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"I think this line is mostly filler..."
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June 20 2005

Got a burning question to ask Alexis, Christian, Stephanie, Drew, or others at the Bash? Well this is your chance, Booster wants to make the Q&A's as productive as possible. So they are asking for help in coming up with some new Questions for the Q&A's.

The Q&A's will be moderated, to make everything flow smoothly and to get as many questions in as they can in the time aloud. Make sure to include at least your first name and where you are from with the question you post, and please nothing to offensive. Attendees questions will be sorted through and selected first, but questions from non-attendees are also welcome and encouraged. You must register on the site to post but no registration is required for reading other questions posted. The transcript of the Q&A's will be posted at their site after the convention.

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