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June 19 2005

A review of David Greenwalt's 'Miracles' - now on DVD. As ever DVD Times does a very thorough examination of the four disc boxset.

'The Friendly Skies' - one of the best episodes of any TV show. Worth getting or renting the boxset just for that episode.

Simon, I couldn't agree more re 'The Friendly Skies'. I'm a pretty hard-hearted SOB but that episode grabs me every time I see it. Also love the pilot, 'Hand of God', 'Saint Debbie' and 'Paul is Dead'. Although 'The Battle at Shadow Ridge' didn't knock me out at first viewing, I find it popping into my head from time to time. 'Mother's Daughter', while not a favorite, features a very fine performance from Maggie Grace of 'Lost' fame. And shouldn't the episode title more correctly be spelled 'Mothers' Daughter'?

I disagree with the reviewer (and Richard Hatem's comments in the episode commentaries) about the extraneous nature of the deleted scenes of Marisa Ramirez and her child. I think more use of her character could only have benefitted the series and, getting back to 'Friendly Skies', wasn't the bullet-in-head, metal-detector-thing cool?
I was surprised at how much "The Battle at Shadow Ridge" stuck with me afterwards. Of the episodes I that didn't get to see onscreen, it's my favorite.
I loved this show for what I caught of it. I'll definately be buying this set.
It took me so bloody long to actually find the set here in Canada, I ended up only getting it last Tuesday. I finished watching it Wednesday night. I remember being so angry when I learned that ABC had cancelled the show, not long after they had cancelled "Sports Night", another one of my favourite shows.Grr. ABC = Already Been Cancelled. Just, hopefully, not for 'Lost'.
I finished watching the DVDs a few days ago. I'll echo all of the praise made by others. This was a marvelous show, well worth the purchase.

The last set of DVDs that stuck with me the way "Miracles" has, was "Firefly".

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I have to find a place around here that has all these DVD's for rent. I missed all these shows. I did manage to catch Sports Night though, and really liked it.
Netflix baby!!! This set is top of my queue right now. I'm even more eager to check it out after I've heard the wonderful things you guys have had to say about it. A shame I wasn't able to catch it when it was actually on TV. I guess that makes me part of the problem, I always find out about great shows after the fact (Firefly, of course, being my biggest regret).
Put David Greenwalt's 'Profit' high on your Netflix queue, too, as soon as it comes out. You won't regret it.

newcj, have you tried Netflix yet?
Thanx CrazyMutha I'll use them too. Cheers.

EDT: And again with the 'not in Australia'...Dagnammit!

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I tried to, it's not available to be put in the queue yet...
No I haven't Jaynelovesvera. Two reasons. 1. I do not have a lot of free time to commit regularly to entertainment so 2. I do not want yet another monthly bill for someting that I will be paying for whether I use it or not. Way to much of that in my life as it is.
To each his/her own, but I've found Netflix well worth it whether or not I get my money's worth out of it each month. I also don't have a lot of time for entertainment, and sometimes a month or two will go by where I don't watch anything. At other times, especially when I rent a TV show on DVD and get really caught up in it, I go through discs quickly and it's far cheaper than renting each disc from a store. (I figure it all works out in the end.) But... economics has nothing to do with why I use them. The biggest reason is the selection there's no other video store that even comes close (and very few that carry TV shows, older movies, documentaries, etc., at all). I like being able to add them to the queue as I think of them, and I like having the freedom to watch or not watch as my schedule allows, without feeling pressured by late fees. I've kept some movies for months. I figure I pay the $20/month instead of a big cable bill, and watch things I really want to see instead of bad TV.

Anyhow, I don't mean to be a pitchperson for Netflix (though I realize that's what I just did :-) ) Just explaining the reasons I love it that have nothing to do with economics. And where I've particularly appreciated it was catching up on TV shows I can't tell you how many I've seen via Netflix which would have cost me a fortune to buy or rent (if I could have ever found a video shop that rented them). I figure it's my cheaper (and much slower) version of TiVo :-)

Now i guess i need to add Miracles to my queue...

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