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June 21 2005

"I have every intention of keeping the Buffyverse alive" says Joss. But in what format? Find out more in this TV Guide interview where Joss Whedon speaks about the Angel, Spike and Serenity comic books.

Oh... that last question just gives me hope... I want more Amy Acker as Illyria!
Yes, but the last question also makes my heart sink. Drawings of the actors he loves -- it's not the same, and there's not an equivalency that is suggested in Joss's words. Yes, it is clear that he would prefer film, and he has to be a realist. But, personally, I would rather the 'verse come to an end than having it continued in comic format. I love Joss's stories and his words, but I love equally the way the actors give his words life. To continue the 'verse in print for the sake of continuing the 'verse just doesn't work for me.
I don't get that... it's a universe and it is a very complex one at that - but it's always going to be ongoing - I would only prefer film if the universe was confined to one particular character or story (and therefore it would be continuing it just for the sake of continuing it) - but the B'verse has proven that it is beyond that - it doesn't really have a start and it will never have an end because it isn't confined - therefore, I feel whatever story comes is worth it, no matter what the format

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Maybe, I'm interpreting this wrong, but it sounds like that it's the end of the verse onscreen.
Who knows what will happen in the next ten to twenty years? New characters, changes in studio power structure, changes in personal power, anything.

Besides, I wouldn't wish on anyone the geas of doing the same thing forever. Things change and they'll keep on doing so. Knowing that change happens gives me hope for the future and I look forward to it.
It ranges... For the Angel and Spike comics, I basically told [the writers] areas to stay away from, just in case those were stories that we still might get a chance to tell on film.

It's not over with the Buffy-story on screen. And why would Joss stop with this as he still has enough stories to tell?
My gut instinct is that we're moving into an era similar to what happened in the Star Wars - Expanded Universe where certain books and comic books are regarded either as canonical or as part of continuity.

I still remain convinced that we will see the Buffyverse return either as a tv show or film but it could be a 5 to 10 year wait before this happens.
twiggy, I think your interpretation is correct, unless a miracle happens but they are few and far in between.

I think it is great that Joss can continue to tell the stories of the Buffyverse in some form, hopefully he will one day want to tell us his own visions of the 'real' end of Buffy's, Angel's, Spike's and the rest of the gangs stories, making some fans angry, other fans happy and all of us really depressed that it's over.

Simon, yes and when it returns we might not recognize it at all.
So, to clarify, does this mean that Joss could be writing comics at IDW alongside Mariotte's timeline? I guess this definitely proves that the IDW comics starting this month aren't canonical.

Also - does anyone know if Joss or Dark Horse own the Fray rights? Or if DH own them and sell the Buffy rights to IDW, for example, would Fray go with it or would DH keep them?
Quote: I would rather the 'verse come to an end than having it continued in comic format.

Go read Fray.
Yes i would rather see a Buffy/Angel project with the actors, But if comics are done right, they can sometimes be even more awsome then film or tv.
Absolutely, Lord_Magneto. Fray. Bliss.
But Joss said if he COULDN'T do it with the actors he loves. We all know that there are still some Buffyverse actors out there, still interested in working for Joss.
But if Fox says no and he cannot find a home, having the actors means nothing. He has been haveing trouble finding a home for awhile. For anything Buffy, from the cartoon to any tv movie.

I get the deffiant impression, he is going to continue the universe now, via comic. All spin offs/tv movie are off the table. Nothing screen wise will be coming for quite awhile. Perhaps in many years, and then that can only be a big screen. IMO.

I think the comics are going to rock. We know he only told them what he did and did not want to happen for them, so I would assume that makes it up to the individual if it is canon.But they are the writer's ideas. So the comic is JM's ideas with okay by Joss and Fox. Same with the Spike, but neither actually worked hand and hand with Joss. So vague up the timeline,basically. But , yeah I could see Joss, writing one after the first two mini's are done and if they do well. Maybe sometime next year after IDW accires the Buffy licence from darkhorse and he can write Buffy as well.
For the Angel and Spike comics, I basically told [the writers] areas to stay away from, just in case those were stories that we still might get a chance to tell on film.

