would have been a good show it isn't anywhere near as great as Wonderfalls and Firefly, so maybe Tim will get a more imaginative project to work on next time, from another network. After all he has now done three failed projects for FOX in a row. Maybe he could do something for Sci-Fi.

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I just wish this show could deal with concepts beyond women getting murdered, raped and disfigured. Maybe its too early to tell, I did like the pilot, but I didn't enjoy the second episode as much. It got border-line too graphic/disturbing for me. Maybe its just me, but I hope more variation takes place in the storylines.
I just wish the 'Buffy' soundstages had been preserved, with all the sets kept perfectly, so freaks like me could visit it someday. Although, classic sets like the Library, Giles' house, the original Bronze, and the SHS hallway would all be gone. Sniff.

Now I have to go watch Seasons 1-3...
I heard that Tim stated that Fox is still behind the concept of the show, something that really didn't happen with Wonderfalls and Firefly.

I liked the first episode quite a lot, the second ep was good, not great. I think the show has the potential to be really terrific if it gets the time to mature, and for a first season show it's off to a pretty strong start.

However, if it get's canned, I'll probably be happy with just the first 13 episodes on DVD.

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Maybe if the main actress was better at what she did for a living

Christopher, you may be unaware, but Tim Minear has stated he reshot 3/4 of the pilot because he wanted Rachel Nichols to show less emotion. The choice may be questionable, but I don't think it can fairly be blamed on the actress.
You're right. Sorry, poorly phrased. I just wish then that they gave her the opportunity to show more emotion in the show, because I cannot feel any.. sympathy or connection at all to character. She doesn't feel like a person who's new to what she does and has had a horrible past.

She seems, to me, like a woman who's been doing this for her entire life, isn't young, isn't new, and doesn't make me care much at all about her troubled past. But it's still early in the game and I can be patient.

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To me she feels like she is some sort of autistic. I think Rachel is playing her spot on. No one who had gone through what she had could act in a way that we would perceive as normal. I love the lack of eye contact and the closed offness of her. It just leaves that much more to discover.
TamaraC - good observation. I've only seen the second episode and she was the character I liked the most. I think your description of her mannerisms does fit what a "high functioning" autistic person would be like.

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