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"An army of nightmares, huh? Let's get this party started."
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June 20 2005

Winners of the 'Six-word Serenity' contest. You have to love the entry that won the grand prize.


This one didn't win, but it was really tongue-in-cheek.
"Joss -- when does Spike show up?"

And I really love the Kaylee poster on the top. :D

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I liked this one.
"Earth's resources depleted. Whedon's are not"
My favorte is by Joss, I guess.
"Ever sailed in a Firefly? ...Wanna?"
My favorite:

Kiss the gorram whore already, cap'n!
I got one for you all.

"When do the vampires show up?"
Ah, but the winner was a take on my favorite line. . .

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