I agree with Koos. I don't think Joss will tell the comics writers to stay away from certain stories if he didn't intend to bring those stories to the screen.

Granted, that doesn't mean he'll get the chance to tell them on screen, but he would like to do so. Hopefully an opportunity will present itself.
I also believe we'll see the buffyverse return to the screen in some form or another. Joss seemed to express that in the recent 'Dark Worlds' interview. However, I think we'll have to wait for a few years. The current television market is still not very supportive of genre series such as Joss'. After 'Firefly', I doubt he would even attempt it as of now. But the television market is starting to show a change. Reality series have shown a large drop in ratings and SCI FI is starting to make a come back. Hopefully, this trend will continue to the point that Joss will feel comfortable introducing another series. Again, we just need to be patient.
I firmly believe we haven't seen the end of the Buffy-verse on screen. Joss has made it clear he still has stories to tell, and I think in time we will get to see them.

However I actually think that keeping the 'verse alive through comic books is a great idea, if executed properly.

I get the UK version of the official Buffy magazine, and they used to have a substantial portion of each issue with part of one of the graphic novels, so over about 5 or 6 issues the whole graphic novel would be shown. Generally I wasn't impressed with these. The character likenesses were horrible, the dialogue wasn't smart or memorable like the show, and the storylines themselves weren't remotely like anything you would expect to see on the show.

However I did invest in Tales of the Slayers and I thought it was a fantastic comic book, very fitting with the show, and also very smart, beautiful and intelligent in its own right. I expect Tales of the Vampires is similarly good, and I have also heard good things about Fray, so I intend to purchase these as well.

I think if the Buffy-verse was continued through graphic novels that are as good quality and authentic as Tales of the Slayers, then I think it would be excellent, even though a TV series or film would be preferable, graphic novels CAN be almost as good if executed well. I think having direct input from Joss would make it just as good, if he wrote the story, dialogue and had a say in the artwork and style.

The same goes for novels. I have encountered many poor Buffy novels, and a handful of excellent ones, again I found the Tales of the Slayers series to be excellent, especially because some of the stories were written by writers of the show. I think that the Buffy-verse could be continued through novels as well as graphic novels if they are very good quality, and with input from writers of the show or Joss.
If Serenity is a success, attitudes by TV Execs about the desirability of Joss's work may change drastically. Nothing breeds opportunity like success. (Someone must have said that...I couldn't have just made that up. Could I?)

Joss has said he is interested in slayerverse live action projects, so I think something will probably happen. My guess is, sooner if Serenity is a success, later if it is not.
Oh geez, more comics?

Well I guess any Joss is better than no Joss, but I prefer live people in my 'verses. Its just not the same. Comics are great, but limited in range. There's just certain things a live action play, show or movie can do that comics can't.
The thing is if Serenity is a success, sequels will no doubt follow. Plus Wonder Woman is going to take up a fair amount of his time too. And goodness knows that other offers he will get. I could see him writing and directing a Harry Potter movie for example.
But if Serenity is a success, thereīs every chance that we may see a Buffyverse movie. After all, thatīs pretty much the only way weīre going to see either SMG or Boreanaz reprise their roles. Not that Iīd mind the absence of either character as long as we had Spike, Illyria or Willow around. And Groo... whatever happened to Groo...?
Yeah, personally I am hoping Serenity will be at least mildly successful, make some profit, raise the visibility of the actors in it, and Joss's profile, and ensure that we get a sequel.

I also think that between Serenity and Wonder Woman Joss is going to become a lot more interesting to the movie and TV industries, so he should be able to pursue whatever meidum he wants. Personally I think he will stay with film for a while, after WW I think he will direct some other non-Buffy/Angel/Firefly projects, then do a Serenity sequel or possibly a B/A film, then maybe return to TV. That's just guessing though, who knows? Whatever Joss does, it will be great and I know he is going to get the recognition he deserves.
All this speculation makes me even more confident that we need to support Joss' big screen endeavors as much as possible. Even things we may not be as interested in, like Wonder Woman. Because if Joss does really well with his films, he will have more clout to continue the Buffy/Angel 'verse at least in telemovies.
It's sad to say, with as much success Joss has had on tv, that he still needs to 'prove' himself to the mainstream. But it's key for him having more power. We all know how the WB is all waffling, "Oh, no I hadn't ever thought of a Spike telemovie...", but if Joss strikes gold at the theatres, the networks might just come to him.

