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June 21 2005

James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head to appear on Rove Live. In Melbourne next week for the convention, the boys will appear on the Australian talk show. James appeared on it around this time last year.

Yay! I'm so excited, James and Rove were so funny last time, I can't wait to see them catch up again, with Anthony too! They were so cute in their excitement for pez, they really had good chemestry, sure to be a great interview!

Ha! I was gonna post this, but I thought I'd wait till they appear. It's gonna be a good show hey. James was so excited to be there last time, and having Anthony with him this time will be even better. I'm looking forward to watching Rove probe them both ;)
I decided to post it now cause I was too excited and wanted anyone that may not have seen Rove last night to know! Don't you wish Rove was a Buffy/Angel fan? Well he's a fan of James so that's enough for me.

Last night I was asleep but had Rove on in the background, and I thought I heard Rove say that they were gonna be on, but I thought I was dreaming! I checked as soon as I woke up this morning, and my dream was real! Now I'm signing up to the Live List just in case they decide to throw a wedding for James and I... well, I don't really know what could come out of that, hopefully not '2 minutes at your house', I live in my garage, how embarassing!
FYI, there's a super sekrit message on James Official Site regarding a birthday celebration.

It's interesting that they admit James doesn't even look at his site...
Hahaha BuffBuff that would make for some fine viewing. It could be 30 seconds at your house. I might sign up for the Livelist also just incase they do decide to do anything Buffy related.
I actually think Rove would be a huge Buffy fan if he ever sat down and watched a show. I could see him relating to Andrew on so many levels, and yea, I so wish he was all fanboy excited to meet them. That would have been kool. I'd love to see some Spike Pez.
James has said many times that he does not surf the net at all. Heís said that he feels itís far too easy to begin believing that youíre as cool as the web sites say you are, and he wants to keep his ego as small as possible. It must be working, because he comes across as incredibly unaffected.
Is there any way for those of us who don't live down under to see this show?
I'll probably be able to make a quicktime copy of it then post it somewhere. Unfortunately I'm not very net savvy so feel free to recommend somewhere to post it and a good filesize.

Also, I think Rove also airs in New Zealand.
buffbuff - you did better than me. I endured all of Rove (sorry, don't like the programme any more) and still missed this! The only reason I watched was for exactly this announcment - d'oh! Let's hope we get some news this time that actually comes about - last time was JM's news of the "4 interconnected movies" which don't seem to be a real possibilty now. Never seen ASH interviewed live so it should be fun. Anybody going to TabulaRasa on this thread? I have been trying to drum up support for a meetup before/during/after the con on this Flickr thread.

ETA: just to correct my utter illiteracy - "I am been trying"? WTF? What was I taking when I posted that - oh, that's right .....

[ edited by catalyst2 on 2005-06-22 04:52 ]
I'm starting to wonder if your the only Whedonesque going Catalyst2? Ten bucks says that when you get there you will meet at least 30 people who have visited this board but not posted. You'll have to be the Ambassador of the board, and give us complette run downs on Flickr.
I downloaded an interview with Michael Stipe on Rove, it was quite entertaining and funny with a nice insight into his work. I'm looking forward to seeing this if it is available on the 'Net sometime.
nixygirl - I shall be the responsible one, though I won't be an Ambassador in Inara's sense, of course! ;-) Well, it looks like I realy going to have to get the hang of the digital camera to report back. I can't believe no-one else is going - I mean, it's JM, it's ASH, it's David Fury - what's not to like?!

Of course, there is that pesky money issue ......

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