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June 21 2005

Fox gives 'The Inside' an extra boost. Network slates back-to-back original episodes for July 6th.

Excellent. Looking forward to having more of this show to chew on (given all the gore perhaps not my best word choice ever, no?).
Is it still going to air after that new reality show they have(I forgot its name.) Something about dancing?
Eddy, the web site says it's going to air from 8-10, so I am guessing the dancing show will either not air that week, or that by then it will already be over and FOX just needs something to fill the gap of space. I'm glad the show is getting double the air time, but I am not going to hold my breath. God knows FOX will probably cancel both hours and instead show more reruns of Paris Hilton's the Simple Life. What? I am in no way still bitter about the cancellation of Tru's Callings last episode. Stop staring at me! *runs to corner of room and hides face*
That's good isn't it? Or is it bad? Are they burning off the episodes or boosting the show's profile?
No. The dancing show starts in July. Pamela Anderson's show, Stacked, is either canceled or interrupted by The Inside, which will be airing in that slot.

Then the dancing show starts a week after the double episode ( i think) which will be The Inside's new lead in.

I'm just not worried.
I'm not worried either. And for at least one week, I will be thrilled that I don't have to suffer my way through the last 30 seconds of Stacked to make sure I don't miss the first few seconds of The Inside.
That's good isn't it? Or is it bad? Are they burning off the episodes or boosting the show's profile?

Only the shadow knows...

Or Peter Ligouri.
There is a scene in the brilliant Father Ted where, after Ted explains how the Vatican thoroughly investigate and research holy relics before discussing at length whether they should be upgraded, we see a bored cleric at a computer say "Holy Stone of Clanrikart?" and another, not looking up from the horse racing results, say "Whatever"

Anyone wonder if that's how Fox execs make scheduling decisions?

Though trying not to be too negative it does look as if this is a positive sign of Fox promoting a decent show.
I HOPE this is a good thing and not a "We'll be killing this show soon" thing.
I really, really hope this show survives.
Pamela Anderson - Stacked - there's a TV programme about them, sorry, her - Good God! I am speechless!
catalyst2, not only is there a TV programme about them, it's my understanding each is represented by a different agent and their contract riders call for separate dressing rooms.
So, both of these episodes are new? What time does this show normally start, 8 or 9? If it is 9 won't people get pissed that they tuned in late, missing an episode? If it starts at 8...very cool indeed. I tuned into the first episode, but I can't remember what time it started. I enjoyed it, and I hope it continues. I hope this isn't Fox's way to kill the show quickly.
I'm giving it a chance, but it's definitely no Firefly or Wonderfalls. Those shows grabbed me right away. This one requires the patience of a loyal fan who is not a fan of raunchy-murder-of-the-week shows.
Well, Wonderfalla & Firefly never got back-to-back episodes....and no I don't count the airing of the Firefly pilot. I kind of liked the second episode of The Inside over the pilot. Clearly this is a show setting things up. I'm not worried yet either simply because Minear hasn't come out with anything to make me think that I should be worried.
Yeerrg. This show just ain't doin' it for me, guys. Yay for you if you dig it, but nawww, it ain't on the Willowy radar no more (apologies for the bad grammar, but I tend to save my good stuff for the...uh, good stuff. Hope for Tim's sake it gets better, just not holding any needed breaths.).
I'm there with you, Willowy. We watched the pilot and had several complaints, and we got about 10 minutes into the second episode before it totally lost our interest. I blame Joss. He spoiled me, which is why there are only like 2 or 3 scripted shows I can watch.
I, for one, am not going to complain if Fox seems willing to give The Inside half a chance at finding an audience. I don’t have any ‘must see’ feelings for it yet, but I’ll stick with it to see if it’s more than it appears to be on the surface. Given the people involved, I think I can manage to make it through thirteen episodes (if it’s given that much of a chance). I don’t want to be like the network suits that give up on a show after three or four episodes. Two of the bigger problems I have with it so far are the blank-eyed and brained vibe of lead actress and the crimes being against women (as if there aren’t enough in real life). And if it’s going to delve deeper into “sick and twisted deviant behaviors”, I want every character to be compromised, not just the “human monsters”. Only Web has a hint of that now, but things are always more interesting when the white hats go a little grey and we find that the monsters weren’t born but made.
bloodflowers, I think the kind of character development you want is what the creators have in mind, but it can't be addressed quickly when the show has to incorporate a new crime to solve every week. I suspect Tim Minear would want to stretch some of these cases over multiple-episode arcs if he was allowed, although I don't know that to be true. This is what makes "Lost" such a disappointment to me; they have the luxury of stretching stories out to incorporate more character development, but, to me at least, don't succeed.
Are you saying theres no character development in Lost? I beg to differ. Sawyer, Jin, even Shannon aren't the same as they were at the beginning. If anything its the plot that moves at a snail pace but several characters have been fleshed out since the pilot episode except for a few. (cough..kate.cough)
eddy, no, I'm not saying there's no character development in Lost. There's plenty. However, I find it unsatisfying when characters and their concerns are mostly dropped for an episode or two while the emphasis is put elsewhere. To me it seems herky-jerky and unsatisfying, but that's just my opinion, not a pronouncement. I swear I haven't issued a pronouncement all day. If you're happy with the show, I'm happy for you. I wouldn't begrudge anyone enjoying Lost or any other show.

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