And Joss' success mainstream can have other ramifications, such as, "WOW, that was an amazing Wonder Woman film. What's that? This guy did that Buffy show? The one about vampires and stuff? Hmm, I might have to give that a shot..." etc, etc. And more interest in that 'verse is always good.

...and now on preview I see that I'm behind the game with my comments!
Since reading Fray, I'll happily follow the 'verse in comic form. I love the actors, I love the show, would love to see movies, but even more, I love the stories.
Willowy, I totally agree with everything you just said. Comics are okay i guess, but nowhere near television/film.

Nietoperz, I often wonder what happened to Groo! I think Mark Lutz said that he was in negotiations to return for a couple of episodes in the fourth season, however im guessing it just wasnt to be. I envisioned Groo showing up after the credits of "Not Fade Away" to help them fight, or to help them escape, as one of the possible continuations of the Angelverse (in my head of course!), hell, maybe he wold have been back in Season Six...with Buffy, Willow and Oz, GODAMMIT how come this show got cancelled!
Best not to think about it, Apocalypse... brings this hollow pain to my gut every time. Especially the Oz thing.

Come to think of it... why not go for an Oz spin off? It would be more fun than Faith... And Seth Green is someone the networks could get behind, established star that he is.
nietoperz, seems to me like you answered your own question there, SG have a full calendar these days with films to make, Robot Chickens to chase and comic books to write, why would he be interested in a Oz spin-off ?
My only problem with more comics is, well, I'm terrible at keeping up with them. There just seem to be so many, and not that many places to get them, and weird release dates and...

I'd be happy with comics, but I know I'd end up missing out on stuff.
Comics are great, but limited in range. There's just certain things a live action play, show or movie can do that comics can't.

Well, here I have to (partially) respectfully disagree. Comic books/graphic novels are just a different medium - films/TV can do certain things better than comic books, sure, but the converse is also true. I think this is a frequent misconception, so I'm going to bore y'all with a quote from author Samuel R. Delaney:

"For example, comics handle time in ways that verbal narrative and movies can't match. In a comic, you can have three panels in a row where the actions are half a second apart, followed by a fourth, the same size and on the same row, set a century later; and the transition will feel perfectly natural. A comic can slip into slow motion or fast motion seamlessly. And a comic can ramp up the impact by going back and forth, panel by panel, between close-ups and far shots, building tremendous energy by their alternation. The same effects in a novel or film would come off as terrible awkward." [or induce incredible nausea . . . ]

Sandman Companion, pp. 4-5.

I'd love to see the Buffyverse continue on screen above all else, but I see comic books as a fully worthy medium in their own right.
I see what you're saying SNT, but take, for instance, the scene in the van between Willow and Oz when she asks if he wants to kiss her. The dialogue alone in that scene would have taken six pages in a comic. And would the myriad emotions that played across Willow's face have been so achingly heart-rending in a comic? Would it have done her justice? I just can't see it.

Another way that I find comics lacking is it takes me maybe seven minutes to read one. Then its over. I hate that. That's why I've taken to waiting for the tpbs to come out. Good comic art and stories really ARE awesome, but once I'm sucked in, I want to stay there a while. The exception was Fray. I got each of those individually.

Bottom line for me, is that given the choice, I'd take a show over a comic any day of the week.
SNT, you may be right. But I have never had day-dreams (or night-dreams, for that matter) about comic-book characters, whereas with real actors, . . . well, I must admit to some interesting fantasies.

