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June 20 2005

Sacramento Bee Serenity Screening Write Up. The Sacramento Bee entertainment section features a nearly full-page, and front page, article discussing Serenity and the May 26th screening attended by Nathan Fillion.

The article discusses the "make-up of sci-fi fans", Nathan's easygoing and entertaining appearance, the Sacramento Browncoats, and then lengths some fans went to in order to see the screening.

today is *all* about Northern California. ;)

well done, Sacto!
The article is definitely getting noticed too. I just walked out of the office and three coworkers asked me if I'd seen it, and wanted me to confirm this is the movie I've been talking about, and posting promotional pics and the Joss Pre-Screening Transcript on my cubicle wall.

They were intrigued, and impressed by, the article. Good stuff.

I also noticed I'm in the audience pic. Just blurry and far enough away for me to recognize myself but no one else to....just the way I like it.
Wow, great article, great pictures, just lovely. The buzz just keeps on a-comin' . . .

Although I will hasten to draw a distinction between naming one's kids Kirk or Spock, rarefied names under any circumstances, and a possible sign of dysfunctional obsession, and naming them, say, Willow or Xander, which are real names after all. Not sure about Buffy 'though. ;)

And here is as good a place as any to mention that:

I have one extra ticket for the Serenity preview in L.A. (Riverside) this Thursday - e-mail me (it's in my profile) if you're interested. Face-value cost, of course.
Gone - sorry!

[ edited by SoddingNancyTribe on 2005-06-21 00:59 ]
I don't think people who go to see these prescreenings are fanatics. It's pieces like this that make us seem like off balanced social retards.

Firefly is like that cool band on underground college radio. It's like REM before "Losing My Religion" came out. We got in on the ground floor of a really sweet deal and now it's going IPO. We're not obsessed nutjobs we're pioneers of cool.
Awww, Nathan's all dressed up and pretty!
"I don't think people who go to see these prescreenings are fanatics. It's pieces like this that make us seem like off balanced social retards."

I don't agree. I consider myself a fanatic...I wouldn't go to a movie hours early for a 10:00 screening on a school night if I wasn't a fanatic. I don't think the article hurt our status as fans, I think its great publicity for an amazing movie. Plus, the article did make mention to those in full costume and those waiting in the theater for 11 hours. If those aren't fanatics...I don't know what are!
SNT, Buffy is a real name. Can you believe it? No offence meant to any Buffy's out there.

And since SNT's doing it I will also say I still have one extra ticket to the NYC/NJ preview Thursday at cost. E-mail me (my address is in my profile) if you are interested. I am ready to put this on E-bay just to make sure it does not go to waste.
Of course we're fanatics, we've always been fanatics. But we're nice intelligent articulate well rounded fanatics and we have fun to boot.
Well, I know Xander is short for Alexander and Buffy is short for Elizabeth, but I am sure they are both names without being the shortened version. Besides, who decides what name is real or not real?...Just something to think about:)

ps: I concur Simon :)

[ edited by MySerenity on 2005-06-21 00:45 ]
Well, I was kidding somewhat in my earlier comments - meaning that I know Buffy is a "real name." At least, I've been told it is before . . . but I really do believe that any parent who gives their son the name Spock or their daughter the name, I don't know, Moon Unit, deserves a pretty big clip round the ear. Even if they are "real names." And even if the dad is Frank Zappa. It's one thing to transmit your enthusiasm to your children; it's another to sacrifice them on the altar of your fanaticism (and, like MySerenity, that word doesn't upset me generally) or "coolness." But that's just IMHO, obviously.
The coolest girl in my summer semester class revealed the other day her nickname since birth is Buffy. She was born before the movie. She ah, was goaded into telling. Not sorry, tho.
Another great article, more great coverage for Serenity. I don't think that the writer puts fans/fanatics in a bad light at all. It's really quite a positive spin, in my opinion. I certainly count myself as a "healthy" fanatic of the Whedonverse in the sense described by the various pop culture experts consulted for the article. (Granted, "healthy" can be defined various ways.) As for naming kids really off the wall names, I'm with SNT on this. It can be murder on a kid. But hey, to each their own opinion.

I love that this was a big spread on the front page of the Bee's Entertainment Section. Fantastic! I wonder if these articles (Bee, Miami Herald, Boston Herald, Phoenix Sun(?)) are the result of a concerted effort by Universal to get these pre-screenings noticed? Universal sends out press releases and some papers bite? It seems likely that this is what's happening. Good thinking if that's the case. Good thinking whomever is behind this, if anyone. Just good, really.
I dunno, I sometimes wonder if I should have called both of my children The Master.
Cause they certainly act like him sometimes (not in the mass murdering kind of way)
WHAT? Nathan was right in the same city as me and I didn't try to sneak in!?!?

I have permantly shamed myself. I'm gonna go curl up in a corner and hit myself with a switch of some sort.
nixygirl, that is hilarious. I've often thought of naming our next kid Whedon as a middle name. Hubby will have no part though :( I guess that says that I'm a fanatic...and proud of it!

Wonderful article, and I agree, phlebotinin, definitely a positive spin. Good buzz for our little movie that could. Now if we could get all 35 cities to have a fab write up on the front page of the paper. That would be SHINY!
If my girls had been born after I had become a flanatic I know they'd be bearing some Whedonesque names. Maybe not Buffy, but Inara, Kaylee, Anya, River and Tara (already have a niece named Zoe)are all beautiful names. I also love the name Willow but it wouldn't have gone with my last name! But, I also agree with SNT that people can take being a fan a bit too far too or celebrities can just be too weird when it comes to naming their kids. I've always felt bad for Moon Unit Zappa being given a name like that and her poor brother Dweezil!
I'd name a baby boy Joss. Too bad I won't have kids.

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