There's just something about the "live" human body, human reactions, etc., that make the filmed versions of the 'verse have greater resonance for me than the static figures of the comics. You're right, film vs. comics are different media, with their own strengths and weaknesses. But I got hooked on the combination of the stories and actors (and, of course, the cinematic quality of Joss's staging/filming). For me, there is just no satisfactory print-based substitute.
In 5 years, Eliza is 29 years old, still young, Jennifer Garner kicks ass in Alias in her 30s, thank god Eliza played Faith as such a young age, it gives hope a character such as Faith can be brought back, hopefully within 5 years, however Spike needs to be done sooner, if its done, because of James Marsters age.

Maybe if James Marsters or David Boreanaz reads the comic and has a page on the comic which forwards it to fans, sort of connecting the actor and his opinions on the comic, that might help bridge the gap:D
" My only problem with more comics is, well, I'm terrible at keeping up with them. There just seem to be so many"

Well just focus on one (or 2 if you're a Firefly fan) comic line. There are tons of DVD releases every week that I can't keep track of but I only keep track of the ones I want to see so its not a problem if I don't know when Brady Bunch season 2 is coming out.

"and not that many places to get them"

Buy it online then. :)

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The way I'm reading this, we're in general agreement that we wish to see the 'verse continue in one form or another. Sure, we each have our favorite media, but which format is more effective is just a matter of opinion. I'm more partial to live-screen and novels, however I enjoyed the 'Fray' comics very much as well.

Back to the time issue, I really don't see anything happening (with TV or 'verse films) before 2007. I feel 'Serenity' will be successful enough that Universal will want a sequel. Still don't have a warm fuzzy on WW, but it will regardlessly keep Joss busy through much of 2006-07. And, as many of you mentioned, I wouldn't mind Joss taking on another film.

BTW, anyone remember that one film script he wanted to do where no one had ever thought of before? I'm still wondering about that.
As SNT says above (and I'm loving that he is quoting Sandman Companion), its just a different medium. Its limited in some ways and not in others, same as tv/film/novels/music/painting. For example, I can't imagine using the word limited in connection with Sandman, Hellblazer, Preacher, Fables, Y: The Last Man, A Distant Soil, Strangers in Paradise, Kabuki, Stray Bullets, We3. Unlimited is a word that I would use, I guess.
And, zg, don't forget Love and Rockets, Promethea, The Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, Joe Sacco's war stories, Eightball . . . sheesh.

But my original point was only meant as a defense of the form. When I think of Buffy, I'm with palehorse - live human bodies. Nice.
I don't do comics (and I'm pretty sure the majority of the fans don't as well), so a continuation in that form, will probably be lost to me and many for I don't buy or read comics. So, if that's the only form the verse will be continued in, then for all purposes, NFA is the finale vision of the verse for moi and many others.

In regards to big screen movie, I personally think that if that were to be done in the near future, the deal breaker would be to have the two stars of both shows to be attached to the film. Now since both SMG and DB's careers are taking off, I don't see them signing on. And there is the fact that Joss is quite busy with projects of his own so...
This is my favorite part of the article...

"For the Angel and Spike comics, I basically told [the writers] areas to stay away from, just in case those were stories that we still might get a chance to tell on film."

Heh, I like that Joss said "no touch!" to certain potential plotlines. Wish he'd done that with a whole lot of Dark Horse's efforts.

It'll be funny if fans at conventions tell the actors what happened to their characters in the comics, if any of this stuff ends up being canon-approved by Joss. J. August Richards could have a Q&A section and be going on about how he thinks Gunn managed to survive the alleyway and some fan could pipe up with, "Actually according to this recent Angel comic co-written by Joss, you died".
Well, Nychick, you are missing out on alot of great stuff.
This is not meant to offend anybody, but I think there are some fans who have all the Whedon DVDS (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, maybe even Toy Story) but will not pick up Fray or Astonishing x-men. why is that? How can you be a fan of his writing and not pick up Fray, which is one of the most powerful stories Joss had ever written? Why do you deny yourself of this pleasure?

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If there's one thing I don't want to see on this site it is fans telling each other 'how can you be a fan'. Fans come in all sorts and shapes. Some are into the Buffyverse, some into Firefly, some into both and hey, some of us don't read comics.
I donīt want the Jossverse expanding like the Star Wars saga, full of comics and books.

For me, the Buffy story is ended. Perfectly ended. No need for more.
Angel is perfectly ended too, but there are characters with something to tell (like Faith, or Illyria).

Anyway, we still have more Jossverse stories to go with, like Fray, or the Tales of stories, not necessarily at the same timeline.
I wouldnīt like to see the jossverse overexposed and burnt.

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Caroline, my comment isn't supposed to be a "your'e not a real fan unless you do this and that" sort of comment. i'm just curious why hardcore fans won't pick up his comics.
No worries. Not offended. But speaking from someone who only just recently found out what Fray was and someone who bought the first few releases of Astonishing X-Men out of curiosity and support then lost track of the releases all together, then didn't bother with it after that... the reason for me is that I find that although I am a fan of the Joss man, my interest mostly lies within his work on screen, though mostly with BtVs and Ats. It took me a great deal of time to get on the Firefly train, but I jumped aboard eventually. Personally speaking, if something (whether comics, movies, shows etc) has Joss' involvement, it doesn't automaically make me want to go out and see it or pick it up. Comics have just never been my thing.
Caroline, my comment isn't supposed to be a "your'e not a real fan unless you do this and that" sort of comment. i'm just curious why hardcore fans won't pick up his comics.

It's a different medium. I dislike comics, wasn't interested in Fray and am not interested in seeing any continuation of the stories through that medium.

Some people juggle geese.
I donīt want the Jossverse expanding like the Star Wars saga, full of comics and books.

The Jossverse has contained comics and books for years now - this isn't a new thing. If you're not into that sort of thing, then you don't have to read them.

I don't read any of the books. The ones I've thumbed through at the book store (they're in the kiddie section) look atrocious and I don't have the patience to figure out which ones might be decent. The comics I plan to give a try because the graphics look good and I've heard good things about the writers, plus Joss is more involved with them.
As far as I'm concerned, the Star Wars saga was flawed as a saga from the beginning. I watched the tribute to George Lucas last night, (Was William Shatner funny or what? That man could always do comedy.) and Lucas finally said what I had always felt. He said he wrote the original movie to be a one shot and then decided to expand it because of the audience reaction. For me the expansion did not work. The original said and did what it had intended. No more was really needed. I loved the oringinal and then watched the rest with less and less enthusiasm.

An argument could be made that the original Buffy movie was also a one shot that was then expanded. The difference is that the movie did not do what was intended. Joss expanded it because he had a lot more to say and explore in that world. He has indicated that he still does. I do not think he will fall into the trap Lucas did.

Comics have never done much for me. They are generally not long enough or dense enough to keep my interest. That said, I am intrigued by the comments made about Fray, and would like to give it a read. I doubt that it or any of the other comics will ever substitute for live-action Jossverse for me though. I rather envy anyone for whom they do.
Some people juggle geese, indeed :) I understand fully well that some folks are just not interested in seeing the 'verses continue in comics and that's cool, I'd prefer to see them live to anything else myself. Was just reacting to the perception of them as limited or not literary enough. I'm somewhat of a lit snob myself, and Sandman and others never disappointed me. Anything that can be read on so many levels is just delicious for me and I find that in Joss' work and in Neil Gaiman's (comics and novels both).

I also tend to shy away from stuff that Joss doesn't acknowledge as canon (no problem with others taking them in as part of their view of the 'verses), as it usually ends up being a candy Buffy shell without the (do I really want to continue with this metaphor?), well you get the idea.
I wish we could have comics AND a tv spin off but the tv hellgods just aren't opening the door.
I just realized, that maybe, just maybe, it's possible to continue the verse with the "original" cast in say, 5-10 years, cause within that time frame, I'd think that CGI techniques have gotten advanced and cheap enough to mimic real humans realistically, physically anyway.

The issue of replacing real life actors with CGI models is whole another can of worms altogether, but something the TV/Movie industry will have to deal with sooner or later.

In any case, I'm perfectly content if the Buffuverse continues in a comic form, just as long as it continues :)
I live in a pretty small town and I'm not sure we have a comic book, stupid question...what kind of other stores and websites would have these particular comics? They aren't as mainstream as X-Men, but I really want to get these! Thanks for any help!
Illyria, is the place to go.
On the why wouldn't a Joss fan pick up the comics question, I've browsed through an issue or two of Astonishing X-Men at the bookstore and looked at some of the Buffy Dark Horse comics, and just couldn't get into the storytelling style. I'm sure it's a very well-written comic book, but stylistically I couldn't get into it. I'm sure if I gave it more of a try and immersed myself in it for a while, I'd adjust, but I guess I'm lazy... Maybe it's kind of like how I love musicals and stage shows but could never get into ballet b/c I kept waiting for someone to open their mouths and *say* or *sing* something.

I have been meaning to check out Fray one of these days, though.
I am perfectly happy for the Buffyverse to continue in comics. I'm a huge comic fan who reads about 30 titles a month. Comparing film or tv to comics really isn't fair. They're entirely different mediums, and each has advantages over others. I understand you wanting to see it continued on screen, so do I. It's because you're used to it. What do you say to those comic fans who would rather continue reading the comics than have a film or tv series? They're used to reading their stories in comics.

And someone who doesn't read comics shouldn't bash them. Watchmen, Midnight Nation, Kingdom Come, Preacher, Sandman, Dark Knight Returns and Y the Last Man are all great examples of wonderful comic literature.

In the end, as long as the stories are good, I'm satisfied. I really enjoyed Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, and Fray.
"Willowy, I totally agree with everything you just said. Comics are okay i guess, but nowhere near television/film.
Nietoperz, I often wonder what happened to Groo!"

That, put together, is just a hilarious comment to me (no offense intended)... because 'Groo' was named--and written, pretty much--in homage of a comic book character, Groo the Barbarian, Sergio Aragones's parody of Conan. :-D

"I'd be happy with comics, but I know I'd end up missing out on stuff."

You can try the collected editions, the trade paperbacks--these are more likely to be kept in print, and you'll get complete stories all at once.

To find a comic shop near you (if you're in the USA, the UK or Ireland), go to
Otherwise, try online stores such as , or .

And I could get into the whole argument about the potential of comics versus that of TV, but then I'd be here all night. :-p Suffice to say, if you think comics aren't good enough, you haven't been reading the right ones.

And, yes. I *am* the biggest comic book geek here, thank you very much.
I am probably not a "comic book geek" but I loved Fray, and I have read some of the Buffy and Slayer comics. IMHO, there is a difference between reading something you have previously seen on screen (Buffy, Angel) play out in comics, vs. reading a story for the first time in comic form (Fray). Maybe those who are new to comics but would like to give them a try should start with characters they don't know, like Fray, so they are less disappointed if the story doesn't match what they have seen on screen. I have read a number of Buffy comics, and they hugely vary in quality...those written by Joss, not surprisingly, are often the better written ones...but apparently, in comics, the illustrations do matter!!

This idea had not occurred to me until yesterday, when I called my local comic book store to ask if they had the first volume of Astonishing X-men and mentioned Joss's name to clarify what I was looking for. I was lectured by the salesperson that in fact it WAS an excellent comic, but not just, or mainly, because of Joss Whedon's fact, he pointed out, the illustration was superior to the writing, and reading it because Whedon wrote it...well, he suggested I was clearly reading comics for the WRONG REASONS. He may very well be right about the superiority of the illustrations! but this kind of attitude from some of those who consider themselves "true fans" of comics can really be a turn off to those who read occasionally or are new to the format. I celebrate geekdoms of all shapes and sizes, but pretentiousness and the whole "you haven't lived until you've read Neil Gaiman" 'tude can turn off the newbies.

Maybe someone could post a list of the best Whedon comics over at Flikr if it's not appropriate here? A place to start for those who don't read comics but might like to? There are a number of titles in Slayer-related comics by different writers in and out of the TV-verse (Petrie, Espenson, Golden, etc.) so it can be confusing.

You can try the collected editions, the trade paperbacks--these are more likely to be kept in print, and you'll get complete stories all at once.

Yeah, I do enjoy the trade paperbacks - it's how I read Fray, and I loved it. I'm weird, in that I don't like something to be over too soon after I lay down the cash, so it was nice to be able to sit down for a while with a comic book. Heck, I have more than a few issues of X-men that I've been "saving up", which I should probably just get to...I'm awful with things like that.

I think I'll check out some of the online comic book shops you guys pointed out. See, I don't have a car right now (I know!), which doesn't make it any easier to find the random comic book shops. Just in case my earlier comments left me sounding dreadfully lazy. =)
WHO cares what medium!? I just want to know what happened to the characters I love/am in love with. Everyone but Spike. Don't really care for him. If we don't get anything continued I will just have to imagine a gory death for him.
charisma, I think that A LOT of people care about what kind of 'medium' they get their Whedonverse fixes.

Personally, I enjoyed Fray, but there is just so much left there unexplored, and not really as much of a connection for me between the reader and character in a comic. I'd much rather have my characters on screen, where I can watch them be happy, cry, fight, and feel CONNECTED to what I'm watching. I loved watching Buffy & Angel on T.V. because of how developed their characters and stories were, and I was able to understand better what they were feeling or going through. And I dunno about you, but I need myself a hell of a fight scene. I don't like to just flip through 2 pages of drawings fighting and a few quips. I love to get invested in the action, music, and rush of it all.

Yep, I'm holding out for the Buffyverse on screen. And I honestly believe that it will happen, and it won't be too long from now.
Christopher, I too am hoping Buffyverse will also happen again on screen. I actually just started reading comics this year. Cygnet, just to name some that are really good: Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, Fray, Buffy: Haunted (Espenson), Buffy: Reunion (Espenson), and Buffy: Ring of Fire (Petrie). Joss's X-men, also good!

I think some of us are a little sad about no sign of the verse on screen, but let's look at it this way. There could be NO continuation of the stories. I for one am happy that we get at least comics. I enjoy them, so I'll be reading them keeping my fingers crossed we'll see something on screen someday.
Might I point out that it was 9 years between the end of Star Trek:TOS and Star Trek:TMP, or for that matter, it was 14 years between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Phantom Menace"? Don't give up hope, folks. Over-Saturation is a bad thing. Look at "Enterprise", for instance. Not a bad show, but cancelled basically due to disinterest. People got tired of looking at the same thing after 18 straight years of "Star Trek" on television. I don't mind waiting a bit for a live-action continuation of Buffy or "Angel". Don't forget that absence makes the heart grow fonder. "Serenity" is a different story altogether, as "Firefly" didn't have time to mature and needs continued.
The_Joker, you have something there with the absence makes the heart grow fonder line...

Harmalicious, I get you about wanting the verse to continue in any form, but reeeaallly want new live stuff. I want it injected into my veins.

Oh yeah. Joss's stuff is my drug. Sue me.
Cygnet, sound like your local comic shop is run by the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. I agree that's hardly the way to get people into comics. (Even though he's right that John Cassaday *is* brilliant.)

Aside from the books mentioned by Harmalicious, these are also worth checking out:
--The run written by Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe, 'Out of the Woodwork,' 'False Memories,' 'Ugly Little Monsters' & 'The Death of Buffy.' (The latter is a perfect fit in continuity between S5 & S6.)
--The prequel books, taking place between the movie and the series: 'Viva Las Buffy,' 'Slayer, Interrupted' & 'Stake through the Heart.'

For a list of all:
Hope springs eternal. That's what I got out of Joss' interview.

I will take my Joss any way I can get it. Be it small screen, big screen, comic book, or paperback- IT'S ALL GOOD.

There are soooo many stories that SHOULD be told in the 'Verse, I'm giddy with anticipation.

*Runs off doing a cartwheel, into the splits. HEY! Does anyone have any Ben-Gay handy?*

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